Thursday, July 19, 2018

Gavin T-ball

This was Gavins first year of T-Ball and he really did well.  He hated that so many people came to watch them play (he doesn't' care for an audience) but he enjoyed the sport and had a great coach!  It was so cute to see these little guys play!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Fun School Days part 2

Lakyns class serving others day was to prepare bags of essentials for the homeless shelter.  They got to go to the park for some pizza and play time then they got to work preparing almost 100 bags for homeless in our area.

Gavins class serving others was to put John 3:16 on the back of granola bars and hand them out to school families to then give out to those who would be begging along the side of the road.  Then beach day . . . learning the ch sound!

Andrew's trip to Blennerhasset Island.  He even got to drive the Sternwheeler!

horse and buggy tour, my favorite!

Lakyn awards ceremony.  She was awarded a super reader award, faithful attendance, honor roll and maybe something else? 

Andrew awards ceremony.  He was awarded Principals List, 4.0 GPA, Neatest boy handwriting, Faithful Attendance, Fine Arts Award (and I can't remember what else if anything)

Gavins class was a part of the Kindergarten Graduation program.  Even though these kids don't technically graduate, it's a fun time for them to show off what they have learned and gives the Kindergarten kids a little intermission in their big graduation ceremony.  He was very nervous (this boy HATES being in front of people) but he did great and was very proud of his awards.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Fun School Days- Part 1

I had better post about the end of the last school year before this new one starts.  The last month of school was jam packed with field trips, parties and fun stuff!  Our schedule was packed more than ever!

Andrew's STEM class.

Our school had a LEARNING FAIR every fall.  This year I was in charge of the book fair at the same time as the learning fair.  The kids classes were very involved and we all had a busy, fun night.  Each station they had a learning project to do for a chance at a prize.  
Lakyns class made bottle rockets to be displayed at the learning fair.

 The "story lady" reading them a book during the fair.

 Andrew's artwork was on display as well.  I didn't even know his art had been selected until a friend of mine texted me this picture.  His own design of himself (facial hair and all) looking into a fish tank.

Lakyns class with WV State Delegate Hollen helping the kids make a new state law--ice cream at lunch every day!!  

Gavins class showing off all the words they can read before they go to Kindergarten.

Andrew's class at the Ohio River Museum--and making candles.

Touring the W.P. Snyder Sternwheeler

Gavins class at the pet store learning about the difference between mammals, non-mammals, cold blooded animals and warm blooded animals.

Andrew entered the fine arts competition in the areas of Spelling and History.  He was against 4-6 grades so we were told not to expect anything but good experience this year.  Much to our surprise he ended up with a Superior Rating in History knowledge!!!  Way to go Andrew!!!!

All the kids had the WCCS Olympics to look forward to in the last month of school in PE class.  Here is Lakyns class and Andrew's class.  (pictures posted by the school, I wasn't there)

Serving Others Day took Andrew's class to the Humane Society of Washington County, OH where they cleaned and organized supplies.