Sunday, March 18, 2018

Andrew Basketball

Andrew also just completed his first season of basketball for his school 4th-5th grade Elementary League.  This league plays against all the other elementary schools in the county so it's quite the competition and gives them a lot of good basketball skills.  His team lost in the second round of the tournament but had a pretty good season none the less.  These are taken in many of the different gyms he got to play in.  Incredibly proud of him and this season of growth and learning a lot about basketball, how to win gracefully, and how to lose with dignity .. . .

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Marietta Marlins Season

Andrew has just finished up his swim season with the Marietta Marlins.  I don't know what the next few years will bring for this kiddo but he wants to take a break from swimming for a year next year so we are going to see what happens.  I do enjoy this sport though, maybe more than he does.  I guess its time to talk the younger two into it.  Andrew had a great year of great times and good friends!

 Andrews Fan Club!  His last meet was SO VERY HOT!!!  I would normally throw a fit at Lakyn pulling her shirt up like this but desperate times . . . LOL

Monday, March 12, 2018

Christmas in WV take 2

Christmas Morning 2017 . . . Dad is getting stronger each day and read the Christmas story in true "dad fashion" to the kids . . . all the adults pitch in and make mom's "perfect vision" of the perfect Christmas come true . ..  Mom is discharged at noon and makes it home in time for the opening of gifts and the big feast .  .  . smiles, spoiled kids, full bellies and all of us together one more time . . . Blessed beyond what we deserve!  Praise God for his mercy on us this year!!!

 Tough Guy trophy . . . the surgeon said dad was a real tough guy since he was able to handle the procedure to put a stint in even though they were not able to completely have him numb when they started.