Sunday, September 3, 2017

CIncinnati--Creation and Coney Island

My sister Shannon gave us tickets to the ARC in Cincinnati area for Christmas and we really wanted to fit that trip in this summer if we could so we found one last free weekend before school started--extended it a couple days and fit it in.  This was a really fun trip for us because we were so laid back in schedule which turned out to be a good thing since Tim's work was going through a rough spell and he had to work on his computer a lot from the hotel room.  We fit in one event a day and then just relaxed at the hotel (or the movie theater) for the rest of the day which was really nice.  The first day we went to see the Creation Museum . . . . we have done this before but my brother in law and sister are charter members of the museum so they can get us guest passes now and then.  We love the continued exposure of the truth to our kids as much as possible so we went again.

We paid to do some additional classes and things this time which was really neat.  The wealth of science and research done to prepare things at this museum is really fascinating to me.  Very worthy cause to donate to, and visit, if you have not been.

The outdoor gardens and bridges are so beautiful .  . . we caught them just before it rained.

Petting Zoo

Extra class we tried this time taught us the difference in a ape skull, human skull and what that means for the concept of the "missing link" it was very interesting and right up Andrew's alley . . . he loved it (and truthfully Tim and I learned a lot too).  Then they got to make a commemorative key chain to take home.

 I don't believe I have ever seen this dinosaur exhibit when I've been there so either its new or we have just missed it.  This was really fun to see.

The following day was the only sunny day according to the weather app on our phone so we went to Coney Island amusement park outside Cincinnati.  They have a waterpark and some "fair" type rides.  Fairs and especially fair rides are not generally our cup of tea so experiencing the rides like this was new for my kids.  The waterpark was fun but a little cold since we had some cold nights before we went.  I didn't get many pictures of all the water slides because I didn't want my phone to be wet.  We all enjoyed lots of big water slides though.

I forget how many years old this slide is but it was super scary high and not very safe . . . BUT . . . all the kids and I tried it . . . the huge football field size pool and this slide are original to coney island. 

 The rides were the kids favorite.  Andrew liked the rides that dropped you from a high spot down so your stomach was in your throat, Lakyn and Joanna liked the slow ones on the water, and Gavin and Tim liked anything that made you spin fast and feel like you were going to throw up.  We all loved the bumper cars so we were very happy to have lots of options and each of us share our favorites.

We paid a little extra for Andrew to have this experience like they do on TV.  He din't win the prize but he sure enjoyed trying this elimination game.  He had to jump over then duck under a spinning arm.

 Next time . . . Cincinnati--The Ark and Childrens Museum

Thursday, August 31, 2017

August begins

History Days in the little town beside us was a new adventure for us.  Here they are using steam to demonstrate some old steam whistles . . . they were SO LOUD that we could hear them blowing loud and clear from our house across the river hours after we took this picture.

The kids even got to ride on a steam train.  . .

Tim and I's favorite part was watching them turn the old bridge.  It is still opened by using a hand crank with people on the top actually walking around in a circle to turn it.  Very fun.  Andrew says that next year he will be among the people on top who rode it as it spun around . . . as for me, I will be safely on the ground.  They open this twice a year . . . no way I'm going to be the test subject when they do.

Our church youth group sponsored a huge slip and slide water day . . . the kids LOVED being included in this annual youth event.  Thanks to the teens for inviting the little kids along this year.

Gavin found the shaving cream the teens were using to make the slide extra slippery . . . and then made himself a swimming pool to wash it off.

The south side of our area has a really cool old waterslide built into the hill side.  Last year was our first time trying it and it was fun to do it again this year.  The rules were much more lax this year so the kids enjoyed riding together and Andrew even attempted some "surfing"

Tim was voted onto the school board at the kids school for this school year.  It was a huge honor to be nominated and then selected by the other parents at the school.  It was then another blessing to be invited to the staff picnic which was on the Valley Gem sternwheeler to meet the new teachers and board members at the school.  We really enjoyed getting dressed up to go on this dinner cruise.  Bonus, Andrew and Lakyn both had friends who were on the boat with us because their parents are faculty and staff at the school.

This event was a sure sign that summer is coming to a very quick close.