Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lakyn Kindergarten Graduation

At our school, Kindergarten graduation is a really big deal.  They order t-shirts and have a big party and their own program and everything.  Lakyn had a great year in a great class so this was a really great celebration for us.  The day of graduation they have a big kindergarten party after their rehearsal.  The parents in her class went ALL OUT on this party!  I planned the games but the decorating and food committees were amazing!

This game they were turning into elephants and were using these "noses" to knock down water bottles.  They loved t and even her teacher tried it out!  Gavin and Karis of course were there (lucky kids got to hang around for so much this month) to help me at our game.

The big program night.  It was so well organized and the kids did an excellent job!  I was really impressed.

Halfway through the program they changed into their caps and gowns to get their diplomas-so cute.

We got her some flowers and mom and dad gave her a big girl Bible.  (this is their thing, they have gotten one for each of their grandchildren at Kindergarten graduation).

Well, we got them both graduated . . .now on to the summer fun.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Ending a School Year

The school year is winding down and as always, the schedule gets crazy with last things.

Lakyns class had a Beach Day (as usual, Gavin got to tag along)

Andrew had a birthday party at the skating rink . . . Gavin again got to tag along.  Meanwhile, Tim and Lakyn hit the graduation parties and baseball games . . . that kind of busy is not my favorite . .. the kind where we all have to split up to make it all fit.

"Mom, I drew you and me inside a heart because I love you!" --- and his first real lego creation

 Andrew's class had numerous field trips and fun days but I was unable to attend any of them.  Photos from his teacher.  Letting go of always being there is hard for me but he did great and didn't miss me a bit . . . much harder on mom than kids.

Andrews Awards Ceremony--he was one of only four in his class to get Principals List for straight A's . . . very proud of him.  (he would only let me take his picture if I did it with his two classsmates in the photo too . . . LOL

 AWANA awards night at church.  All three kids got their book awards . . .

While they were busy at school finishing up this month I was finishing a couple last minute projects before they came home for the summer.  Repainting and refinishing the patio set and making a magnet wall for our travel magnets.

Then came the big day . . . . Graduation Day!!!  First up was Gavin's preschool graduation.  Andrew and Lakyn were in school and couldn't go but Gavin didn't care.  Karis was there and he got to wear his new pink shirt so he didn't notice I don't think that Tim and I were even there.

The "after graduation party" 

Next Up . . .Lakyns big night!!