Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Aunt Inez

Tim's great aunt Inez celebrated her 99th birthday last week.  Although we were not able to be at her open house we do celebrate with her from afar . . . Happy 99th Birthday Aunt Inez!!! 

I just love this picture someone took of Aunt Inez and her sister (Tim's grandma W) 99 and 94 strong!!! 

Stephanie, Shannon and Marisa . .. when I am 99 will you guys come to my party and get your picture taken with me?  :-) 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kite Festival

Near our home last weekend was a kite festival.  We had never been and Tim's mom was in town so we decided to all go and check it out.  We were lucky enough to get there in time to get a free kite so along with over 50 other kids we decided to try it out!  First mommy tried . . . and then daddy tried . . . all the while grandma and baby K watched and laughed at our efforts.  :-) 

We were unsuccessful at flying our own kite (too crowded, too impatient of a boy, and two adults who had "built" the kite wrong which resulted in a huge hole in it . . . oops) but Andrew enjoyed playing with the other kids on the inflatable play areas and the playground while we enjoyed watching all the other, more successful, kite fliers.  :-)

Then, we came home to enjoy a short storm and a beautiful reminder of God's promise to us in a double rainbow over the house.  God's beautiful creation in the beautiful sunshine all morning and then this gorgeous rainbow in the evening.  What a mighty God we serve.

Thanks for coming Grandma S, we all enjoyed having you here!!  Missed you Paw Paw and "Uncle John"

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis

The Silver Chair (The Chronicles of Narnia Book 6)
The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis has been my most recent book from the Chronicles of Narnia series.  This has been one of my favorites and had some really great parallels to the scripture (more obvious ones than some of the others).  I found this plot and character set much easier to follow than many of the other books and would easily translate into a children's read aloud.  Much of this book takes place underground which I found to be a very interesting vantage point and helped keep my interest.  (fantasy books like this series are not usually my cup of tea).  Overall I will give this book two thumbs up both for a childrens' read aloud and a book to just read for fun. 

I am going to type out one of my favorite parts of the book below because it's a great spiritual tidbit as well and shows just how deep C. S. Lewis was with his parallels.  I will put some of my own words in quotes so you can see where I am helping with the parallels (you would not need those edits if you were reading the book) The Lion (Jesus) is talking to one of the human characters in this part.

First, remember, remember, remember the "truths about Christ".  Say them to yourself when you wake in the morning and when you lie down at night, and when you wake in the middle of the night.  And whatever strange things may happen to you, let nothing turn your mind from following the "truths about Christ".  Secondly, I give you warning.  Here on the mountain "during your time in the Bible with Christ", the air is clear and your mind is clear; as you drop down into "the world" , the air will thicken.  Take great care that it does not confuse your mind.  And the signs which you have learned here will not look at all as you expect them to look, when you meet them there.  That is why it is so important to know them by heart and pay no attention to appearances.  Remember the "truths about Christ" and believe them.  Nothing else matters.

I just love that.  The way that entire part can be translated into our lives . . . just beautiful truths.

One book left in my long long long quest to finish these Narnia books . . . :-)  Until next time.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Basement Remodel

Tim is working from home more now through his job's "teleworking" program so we decided to build him an office in the basement to provide for more space for him away from the chaos of the household during the week.  While we were at it we decided to do it up right and we made a big living room and bathroom to go with it.  The office doubles as a guest room and we had our first guests this week!  Lia and Emma stayed a few days and then Tim's mom came . . . according to these ladies the bedroom is a wonderful place to stay.  Come on over-room reservations are being taken now and the reservation fee is cheap!!!  We love having guests and now we have a great place for them to stay!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Photo Dump

I like having this blog be an online diary of what we are doing so these are some random photos that I need to post for my own documentation and records until I have time to scrapbook them.

 Andrew is SOOO in love with his bear right now.  He has always had a big thing for bear but since "baby K's" arrival it seems bear has been really special.  Bear is almost an imaginary friend to Andrew.  Bear has a house, has a mom and dad, has parties, grows older, and is a comfort to Andrew when he is sick or tired or just plain cranky.  Bear is certainly his best friend right now and although bear isn't allowed to leave the house or car . . . he is with Andrew just about every second when he is in the house or car.

 We continue to enjoy going to the LOWES and HOME DEPOT kids building days.  Andrew looks forward to his next "project" each week.

 Andrew's two friends who moved away to Columbus came for a visit.  Andrew counted down the days for an entire week until they came.  Thank goodness Tim was home this day . . . the second day we had Baby K and three boys!!  SHEW . . . what a day!!  :-)  So happy for Andrew though that he has friends he loves as much as these two boys . . . even if they do live a couple hours away now. 

 I am completely grateful to have a best friend I can count on for anything.  She challenges me, confronts me with my inconsistancies and sinful attitudes, encourages me, lifts me up, and most of all loves me in spite of all of my quirks.  :-)  Although we live several hours apart from each other we remain close.  I was even more lucky that this past week she got to come and stay almost a whole week with me while her hubby was out of town.  :-)  I didn't take many pictures (hopefully she did . . . ) but the kids loved playing together and I enjoyed an entire week of "adult" conversation during the days!  She even did my dishes, watched my kiddos, and swept my floors . . . yup, she's a keeper!!!!  Thanks Lia!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fire Prevention Day

Our mall had a Fire Prevention Day where they had all things firetruck, fireman, fire EVERYTHING and Andrew was beyond excited.  He climbed in every truck available, tried on a fireman helment, saw the jaws of life in action, asked every firefighter he saw a question.  He met Smokey the Bear, Sparky the firedog, and a REAL fireman!  To my little fireman lover . . . this was better than a vacation!

LOVE events like this that are close to home so we can have a great day and then be home in time for naps.  :-)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy 80th NanNan

My grandma (NanNan) celebrated her 80th birthday a few weeks ago.  My parents planned a really special surprise open house for her.   So many people dropped by during the party to wish her a happy birthday and she was so excited to have so much attention for the day.  My parents can throw a mean party and this one was one of the best in a while.  Mom and Dad, you truly did a great thing and a happy memory for all of us through this.  Happy 80th Birthday NanNan!!

 While the entire family was in we also went out to dinner for my mom's birthday.  Here is the whole family together.  :-)  I was actually really impressed at how many of us are looking at the camera!  :-)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baby K

Hello, my name is ________ from child protective services.  We have just taken custody of a 3 week old baby girl and your home has been recommended for this placement.  Are you interested? 

ummmmm, yeah, I guess so.  I, ummmm, I am not sure what to say . . . what do I need to do?

Do you want us to bring her to you or do you want to pick her up here?  Oh, and do you want your placement voucher to Once Upon a Child or Walmart?

ummmmmmmmmm, Walmart I guess so we can get diapers . . . I don't even know where "here" would be, can you give me directions?

Hang on, . . . we just decided we will bring her to you-it will be easier on everyone.  Is your address ___________? 


Okay, we will see you in a half hour.
That was that.  I didn't call my husband, I didn't think about it.  I didn't have time to even pray.  I just said yes and an hour later (thankfully they were later than expected) they showed up at my door with three week old baby "K" (sorry, can't tell you the full name on here) This was the situation we had prayed so long for already I KNEW what my husband would say and I KNEW this was our answer to prayer.  They gave us a few details of the situation and about a half hour later they were gone and we had a newborn and a small diaper bag of supplies.  THAT is when reality set in.  Where was she going to sleep?  What were we going to dress her in?  What about bottles?  Did we have enough diapers for the rest of the night?  How much formula does a 3 week old get each feeding?  How often do you feed a baby that young?  We were quickly overwhelmed and did a LOT of praying for wisdom and a lot of quick research to remind ourselves of how to care for a newborn. 

The next 24 hours were a mess of emotion and frantic moments at our house.  The nursery had to be decluttered of all the stuff it had accumulated over the last year since Andrew has been in there.  The newborn clothes had to be taken out of storage and washed (all blue and green stuff--poor girl) We had to go to Walmart and get all the diaper rash cream, powder, baby shampoo, wipes, diapers, formula, nose sucker, medications . . . ALL the things babies may need.  We were VERY quickly reminded of what sleep deprivation does to your body and mind.  Not to mention, our emotions were going crazy.  We were quickly thrust into the life of 2 kids rather than 1 and not only did we have to adjust . . . we had to help a 4 year old adjust to this new life in an hour as well.  We were not even sure at that moment if we would have her for 24 hours, 24 days, several years or forever.

She is an amazing little baby.  Not fussy really at all and a great sleeper (as far as newborns go) and as long as we don't make her sleep in her bed during the day . . . she is pretty content. (she would much rather sleep in the car seat or the swing during the day--nighttime she is perfectly content in the crib . .. strange kid)  :-)  Cute as a button with a head full of dark hair and bright blue eyes.

Now, (two weeks later) we feel like we are finally settled (thanks to Lia and Stephanie she is wearing pretty girl things instead of all Andrew's old clothes :-)  Adjusting to having a newborn around has not been near as hard as we thought those first 24 hours and although we are much more tired than usual, we have not stopped in our regular activities and Andrew has adjusted amazingly well.  Now, however, the deeper hard stuff begins-the emotional stuff.  Visits with her mom start this week.  Every day it becomes harder and harder not fall completely in love.  Every day we are reminded though, that she is not available for adoption and that the next court date (in April) could be our last day with her. 

God knows all that though, and we remain completely in his faithful care.  He KNOWS what we can handle (even in our broken hearts if she goes home) and we KNOW that He has never, and WILL never give us more than we can handle.  What comfort we can take from knowing that it is God that is in control of all the chaos surrounding this little one.  For now, He has asked us to take care of her as our own, and show her His love each day . . . one day at a time.

Can you locate the two real children in this photo?  LOL Andrew put all his "babies" in there with the two of them.  :-)  Sorry, no photos of her face allowed.  :-) 

Welcome to the family "baby K", for as long as we are blessed to be called your foster parents.