Thursday, April 26, 2012

A blessed little boy . . .

First it was these new shoes from Grandma and Grandpa C with one of his favorite things . . . LEGOS

 Then a new pal Will moved in just behind our house . . . to say these are two peas in a pod is a gross understatement. . . . they dress up and play various characters every opportunity they have . . . SO thankful for Christian neighbors . . . can't wait for the rest of us to get as acquainted as the boys already have.  :-)

Then, earlier this week a surprise from Grandma and Grandpa S. 

Blessed, or maybe a bit spoiled, I don't know but he is certainly loving life right now!!  Mommy and Daddy are loving that there have been no timeouts at school in over a month too!!!

We have had lots of phases with Andrew these last 4 years.  I am grateful to say that right now we are in the middle of a pretty fun one!!!  :-)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

Never a dull moment with this boy in the house . . . :-) 
Dress up is his current favorite thing . . . can you tell!?!!?

mom, I can't smile . . . superheros do not ever smile when they are on duty!!

 This is my mad pirate face . . .

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fireman Andrew to the rescue!!!

I was making some homemade bread in the breadmaker this morning.  It's been a LONG time since I have used the breadmaker so when it got to the bake cycle it started smoking quite a bit from the dust in the filter.  By the time I noticed the problem there was a fair amount of smoke in the kitchen.  I yelled for Andrew (in a much more dramatic voice than necessary) to open the windows and turn on the fans to get the smoke out of the house!  Now, I knew I was making WAY more out of this than necessary, (this was NOT a big deal and didn't even set off our super sensitive smoke detectors) but I KNEW he was wearing his fireman costume (since he had been playing fireman all morning) and would LOVE to help in a "real" fire.  :-) 

I turned my back on him opening windows and turning on fans so that I could actually see what I could do to stop the smoking on the machine itself . . . I turned back around when I heard him say, "I have the child mom, I'm taking her to safety" I turn to see him carrying baby K (picking her up for the first time ever) toward the front door and out of the house.  :-)  Oh to have had a video camera at that moment.  He had her swaddled and in a tight grip and was headed to the safety of the front yard in full firefighter costume including his hat.  :-)  So sweet! What a little hero!!

After a quick lesson in "real" smoke emergency and mom cooking error smoke, all was well and K returned to the comfort of her play gym thing on the floor.  :-) 

I learned two important lessons
1. in the event of a fire, Andrew is WELL prepared for what to do
2. don't cry wolf with a child who is as intense with everything as Andrew . . . he might just take you seriously.  :-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter at our House

Coloring Easter Eggs at home . . .



Last weekend we went to an Easter Egg hunt at the Ohio River Museum in Marietta, OH.  It was a welcome back Carp event . . . which I had no idea what that means until we got on this boat after the Easter egg hunt . . . WOW, the carp surrounding the boat were easily two feet a piece!  HUGE HUGE fish!!!  They handed out bread to all the kids to feed them.  Watching them come up and even jump for the bread . . . really quite something!  I am not a fisher woman but on this day I did wish I had a pole and some bait!!!  

In the first picture up in the top deck you can see Andrew and Tim on their stern wheeler tour . . . in the second picture you can see me and Andrew beside the guy laying on the deck.  This guy gets the daddy of the day award . . . see the pink thing in the water?  That's Barbie!!  See the girl in the background?  She made a mistake and threw barbie in the water instead of the bread in her other hand . . . daddy went on a Barbie rescue!!  :-)  LOL

Hunting Easter Eggs with Daniel and Cherith at grandma's house.

 On Easter morning we gave Andrew a bike instead of a basket this year . . . he just really didn't need anything in a basket and he has just about outgrown his little trike from last summer.  (not a habit we are going to get into getting big gifts for Easter) He LOVES it and I am loving that it motivates him to be outside more.  He took to it quickly and has needed almost no help.  To our neighbors, I'm sorry for the fact that on Easter Sunday morning we were outside at 7:30 AM riding bikes in our PJ's and yelling in the driveway . . . I promise we won't make a habit of it!  :-)

 Followed up this fun with a near record attendance at church and a wonderful service celebrating the TRUE meaning of this day.  HE IS RISEN!!!  HE IS RISEN INDEED!!

sorry, no face shots allowed!

Happy Easter!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Entertrainment Junction-Cincinnati, OH

The third stop on our little vacation was EnterTrainMent Junction.  A Train museum near Cincinnati, OH.  We had no idea what to expect, but some friends of ours were sure we would enjoy it and a "Groupon" deal gave us the $$ on tickets that we thought were good so we decided to go for it.  Our friends Chris and Lia and their almost 2 year old joined us for the day.  With a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old that both LOVE trains we were sure the day would be a success!  We were not disappointed.
This place really is amazing and it's cool to see how much time was spent making everything in the displays just perfect.  From the people, to the cars, to the sounds, even to the lighting . . . everything has been done to match the time and era represented by the display you are watching.  HUNDREDS of trains just going everywhere . . . it was really quite overwhelming, even for the adults.  The lights in the place are on about a timer so every so many minutes you go from daytime to nighttime and all the buildings light up and the street lights come on . . . really quite a site.  The detail . . . seriously cool . . . like when we were standing here-these was a button for the kids to push and hear the fire alarm going off in the station and the street noise from the street fair.  A very well thought out display.

Then, just about the time the kids were getting a little bored (or overwhelmed, it was hard to tell) we found THIS!!!  A massive play area complete with a coal car the kids had to use shovels and fill with coal, a climbing wall, a toddler area with train tables, a slide, and lots of benches for mom and dad.  :-)  Again, just a well thought out break from the train action and a SUPER fun playroom!!!

Then we found a viewing area up above the room to look at it all from a "birds eye view" just fantastic!

My pictures don't do it justice.  Click on their website and go check it out if you are really interested in all the details of the place.  It was the PERFECT place for families of all ages.  The little ones got bored quick but with the play area they were happy.  Older adults without kids would be able to spend hours in here reliving how things used to be!!  

Attached to the train place is the "Amazing Fun House" (perhaps to cater to the pre-teen crowd?).  We actually really enjoyed it (well, most of us) .  The two year old was a little young for the fun house and I learned that I don't like small spaces OR mazes . . . thus making none of the attractions really up my alley either.  :-)  BUT, The other three adults and Andrew really loved it!  All kinds of different mazes and fun things to try--cheesy yes . . . but pretty fun as well.  If you go, be SURE to read the instructions on the wall before you enter each room . . . you will need to know the details listed on them!!!! 

Most of my pictures inside the fun house didn't turn out (black light did some strange things to the focus) but it was a fun little addition to the day .  .  . completely unrelated to trains . . . but fun!  Thanks Chris, Lia, and Emma for joining us on our fun day!

Overall, I give this place two thumbs up for seniors and their grandkids!!!!  We all enjoyed it too (and I would recommend it for families with young kids of course) but grandma and grandpa with grandkids would have a BLAST here.  Something for everyone!!!

A stop at IKEA, some swimming in the hotel pool and that was a wrap for this vacation.  We LOVE to travel and LOVE to try new things so we are already thinking of the next big adventure!  :-)  Oh, and just because I love this picture . . . this is when we finally got home and were ready for bed.  Tim and the kids doing this while I unpacked.  Too sweet!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cincinnati Museum of Natural History

The second leg of our trip took us to the Cincinnati Museum Center where we were able to get into the Museum of Natural History and Science FREE with our Natural History Season passes we purchased in Cleveland last summer.  (buying a season pass to one zoo or museum gets you in free to most of the others of like kind for the entire year . . . this is our third year with a membership to one or the other and we have found them WELL worth the initial investments even though we don't live near a zoo or museum.

This particular museum was NOT our favorite.  It had some cool stuff for sure but nothing really worth writing about.  The cave room was cool-you get to go into a replica of a real cavern and it is actually pretty intense . . . dark, musty, small spaces, climbing up rocks, waterfalls . . . very similar to a real underground one.  None of my photos turned out very well in there though, too dark.  Here are some of the highlights of the trip in general.  The sandbox room was certainly Andrew's favorite part.

This was a volcano demonstration.  A PAINFULLY LONG BORING volcano demonstration . . . but Andrew was so into the entire thing.  He sat and listened like this the entire time . . . since K needed fed it worked out perfectly for all of us  . . . perhaps little man is going to be a scientist?  Most of this demo was over my head and well beyond my interest.  :-)

Inside the museum center building there are several other museums including a childrens museum . .. perhaps we can try that out on our next visit.  It wasn't included with our tickets today.  :-)  Overall I can't recommend this museum for kids --it just really wasn't that great compared to some of the others we have seen.  Kept us busy for half a day and it was free so worth it for us . . . but can't recommend it if you are paying money.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark-Columbus, OH

This past weekend/week we headed to Columbus/Cincinnati for a little getaway.  We were blessed to be able to share much of our trip with family and friends which doubles the fun for all of us; especially Andrew who has someone to play with.  For the first leg of our vacation we went to Fort Rapids Indoor water park in Columbus, OH.  We met my sister Shannon and her family there for a morning of wet water fun.  The kids absolutely loved it and shhhhh don't tell anyone but it was my favorite part of the entire trip!  I LOVE water parks, even when I have a baby in a baby carrier strapped to me and can't do any of the fun stuff.  :-)

It's the sheer joy on the kids faces that makes the trip!  LOVE that they all enjoyed it so much and enjoyed spending time together.  Because Shannon and her kids live several hours away these two boys don't get so spend much time together so this was a little extra special. 


Megan enjoyed the fun too . . . no photos of her on the slides but she is more of a daredevil than either of the boys to say the least . . . that girl would drown if you were not with her . . . and she would do it while laughing under the water too!  :-)  LOL


Except for a minor panic when Tyler was lost for a while and a pretty nasty looking scrape to the chin for Andrew, a fun time was had by all!!!  (well, except maybe for Baby K who was wet, cold and got to enjoy NONE of the fun!)  :-)