Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Backyards and Birthdays

With temps in the 90s we are already getting our fill of backyard water fun!  Andrew's new slip and slide is just what the doctor ordered on a hot day . . . for both Andrew AND Tim!!!


We were excited to be able to have our friends Chris and Lia and their little one Emma down for the weekend last weekend.  It was our honor to host Emma's on her 2nd birthday!
Happy Birthday Emma!!

Then to beat the heat all the kids (and adults) headed to the backyard for some water fun . . .


Andrew and Emma enjoyed torturing eachother with the water . . . they act so much like siblings it's scary sometimes.  :-)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Andrew's preschool class had a "graduation" for all those going to Kindergarten in the fall.  Although he isn't going to Kindergarten (so no graduation cap for him) he did get to participate in the program and did FANTASTIC!!!  We were so proud of him and so thankful for his teachers this year.  They put him front and center where they could really encourage him to participate (and not make a scene) and he did just that, he rose to the expectations they gave him!!!  Teachers that know the ins and outs of each kid and do what is best for each of them to be successful . . . what a concept!!! :-)

Getting his certificate for the year and hugging his teacher!

I hope you can watch these videos.  I have never tried this before.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Strawberry Picking

Andrew's school class went to the Strawberry Patch as their last field trip of the year.  I was super impressed with the staff there and all the things they did with the kids.  Strawberry picking, Learning about Bees and their hives, learning about farming . . . he loved it!  Andrew had a great time in spite of the weather (chilly and threat of rain all day).  He especially enjoyed that the neighbor boy (who isn't in his actual class at school) went on the trip as well and they were able to spend some time together outside of the backyard.

 Surprisingly . . . the hay ride on the tractor was NOT his favorite part.  In fact I really thought they were going to have to let us off and we would have to walk back to the farm . . . silly boy.

Great last big trip to end out the school year.  Got some amazing strawberries out of the deal too!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mothers Day Weekend

Tim's mom came down for mothers day weekend and although the visit was short, we had a great time playing cornhole, cooking out, trying out Cheddars, and catching up.  I am blessed with a wonderful Godly mom and mother in law!

LOVE this new shirt Tim's mom bought for K . . . oh so true baby girl, so true!!!! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tylers' Birthday Weekend

A couple weeks ago was my nephew Tylers' 3rd birthday.  We won't always be able to make his parties unfortunately since they live several hours away but this year it worked out that we could go.  In fact, it worked out perfectly because we were even able to meet up with our friends Chris, Lia and Emma in Columbus (just over the halfway point) for lunch and a little zoo trip on our way.  It was a great way to break up the trip and have some fun with friends in route.  :-)  Andrew and Emma enjoyed having each other for company as we "searched" the zoo for a play area (the only thing Andrew was there to see)  sigh.

We had been to Firehouse Subs for lunch and Andrew got a new hat so he just HAD to wear it to the zoo.

So grateful to have friends available at the last minute who were generous enough to allow us to enjoy their zoo membership with them.  Thanks so much Chris and Lia!!!
Next we met up with Shannon and Tim and their kids for dinner and some swimming time in the hotel pool.

Megan, as usual, the fearless class clown!!  :-)

"swimming lessons" with Tim?  LOL  Wish I could post all the pictures on here . . . some really cute ones of Tim, Andrew and K together.  I had not planned on K swimming so I didnt' bring her suit but it was so hot we thought we would cool her off.  Too cute!  Also, due to a promise I made to Shannon not to put any pictures of her on here . . . none of Tyler and Andrew's jumping contests into the pool either . . . very cute though.  Next time I'll capture it minus the adults.  Tim "teaching" Tyler to swim.

Then, the next day it was PARTY TIME!!!  Here is my mom and Cherith.  Cherith does this for EVERY picture you take of her right now.  It's super adorable!!!  She thinks she is saying "cheese" and this is the face you get!  LOL

The bug themed party was supposed to be outside but due to the POURING rain . . . it was in their garage instead.  The boys didn't seem to notice one bit!!  The bug themed food, buggy crafting table and digging for bugs in the "sandbox" kept them all too distracted to realize the rain was keeping them from being outside.

My nephew Daniel after his stitches from a bad fall last week!

My sister Marisa and niece Megan . . . Megan had just a tad bit of trouble realizing the party was for her brother and not for her . . . you can see her sneaking a peek in the gift photo!  :-)

Happy 3rd Birthday Tyler