Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Staycation Take 4-Bowling, Birthdays, and Movies

For many of the kids this was their first time bowling so it was a fun experience for us to all try it out together for their first time.  Andrew is becoming quite the little bowler with TWO strikes this time!!  A three way tie between my mom, my sister and I at 115 and my other sister at 113 lead the scores. . . . I believe that Andrew beat both uncle Tim and Grandpa!!  :-)  LOL


"borrowed all of those from my sisters shots . . . mine didn't turn out very well.  This one is from mine though . . . while we DID have a good time . . . aren't you glad YOU were not bowling next to this scene.  :-)  LOL

Although a couple weeks early, we celebrated Megan's birthday as a family a the end of the week. 

 Happy 2nd Megan!!

These are water filled balloons and the kids are to hit them like a pinata . . . it looked like a HORRIBLE idea to me (let's hand the kids weapons!) but they were all so focused on their balloon that they didn't even notice each other . . . the balloons never did pop even with some nice hits . . . BUT they all LOVED the attempt!

The last night was outdoor movie night so we put all the kids to bed and watched a movie projected on the side of the house.  I do believe it's the first time any of us have had our own private "drive in movie" so it was really fun.  Popcorn, pop, surround sound . . . the works!

Dad and mom, thank you so much for all your work to plan this event for us all.  I know it was hard on you to plan everything, put us up in your house and help with all the kids but it was really fun and created lifelong memories for all of us.  Thanks for all your hard work and enjoy your quiet house now!  :-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Staycation Take 3


Dora Dora DVD interactive game

Bikes, Scooters and Jeeps . . .

Local Waterpark

Sights of Downtown

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Staycation Take 1

Instead of a beach vacation this year my parents decided to invite all of us to their place for a "Staycation" week.  With 7 kids ages 4 and under and my grandmother living with them it's just too much right now to travel a long way.  So far, not everyone is in town but those of us that are, already have had a wonderful time.  Can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store.  I'm flying the week solo (Tim is headed to DC) so not sure how much time to blog and post pictures that I'll have but I'll do my best for his sake and yours to update as much as I can. 

Storybook Park in Marietta provided Saturdays' entertainment . . . face painting, caricatures, story time, balloon animals, free books, costumed characters (but our kids were all too chicken to get photos with them) we needed Daniel and Cherith to be here to braven the other kids up!  The two babies were not amused, but the older three seemed to really have a good time.  Here is Megan with her rabbit and three week old Morgan with her flower.  Below is Andrew and Tyler with . . . swords of course.  LOL


Our three listening to the story, My Messy Closet  they all three were actually really good and listened to the entire thing!  I'm not sure Megan even blinked!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Bucket List--Bowling

This summer I have a bucket list.  A list of things I want to do with Andrew by the end of summer.  We have already made a great dent in that list and going bowling on daddy's day off last week was just the right way to spend a rainy summer day.  Kids are FREE at our bowling alley this summer and we had a couple free passes so except for paying for shoes it was very inexpensive too!  To make it even sweeter, the manager of the alley turned on the "Cosmic Bowling" for the kids the day we were there.  VERY COOL and super fun.  I beat Andrew by only a few points in the last frame . . . not sure if that speaks more to his great bowling or my horrible bowling.  :-)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy 11th Anniversary--Toledo, OH

To celebrate our 11th Anniversary Tim and I decided to go on a little anniversary trip to Toledo, OH.  My parents graciously agreed to watch Andrew and Baby K for us so that we could go.  It was so relaxing and nice to get away for two nights and just be together.  A much needed and very nice break.  Thanks mom and dad for watching the kids for us!

First a little chess match at an outdoor mall area.

Then off to the Imagination Station which was free with our History Museum Passes we bought a year ago in Cleveland!  (we have WELL gotten our money worth on those passes)

Tim learning how to make clouds and Joanna experiencing what a Category 5 Hurricane feels like--intense let me tell you!!  Actually hurts your ears it's so loud!!!
 Tim competing in the farming show trivia game.  This was actually really cute with all the characters you see pictured talking and playing the hosts of the show.  Cute little game and we actually did learn a lot.  You can ask Tim who the farming expert was . . . me or him.  :-)

I tried out the high rise bicycle ride.  I am not afraid of heights but my heart was racing on this ride I have to say.  Fun but riding on a tiny wire two stories up was not the must fun thing I have ever done.  :-)  Then Tim tried the human hamster wheel.  The faster you run the more lights you light up on the flame . . . my man is HOT!!!!  ;-)

Then, our friends Chris and Lia met us for the highlight of our trip.  We went to our first Cirque du Soleil show!!  It was called Quidam and was a GREAT show!!  I wasn't allowed to take any pictures once it started so here is the stage and a you tube video of what we saw.  Already can't wait until I get to go to another one.  Such an interesting mix of theater, circus, music and art.


Happy 11th Anniversary Tim . . . thanks for the amazing weekend to relax, unwind, reconnect and have fun!