Friday, August 31, 2012

too cute not to share

My friends and family have recently posted pictures that were too cute for me to not share on here . . . even though I have already posted about these events.  Some edits have been made to cover K . . .

Indianopolis Children's Museum . . . the entire crew!

At the indoor waterpark with my family for my birthday . . . the men going down the racer slide . . . these slides take you out of the building, around a bunch of zig zags and then returns into the building here . . . Tim, Zach, Tim, and Dad.  :-)

Then we left the kids with the men and it was the ladies turn . . . while we were all up at the top discussing who was going to say on your mark-get set-go . . . mom went!!  LOL  all alone!

Then the other three of us showed up later . . . :-)

Mom with Morgan and K . . . poor Morgan . . . K loves ears!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sunday School Party

God has blessed us with an amazing Sunday School class at our church.  We rarely walk away from it without laughing and without learning something about God and his word that we didn't know or had not thought of before.  Those in our Sunday school class are truly among our closest friends.  On our bucket list was to host a party for our class at my parents house and we FINALLY got around to doing that last weekend.  (nothing like waiting until the last weekend of the summer).  We had beautiful weather, a beautiful place at my parents house to host a party, and a huge turnout!!  We had a fantastic time and definitely wish we had done it more than once! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fort Rapids and birthday weekend

On my birthday we enjoyed one last summer celebration with the entire family.  We met in Columbus at Fort Rapids Indoor waterpark and enjoyed a day full of swimming and sliding!!  The adults even took turns going down the three story high ones that head outside the building!!  :-)  Hopefully Shannon's pictures of those turned out!  We had been to a waterpark like this once with Shannon and her family and once with Stephanie and her family but this was the first time for grandma and grandpa and everyone together.  :-)  It was a blast.  They even had baby swings for Baby K to play in . . . but no pictures of that on here . . . sorry.

All the pictures of Cherith she is crying . . . all the ones of Megan she is under water, and all the ones of Morgan have K in them . . . so sorry . . . I'll try to do better at getting the girls next time. 

After we left the waterpark my parents generously took our two so that Tim and I could spend a night alone.  He took me to a hotel by one of my favorite shopping locations in a fireplace room (ahhh, bliss) and we got changed and took naps before heading to a Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner with our friends Chris and Lia.  We had THE BEST time and I can't remember when I have laughed so much . . . or eaten so much actually.  We ate so much meat that I was nauseated at the sight of sausage the next morning at breakfast . . . :-)  TONS of fun though. 

That next day we decided to split up . . . Tim headed to a movie by himself (not one I wanted to see) and I went shopping by myself for the almost three hours he was in the movie (certainly NOT something he wanted to do) . . . so in the end we were both THRILLED . . . we had a nice lunch and headed home to happy kids at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend and a more perfect combination of all my favorite things (waterpark, family, alone time, shopping, friends, time to sit and read by the fire . . . )  THANKS so much to all those involved!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Redemption by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley

Redemption by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley

It has been a very very long time since I have read a fiction novel . . . that wasn't a children's book or audio book that is . . . :-)  My mom has been begging me for YEARS to try out this series and I finally gave in.  Karen Kingsbury books have often bored me and perhaps I had low expectations but I truly did enjoy this book and am looking forward to the next in the series. 

This book follows a set of parents and their grown children and the struggles they face.  This one covered in great detail the topic of divorce with a great emphasis on God's view of it v/s the worlds view and the struggle to justify the two.  I have enjoyed Gary Smalley's obvious hand in the writing as they discuss counseling issues which I LOVE.  The best part about this book was that it kept me thinking long after I closed the book about the topics covered in it.  It did not grip me page to page like some other Christian fiction has in years past but I did enjoy the book and give it two thumbs up. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Seigneur Summer Bucket List (a list of things I made at the beginning of summer that I hoped to do before school started again . . . not quite done but we are getting close and we still have a few more weeks!)

  1. Putt Putt Golf (Andrew's first time)

  1. Go to Williamstown Pool (first time down a big boy water slide . . . he LOVED it.)
  2. Visit Marietta Aquatic Center
  3. Have a picnic lunch with grandma
  4. Have a picnic dinner as a family
  5. Play tennis
  6. Let Andrew wash the car
  7. Slip and Slide (we did this lots at home but then the church had a 100 foot one!!)

8. Go geocashing
9.  Camp overnight in the tent
10.  "camp" inside with the tent set up in the basement
11.  County Story Hour at the big library
12.  Story Hour at the little library
13.  Participate in the reading club at the library and read at least 100 books! (my personal favorite-we are at 105 and counting!!)
14.  Do at least one week of VBS
15. Have the Y family over for dinner
16. Plan a Sunday School Pool Party
17. See a movie at the theater
18.  finger paint
19. try sidewalk painting
20. Attend at least 5 LOWES building clinics
21.  Attend at least 2 Home Depot building clinics
22.  stay up late and catch lightning bugs
23.  complete recommended reading list from preschool teachers
24.  try the new snack bar by the river
25.  Chuck E Cheese!!
26. Make something to play with from Pinterest (check out our angry birds!!  Tim painted, I designed and Andrew helped draw the faces!!  True family effort)

27.  Try a splash park
28.  Bike the bike path near the fairgrounds
29.  Go bowling at least twice
30.  Have snowbiz snow cones at least once
31.  go to a baseball game
32. cook something with Andrew and take to someone in need
33. Swimming lessons (decided to wait until fall for that one)
34. attend the ice cream social (missed the one in our town so we had to visit the next town over)

Then, not on our list we have had some extra fun recently with some new found loves. . . neighbors with similar interests . . .

Pirate ships!!

Walking across the old bridge to the island to hike and search for "treasure"

Lemonade Stand (Andrew did this completely on his own . . . set up the entire thing including the sign and then asked me for cups of lemonade to sell . . . . no one but mom, dad and bear were able to buy but he was VERY proud of it anyway!!)

So very glad I made this "bucket list" for the summer . . . it keeps us from being bored and keeps me from being a "boring mom" because I have lots of ideas and things I need to cross off the list. . . . I hope Andrew has enjoyed it because I KNOW Tim and I have had fun doing many of these things together as a family.  Maybe I'll just make one for every season to keep us on track!!!  :-)