Monday, October 22, 2012

Columbus mini-Vaca Take 2

Next up was our favorite event of the year.  It really is one of our favorite traditions of the entire year!!!  Boo at the Zoo at the Columbus Zoo!  They have treat stations for the kids all over the zoo, Halloween themed inflatables to look at, each animal is given a pumpkin to "discover", the entire thing is like a huge scavenger hunt!  We were all very excited.  Andrew police officer and Spider Bear (transformed into his Police costume--Special thanks to Aaron from church for the bear police costume)  And Emma as Thomas the Train--not pictured . . . adorable Baby K Lion.  :-)

side note . . . I know you are wondering why Andrew is not a pirate.  Here is our conversation while packing for Columbus.  "Andrew, you need to tell me what pirate things to pack for your Boo at the Zoo costume"  "I need my red vest, black torn pants, hook and sword."  "Okay, what shirt do you want to wear under the vest (gave him a couple choices of sweatshirts)"  "MOM, Pirates do NOT wear sweatshirts under their vests-they only have skin!!" "It's too cold for only skin under your vest-you have to wear a shirt under"  "If I have to wear a shirt, then I can't be a real pirate . . . I'm not being a fake pirate!!  I'll just pick a different costume from my box" 

So there you have it . . . Police Officer Andrew (complete with sweatshirt under the coat)

Happy faces and ready to hit the zoo!!!  Unfortunately, the reality of the zoo was this . . .  

POURING rain and cold.  So disappointing.  We made the best of it and did the best we could to jump between buildings and dry spots and have fun.  Andrew had a blast and never once complained about the rain.  Unfortunately I can't say the same for the adults . . . and especially Baby K who was MISERABLE most of the time.  She was dry and warm but HATED being inside the stroller covered up where she couldn't see anything. 
Next year, we will make this event a priority.  We had to squeeze it in on a miserable, rainy, Friday night because of soccer games on Saturday, but next year we will make it work another way.  It's too fun an event to try and force it into a few rainy, wet hours.  You really would enjoy it much more on a Saturday or Sunday when you can spend the entire day finding all the stations and seeing the animals with their new "pumpkin toy."  Live and Learn I guess.  Dont' tempt me though, I might just be there again next Saturday to make up for it!  I will speak only for myself but I truly LOVE this event. 

Andrew did not even seem to notice the rain.  He especially enjoyed this treat station sponsored by some Gymnastics place.  You had to complete the Gymnastic apparatus obstacle course before you could receive your treat.  He did it at least 5 times start to finish.  He LOVED doing all the "tricks".

Thanks to Lia for taking Baby K for a few minutes we also enjoyed the "not so scary Halloween house" where Andrew posed as Dracula (how did he even know what that was I do not know) and we made it through the black light maze.

Then we went to the live action Avengers show.  Andrew was completely into the entire thing.  He did not move a muscle the entire show--look at his face--completely engulfed in the play!  He was so involved in fact, that he lost reality a little.  One of the characters said "We need the police to come and arrest this bad guy"  Andrew got up from his seat, handcuffs in hand, and asked me where he should go.  LOL  He was so serious.  Completely adorable!   

Because of the cold and rain we didn't see too many animals.  The reptile house was nice and warm though so we did spend some time in there . . . learned that Emma LOVES snakes.  She really could not get enough!  Andrew touched it because Emma was . . . but immediately was done and moved on.  :-)


For some reason I really loved this guy . . . LOL . . . strangely similar to the view of Andrew I had on the way home . . .

Thank you so much to Chris, Lia and Emma for hosting us and letting us be their guests at the zoo this weekend!  We always leave their house wishing for more time and this was no exception!!  THANK YOU

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Columbus Mini-Vaca part 1

Andrew had a day off school this week so Tim took off work too and we took a little mini-vacation to Columbus for a couple days.  It is by far our favorite quick trip spot since our best friends live there and it is only 2 hours from our house so not too bad a commute either.  :-)  This time we had promised Andrew that for his birthday (not quite a month late) we would take him to Build a Bear Workshop.  We had never been before, but given his current love of bears we thought this would be a great time to try it out.  He soaked in every part of the experience.  He especially loved the bear "bathtub" where he had to use the air bath to fluff his bear.  he thought that was really great and spent a lot of time there.

In spite of Tim's efforts to get him to pick a Browns football costume and my efforts to get him to pick a Pirate costume for his bear he picked a spider man costume instead.  So, now introducing, Spider Bear (bear for short) 
Since Andrew's favorite bear isn't allowed out of the van or house, Andrew enjoyed carrying this bear around Easton for the rest of the afternoon and showing him all the things there.

That evening, Chris and Lia took us to the Circleville Pumpkin Show which was PACKED!  I LOVE things like that though.  I enjoy the crowd and the energy of it . . . 300 food and other vendors!!  Their website says they expect 10,000 people a NIGHT visit their festival and we were there on a weeknight and it was that packed.  It was very cool to see the pumpkins and all the stuff though and we ate some AMAZING fried pumpkin pie.  We even picked the right night to go since it was the "parade of Bands night" and I got to see a TON of marching bands.  In fact, we watched the parade over an hour and then had to leave because it was too late and it was STILL going with more and more bands and other things. 

A 14 foot pumpkin pie and pumpkins well over 1000 pounds!!  The one Andrew is sitting in front of didn't even win first place . . . it was just his favorite!  :-)
These Pumpkins are just creepy.  They were real pumpkins that were placed in a mold as they were growing so that they would look like a face when they finished growing.  CREEPY!!!

Friday morning, Chris headed into work and K was exhausted from the pumpkin show so we left her and Tim at the house for naps and Lia and I took Andrew and Emma to the "World Of Bounce" where we had a blast playing on all the bounce houses and inflatable things.  The adults can even bounce for FREE so Lia and I got a workout too!  They had these blocks there that were big and soft and movable and Andrew spent more time there than doing anything else.  He is quite the builder right now and enjoys creating different things . . . his imagination on what blocks can be turned into is really quite fascinating.  Here we have the Polar Express Train!  The second picture is Lia and Emma at the bottom of the biggest slide!   

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I love this time of year.  I love the colors, I love the events, I love the decorations, I love the weather .  . . I just love everything about fall!!! 

While waiting on K to fnish with her visit last week we went on a hike as a family in a local park that is just beautiful this time of year.  The hike was a ton of fun and seeing such beautiful things along the way was just bonus!  This time if year is my favorite time . . . just seeing the beauty of God's creation as it changes colors always amazes me.

 Tim and Andrew found a Buckeye tree and showed Andrew how to break open the soft outside part and find the buckeye inside.  Andrew was so proud of himself.  He cracked open and saved probably 5 of them.  One was even sprouting already!

Andrew took this picture of Tim and I.  He posed us and gave us the leaf so it would look "pretty"  Not too bad!!

Then today was our annual Sweet Apple Farm trip with our church.  Love this event every year and Andrew has been talking about this trip for weeks!!  So happy to spend it with friends at church each year.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

TCBC Fall Church Picnic

I just love time spent with my church family.  We had our annual fall picnic this past weekend and it was a blast.  The weather was chilly but I don't think anyone noticed!  I KNOW the kids didn't.  :-)  With a bounce house and a ton of games to play they had a blast!  I even won the "not pie" division of the dessert contest with my Caramel Apple Pizza!  :-)  So happy that our church is making this a tradition . . . I only wish we had them more often!  Corn hole is certainly popular in our area right now and the perfect game for this type of event since all ages and genders can play together.

This little lady is Grace.  Would you continue to pray for her as she and her dad continue to adjust to their "new normal" after her mother died in a car accident a month ago?  I am so proud of this little one, her beautiful smile is evidence of God's answer to prayers already!  She was all smiles and giggles at the picnic!

 Grace D. and Ben "enjoy" the craft table . . . well at least Grace is enjoying it!  :-)

My favorite event of the day . . . the three legged race.  I had to laugh at Andrew.  We told all the kids 6th grade and below to go find an adult to be their partner.  They could pick anyone they wanted.  Tim, Marisa, Grandma and Grandpa and myself were all there for Andrew to pick from for his partner.  Unknown to any of us . . . he went and asked Katie (a very nice looking blond teenage girl) to be his partner.  Hmmmmm, evidently grandparents, parents and aunts don't hold a candle to beautiful girls!  :-)  LOL  Thanks for being a good sport to be his partner Katie! 


This is the championship division.  Top ranked girls teams and top ranked boys teams compete for the fastest team award!  After the video evidence above we should have a disqualification however, since Eli and Dave never crossed the pumpkin line at the end before turning around.  Ben and Nicky should have been in this final in Dave and Eli's place!  :-)  Sounds like a family three legged race is in order for the championship at their house!

The only 8 teens and adults willing to race made the adult division!  Doug and Matt won this division hands down with Doug practically picking Matt up and carrying him across the finish line!  (the smallest kids and the oldest adults got a little head start in their divisions!)  :-)

The bounce house was a favorite for the kids for sure.  It was HUGE and had an amazing slide!  We filled it with almost 100 balloons and it STILL had room for jumping. 

Putting the bounce house away took the 5 of these men FOREVER!!  Several rolls and unrolls were all a part of getting this 300+ pound thing rolled back into it's bag.  Quite the event I must say.  Thanks Pastor Gabe, Dave, Mike, Dad and Matt for diligently working even into kick off time for the WVU game (a true sacrifice)!  :-)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Andrew's Lego Party

I will say that I planned and researched more for this party than ANY other I have done.  I was very proud of all the finished products and hopefully the kids had a good time.  I did learn that nine 4-6 year olds (8 of them boys) is a LOT of LOUDNESS at a party.  :-)  In all we had 30 people here!!  SHEW!!

My aunt made the cake again and it was HUGE and adorable!!  A layer of chocolate cake, a layer of vanilla cake and a layer of rice krispie treat for those with allergies!  (she thought of everything)  Thanks Jennifer!

Game time . . . making a Lego magnet for the refrigerator.  I suggested they make their first or last initial and showed an example of an A for Andrew . . . instead they made football goal posts, houses, and buildings.  LOL . . . hope I got strong enough magnets for some of these creations!!  :-)

Then they had a Lego man frozen in a Lego shaped ice cube .  .  . they had to find a way to melt the ice or crush it to get the man out of it.  This took them WAY shorter than I thought.  Next time I should give a rule that you can't stomp on the ice . . . the men were free in record time.  :-)

 Then they had a treasure map they were to use to locate parts of Lego men around the house.  When they found a part (pants, hat, weapons, shirts, backpacks . . . ) they could hook it on to their now thawed Lego man and keep the part.  In the end they all went home with a full man with lots of accessories.

 FOOD!!  Pizza with mini pepperoni lined up as Lego pegs, 6 types of square crackers and graham crackers, cheese cubes, and grapes (don't try and figure out where the grapes fit in . . . just needed a fruit in there)  :-)  Cake and ice cream.  :-)   Don't think anyone went home hungry.

Inside their little treat boxes are home made Lego crayons, a homemade Lego notebook, home made Lego coloring book, homemade Lego shaped chocolates, a block eraser, some random candy and bubbles.

Special thanks go to all those who helped with Baby K during the party . . . I think that includes just about everyone there . . . I ran the party and she went from adult to adult.  Thankful that I didn't have to worry about her.   Thanks to Kim for taking pictures all evening.  Thanks to Jason for helping us avoid a very horrible accident.  Thanks to all the parents and grandparents who stayed to help!  Thanks to my hubby for putting up with my hours and hours of preparing for this party in research and making things and for all his help setting up.  Not once did he say this was a huge waste of time or money . . . even when I forgot to get out the Lego shaped ice cubes.  :-)  Thanks Tim.  I really did have a lot of fun doing this and with everyone's help I think it was a huge success.  Until next year . . .

 Happy 5th Birthday Andrew!