Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Corinthians 13 for Moms

Must remember to read this .  . . over and over and over.  So encouraging and convicting!  1 Corinthians 13 for moms.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pumpkin Carving and School Parties

Oops, didn't realize our little supervisor was in this photo . . . edits necessary . . . Andrew would not touch the Goop again this year.  He talked all about how brave he was now and how much older he was and would help more this year . . . didn't happen.  :-)  He can't stand his hands to be dirty . . . NO IDEA where he gets that from!  :-)  Andrew did draw this design for the pumpkin on a paper though all by himself and I drew it on the pumpkin for daddy to carve.  This is after a minor tooth mishap.  LOL

  Then it was his Fall Colors Party at School. 

Andrew has a boy in the class who is described as his teacher as Andrew's mini me . . . this boy does EVERYTHING Andrew does and is literally lost without him.  Andrew went to Burger King with the other kids that sold things for the fund raiser the other day and Mini Me was left behind.  They said he did not play on the playground, he didn't talk to anyone else, he just walked around with his head down saying, "I need my Andrew . . . "  LOL  In this class photo, Andrew decided not to hold his mask the "traditional way" . . . can you find Mini Me?  LOL

Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Fall Fun

Andrew took that picture of our tree . . . didn't he do a good job!?  I was impressed . . . no cropping or anything-that is just the way he took it.  Our area can not agree on Trick or Treat times or days.  Seriously every town does it differently (probably why we end up with over 200 kids for trick or treat).  We are so thankful that it has never been allowed on "church nights" so Wednesday and Sunday are out across the board, but other than that it's fair game.  With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year EVERYONE made up their own times for events.  This was great for us because we got to try out a bunch of new things that we normally can't get to because they are often at the same time.  Andrew is in for a boring week next week when there isn't an event every evening to go to.  :-)  He and I raked leaves for hours!  Seriously, our tree dropped them ALL within a week.  Andrew is waist deep in them with almost no stacking on our part!  If you have leaf pick up in your area be thankful . . . bagging all those in garbage bags is a PAIN!!

Then it was our last soccer practice and game for the year.  I was super excited about soccer being over until it was . . . I actually will miss all of that I think . . .much more than I thought I would.  I can do without the cold rainy games but I think I will miss it.  After the last game he got a little trophy .  .  . he is SO PROUD of that trophy.  He has a special place in his room for it and were it not for me setting some strict rules, he would carry it around all day.  :-)   His coaches were excellent this year and getting the kids these trophy's was so thoughtful of them!  Chris, what do you think of that form in the first one??  :-)

Then our town had a carnival type event with some great little prizes and games.

 A kids bookstore in the mall had a "story hour" type event with costumes, crafts and books.

A "sister" church had a carnival type event which my nephew Daniel was able to come to with us.  The boys LOADED up on candy at this event.  They also got to make an ADORABLE little edible turkey to take home. 

Then on our actual trick or treat night my nephew and niece were both there (hamburger and fries LOL) to trick or treat our neighborhood with us.  This house had the coolest Halloween decorations I have ever seen in it . . . the photo doesn't do it justice!  The mummy in the front left window is lifesize and looks like he is waving at you and the cat eyes in the upstairs window actually glow.  Not scary but very very fun!!!  :-)

Then our mall had a "Malloween" event.  Andrew decided to go with his third costume of the season for this event (I had not let him wear this one to anything we were doing outside . . . too hard to see him . . . meet dark Spiderman!!


As always, not pictured was our little lion cub that accompanied us to all these events (rather unwillingly I might add . . . she was NOT a fan of her costume)  Well, we still have pumpkin carving and school parties to go but that's enough for now.  :-)  Now you see why this truly is our favorite time of year!