Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring has Sprung, a leak!!

So, Little Lady is not quite 2 1/2 and seems at the right age to potty train.  We decided we would not worry to much about this since we are just getting acquainted anyway.  However, Little lady is a hider when she does #2.  She will go hide in a corner and makes it very obvious when she is "going" . . . so, I thought, why not bring the potty upstairs and put it in the bathroom and maybe I can catch her in the act, move her to the potty and at least potty train that part of things. 

A few days later (when Tim is in DC) I see my chance.  She goes to hide in a corner and I quickly intercept and put her on the potty.  I bring a few books and we sit for 10-15 minutes.  Nothing happens.  I give up and sternly tell her to "sit and NOT move until I come back with wipes" since her diaper was dirty already and she was dirty.  However, when I go to get up off the floor my hip hits the pedestal sink in the bathroom and knocks it away from the wall completely busting the waterline.  Cold water is spraying EVERYWHERE!!!  I scream and quickly see that we have a real problem.  I am desperately trying to get the shut off valve unstuck so that I can turn the water off but am having no success with my wet slippery hands.

My sister Marisa had been staying with me while Tim was out of town and she, thankfully, had just come upstairs when I screamed. She came in the bathroom to see what was wrong and found poor Little Lady sitting dutifully on the potty with freezing cold water spraying her right in the face!  It never occurred to me that she would be still sitting there . . . in my panic I assumed she had gotten up and ran away!  LOL . . . Marisa takes Little Lady out of the bathroom and to find dry clothes.

Meanwhile, Andrew is in the basement yelling, "It's raining on my Legos!!  Someone help!  The roof is leaking!"  I finally get the shut off valve unstuck (2-3 minutes later) and begin throwing every towel I can find on the floor to soak it up before more damage is done.  Then, to top it all off, Tim texts from DC and says, "the White House tour I had this morning was disappointing"  He has NO IDEA how disappointing his day is about to get when I text back . . ."I'll bet it was better than the flood that is waiting for you at home!!"  LOL

When it is all said and done we have some ruined ceiling tiles in the basement, a replaced waterline to the sink, a contractor scheduled to attach the sink to the wall, and a 2 year old who might never be potty trained after that trauma!  :-)  Could have been worse I suppose . . . and at least it makes for a funny story :-)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Seigneur Lampoons Vacation

So for months we have had a snow tubing trip on our schedule and I especially was so looking forward to it.  I LOVE to ski and although I have not done it since we have been married I can not wait to go again.  Since we did not feel like Andrew was old enough for that yet a tubing trip seemed like a happy medium.  Due to the addition of our two little house guests our trip had to be postponed once already but this past weekend was the long awaited day.  I had worked very hard to make all the arrangements for babysitters for the two little ones and Tim and I had called ahead to the resort and the hotel and everything was arranged.  I was beyond excited and we were ALL ready to have an overnight away.

We wake up in the morning and Andrew is complaining of an earache . . . SCREAMING of an earache would be more accurate.  Off he and Tim go to Quick Care to get meds for what we assume is an ear infection.  I am STILL determined to go so I finish packing the van, give last minute instructions to the babysitter (thanks Nicky!) and leave for babysitter #2 workplace (thanks Mom!) I drop off suitcases, carseats and more instructions and call the boys.  Sure enough Andrew has an ear infection and Tim is ready to postpone again.  I am DETERMINED to go on this silly trip.  I refuse to cancel and agree to meet them at the house where we will load up on meds and drop off Tim's car. 

The boys arrive, bathroom trips and meds later we are finally loaded in the van ready to go only an hour late from our planned time.  This is still going to work (I am thinking) we will just cut out our 1 hour lunch stop and we can still make it for our ticket time at 1:00pm.  Then, the van will not start.    The battery is dead as a doornail.  Seriously!?!?!?  I literally just drove it 5 minutes earlier to drop off stuff to babysitter #2!  This is NOT happening!  SOOOOO, Tim decides that since only a couple months ago he had successfully jumped the van he will just do that again.  We leave Andrew buckled in the van and Tim hooks everything up the way he remembers.  "Do you want to double check all of that?"  I say.  "probably better" he says (after hooking it all up)  and he gets out his cell phone to Google how to jump a car . . .  just in case.  About that time everything runs together.  Tim yells, "OH NO!!!" smoke starts coming from both engines and he is yelling TURN OFF THE CAR, TURN OFF THE CAR!!!  Unfortunately, it did take me a minute to realize that the car I was in (the still not working van) was NOT the car he was referring to.  :-)  So, a few seconds later (and a small lecture from my husband about the definition of hurry) everything is unhooked and we have two very VERY melted jumper cables, but thankfully no other major damage. 

Now Tim is the one determined.  Quite honestly, I was ready at this point to go back to bed and forget the trip was ever planned.  He starts moving everything from the van to the car and says we are taking the car on the trip, and the dead van can just wait in the driveway until we get back.  (our poor babysitter is still in the house with the two little kids likely wondering why we asked her to watch these kids so we could play in the driveway)  We load up all the stuff and Andrew, and are finally (an hour and a half late) on or way! 

Halfway into the trip Andrew complains about being sick.  We stop at a gas station for some food and gas and sure enough . . . the poor kid throws up in the bathroom.  Carsick?  Not enough food with his antibiotic?  Flu?  We don't know, but two hours into this drive we are not about to turn around.  The drama is starting to be funny now . . . it's laugh or cry so we choose to laugh.  :-)  Even Andrew is undaunted by this latest turn of events and insists that only a bag of his favorite chips and a pop would make him feel better.  :-) A bag of sunchips, some sprite, and two hamburgers for us later we are back on the road. 

We arrive in Maryland at the ski resort (Wisp) at 1:15.  Fifteen minutes late for our tickets but overall we are pleased we are there.  Quickly, we are a little nervous about the fact that NO ONE is on the hill.  Three employees later and a long walk in the FREEZING cold and wind we find out that they decided due to lack of interest they would NOT be opening the sledding hill until 5pm.  Disappointed, angry, frustrated, overwhelmed and no longer laughing at our misfortune, we are in search of a manager.  When it is all said and done apologies are made to all of the families and groups who are waiting with us (most of us had called ahead even and were told-as we were-that our tickets would be waiting for us upon arrival) and we are offered ice skating for free and tickets for night tubing or Saturday tubing for free. 

Since our hotel is 45 minutes away from the ski resort (and considering the ear infection and vomit) we decide to cut our losses for Friday and try for a fresh start Saturday morning.  Andrew and I try ice skating for a little while and then we head to our hotel.  The rest of the trip was fantastic.  We kept the antibiotics and pain medication in Andrew and he was completely fine the rest of the trip.  Swimming in the hotel pool, dinner at Chili's, relaxing evening followed by a bright sunny 50 degrees with no wind on Saturday to tube in.  It was just what we all needed and we are SO GLAD that we didn't let the little setbacks ruin the trip!  Added bonus, the little kids first night away from us since they got here was uneventful and everyone was in good spirits when we picked them up!

It was a much needed vacation for me and was just the mood booster I needed.  Thank you so much to Nicky and my parents for watching the little kiddos who were too small for this trip.  You have no idea how energizing this break has been for me!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Donkeys and Blankets

So we have had an exciting last couple days.  First of all, the staff of Andrew's school challenged some local fire departments to a donkey basketball game.  My sister (a teacher at Andrew's school) was one of the riders.  We had the best time!  I KNOW she has to be sore today after seeing that donkey throw her around!  But the entertainment value was priceless to the rest of us!  :-)  It was fun to see all her little fan clubs around the room.  Maybe I'm biased but I think she got more cheers than any other staff member out there!  We did TERRIBLE in the game . . . 4th place out of the 4 teams.  But we all had fun.

Then this morning we woke up to a blanket of snow.  A small blanket, but a blanket none the less.  We went out to play in it right after breakfast and built this awesome snowman . . . however, within an hour of us coming back inside he is already melting and fallen over.  That's what temps in the 40s will do I suppose.  Well, it was fun while it lasted.  Perhaps our last snow for the year?