Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First Vacation trip with 3

This past weekend we took our first little mini vacation with all three kids.  It was an adventure for sure but not near as bad as we had feared it might be.  We did cheat a little . . . we upgraded our hotel room to a two room suite which gave us two bedrooms and a living room with doors so each child had their own room with doors between them and another child.  :-)  Won't be making that cheat every time . . . it's too expensive . . . but this time we thought it best.  We stopped 2 hrs into the trip and met up with our friends from Columbus for a break and some lunch.  We went to a really cool play place called Recreations Outlet and there they have tons of play sets and trampolines set up that you can try out and buy if you want.  There is a $5 fee to get in but it was really fun to try out I'd say 15-20 different sets and trampolines. 

Andrew and Emma's favorite for sure was this hammock swing.  They even took Baby G for a ride with them.  Little lady was too busy on the huge curvy slide in the background to care about swinging.  :-)  She probably went down it 30 times!

This last picture is kinda fuzzy but the background shows some of the playsets and how they are arranged for you to play on them to try them out.  It's an entire warehouse of them!!

Then it was on to Dayton to meet up with my sisters for the rest of the trip.  We went to a BEAUTIFUL garden to take some family pictures and then dinner together. 

Later getting in a swim in the pool with the entire family before all three kiddos crashed in their beds.  :-)  Grandma and Grandpa came to give the kiddos a bedtime story but Little Lady was already asleep . . . Andrew enjoyed his pirate story though and I LOVE this picture of them.  :-)
 It was an exhausting day but everyone (but baby G) slept well and woke up well rested the next morning.  Baby G is cutting two teeth but was a real trooper this trip.  The next morning we were ready for the real reason for the trip.  Tylers' 4th birthday party!  Shannon had an airplane themed party and had some really fun games to play.  They have a huge backyard and a brand new playset that my brother in law built so our kids (and all the others) had a blast!

Happy 4th Tyler!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Veggie Tales Live

We were so excited this week to see us some VEGGIES!!!  We love Veggie Tales at our house so when we found out they were coming LIVE just a few minutes from us we had to go check it out!  The tickets were a tad expensive for the just over 1 hour of entertainment ($60 for the four of us) but it was well worth it this one time.  We didn't stop smiling and laughing the entire hour!!!  The kids had a blast and we so enjoyed this time with just Little Lady and Andrew together (thanks to Marie for watching Baby G for us).

A couple times during the show they encourage the kids to form a bit of a mash pit down front.  They blow bubbles and throw balls out into the crowed and everyone jumps around and plays in it.  Little lady took full advantage of the situation . . . as you can see in the picture below everyone is looking up at the bubbles and balls and just after the picture is snapped I catch her looking DOWN and sifting through the purses in the front row.  The little thief was using the opportunity while everyone else was watching the entertainment and the other kids, to go through peoples stuff looking for treasures.

Needless to say, Little Lady spent the rest of the show in our seats with us and this view.  :-)

I am so very glad we went and would recommend that anyone bite the bullet and spend the money to go once.  It's a memory we will cherish for a very long time.  Thanks for encouraging us to go Chris and Lia . . . you were right, it was worth it!

Friday, April 12, 2013


We had a fantastic time coloring and decorating Easter Eggs as a family this year.  It seemed much more hectic and rushed with a two year old grabbing at everything but we still managed to have a nice looking crop of eggs with faces on them.  My mom did another egg coloring at her house when my sister and her kids were in so we got double duty on that project this year.  :-) 

Then our little town had a community Easter egg hunt.  This proved to be loads of fun for the two older kids but Baby G was having no part in it.  I only got photos of Little Lady before putting the camera away to take care of baby.  :-)  Andrew really was there though, and the kids came away with WAY more candy and eggs than we will ever use (the AWANA kids will benefit from this candy haul next week!)

I must admit that I enjoy the build up to Easter as much if not more than I enjoy Easter Sunday.  We spend 6 weeks in AWANA using the resurrection eggs to really dig into scripture with the kids and discover what Jesus suffered leading up to his death and resurrection.  Every year I learn something as I prepare for these lessons.  Then, our pastor always spends the month before Easter going through an in depth study on the events leading up to Easter.  We do crafts at home about Jesus death and talk about why he died and how Easter Sunday is a celebration of his resurrection and how he conquered even death and lives to save us!  I just love the reminder here in the spring of the high price that was paid for my soul.

This year we made the kids Easter baskets and continued a tradition started by my parents.  Our Easter baskets were hidden near something that was really special to us that year . . . This year put Andrew's in the basement with his legos (which are a MESS in this picture . . . it's much better now I promise!)  :-)  Little lady's basket was at the top of the slide in the playroom and Baby G's was in his Bumbo (which he really doesn't like, but he couldn't reach the swing).

Having nothing to do with Easter but these were on my camera.  Playing with Marbles when the little kids are in bed and swimming lessons!  I'll have to get a video on here of Andrew's swimming, he is quite the little fish!

Monday, April 1, 2013

March Mayhem

It's been quite the month for us.  Visits with Chris, Lia and Emma, My sister and her kids came down several times from Wheeling, swimming lessons, library story hour . . . AND a few things I got pictures of . . .
"Family Literacy Night" at Andrew's school

 An Andrew original creation.  This is a Lego museum complete with three robbers about to rob the treasures inside and a police officer who will try and catch them in the act.

Below, you see the inside of the museum with the artifacts of gold nuggets, blue diamond of power, Sampson's very own wrench, and the gold bar of golden!

Chick Fil A Easter Breakfast with The Cow and his Easter Bonnet and the Easter Bunny.
Followed by the Easter Parade

Then it's Easter baskets from Grandma and Grandpa C which result in Andrew's "new favorite bear" Mason!  Later in the afternoon I caught this candid of him and Mason playing cards together . . .  too cute.

Andrew's Easter Party in Cubbies where they got disguises.  He and his friend Sam dressed as Super Sam and Andre . . . they named themselves.  :-)