Friday, May 31, 2013

Wrappin Up K4

Andrew has just finished up his K4 year at his school and as always is the case, the last month is full of events, field trips, and programs.  We have enjoyed having him at what will, Lord Willing, be his school for the next 13 years and getting reacquainted with the teachers and staff I worked with when I worked there 5 years ago.  (has it been that long)

First, they went to the Planetarium and Burger King.  He has a small class (not quite this small, several were absent) but for the rest of the end of the year events they will be joined by the Monday, Wednesday class so it will be much larger.  I was excited that this trip was just for their small class as one last event for them.  Then in true Andrew fashion, he and his friend Nate enjoying their "crown/soldier armor" at Burger King.

Then their Serving Others day and Class Picnic Days got rained out . . . I was super bummed for them.  Yesterday they had their awards ceremony in the classroom to get the years awards.  Andrew got Faithful Attendance, Handwriting Award, and Mathematics Award.

 Andrew and his "mini me" of the year . . . I'm sure these two will be good buddies or partners in crime at least as the years go on.

Then last night they had the big Kindergarten Graduation where I got to see my baby sister in all her glory as a Kindergarten teacher helping her kids through an amazing program. They really had it very well organized and went off without a hitch!  Andrew's class did a small song, verse and poem as a part of the program.  (green shirt and tie-third from the left) He did great and did every motion and had perfect behavior!  Proud of my little/not so little guy and ready to see what Kindergarten has in store for both of us!  :-)


Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy 95th Birthday!!

This past weekend we had the great honor to be there for a surprise Birthday celebration for Tim's grandmother.  It was her 95th birthday!  I am telling you, if the Lord tarry's his coming and I live long enough to have a 95th birthday then I pray I am as gracious, humble, independent, self sufficient and happy as Tim's grandmother is.  She is truly a wonderful example of a Godly woman and although I have only known her the last 14 or so years . . . she has already made such an impact on my life.  We were truly blessed to be invited to this event and honored to be there.

The members of the family who planned this event did an amazing job and it was all so perfect.  (Frieda, I would LOVE some more pictures of the d├ęcor if you have them--I was too busy with kids to get very many-beautiful!)   There were games for the kids and families to play, chalk to write well wishes on the driveway and most of all flowers.  We were each asked to bring a flower for her patio flower garden that would represent a bit of our personality.  Each flower was labeled with our names and the following message was read outloud to her.  (I hope you can read it, it was just absolutely beautiful)  Then we each shared why we chose what we chose for her.  It was really sweet and I think she really liked it although was very overwhelmed by the entire day.  Gourmet food and breads to die for!!  It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time and hopefully made memories for Grandma W to always remember.  I know it made memories we will always remember.

Happy Birthday Grandma W!

Her children gathered around her giving her the corsage and reading the poem. 

 I made this extra large so you could read it . . . simply beautiful words and sentiment!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers Day Photos

So I couldn't post these before because it was a part of Shannon's mothers day gift for my mom but when we went to Tylers birthday party we got some pictures of all the kiddos together.  These are some of the ones WITHOUT our two littlest faces (we took some with them and some without).


Just the girls.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

T-Ball Opening Day

When we signed Andrew up for T-ball we had NO IDEA they take baseball so seriously in our little town.  The opening day festivities were quite a show!  The entire community of teams meet at the town playground to get uniforms and then have a parade from there down the 7-8 blocks to the ball fields.  People sit in front of their houses in lawn chairs and cheer, the fire department puts firetrucks in the parade, and all the little league kiddos march with their teams.  When we get to the ballfields everyone sits in the outfield of the biggest field and the mayor gives a speech and then throws out the first pitch of the season.  This has been happening for 70 years in our little town evidently . . . quite the event!  :-)

I loved how each team is a combo of maroon, gold, grey and white since those are the high school team colors. I tell you what, this town is loyal to the core!!!  :-)

They give the kids carpet squares to stand on to help them find their spots and stay where they are supposed to.  Brilliant!  :-)