Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June has been PACKED FULL!!

Awana ended and my little Cubbie graduated from Cubbies and will now be a Spark!
 Baseball season has come to an end and Andrew got a little medal for his efforts this year!  He is very proud of it.  :-)  We are honestly sad to see it end but it will free up our Friday nights for some swimming so that's nice. 

Summer reading program started at the local libraries and I LOVE these programs.  It encourages us to read more as a family AND has once a week programs for the kids.  This week it was a magician (The Great Gault) whom I have seen the last three years and we LOVE him. . . I won't miss this program every year if I can help it.  LOVE how books encourage play too.  Here is a book called "No Babysitters Allowed" and Andrew recreated the entire book in his own play.  

 Last week, the library had a dig in the dirt event (digging into reading) and the kids were asked to dig in the dirt to find hidden treasure.  The treasures they found they could keep so Andrew was beyond excited . . . until he saw that she had, in addition to the treasure, buried LIVE worms!  These babies were HUGE!!! I love his face when he saw that the first time.  (he insisted on the goggles, people wear them when they dig in the dirt he said)

We found a local festival to go to for some jump house jumping and free snowcones.  Went Geocaching with Chris, Lia, and Emma.  Had a visit from Grandma and Paw Paw S.  Had a party with almost 40 people at our house.  Andrew went to a local VBS. . . . and June isn't even over yet!!!!! 
Excited for the rest of summer, the surprises it brings, and of course the time it means with these three that God has entrusted to me this year.  I only wish I could show you all the fun these two had at all the above events too!