Saturday, July 13, 2013

July-playing between raindrops

So, our July has been FULL of rain but we have managed to have some fun between raindrops.  W
ater fun at home, weekly activities at the library, and whatever else we can come up with.  Crossing off our bucket list an activity at a time!  The annual Fourth of July Parade at the library and pirate craft day . . . have I mentioned how much I love our summer reading program at the library?

New hairdo (I was NOT a fan)

Checking out the new water park that replaced the pool I used to work at.  WAY cooler than the old pool!  Andrew is super brave in the water but TERRIFIED of heights usually.  He was not a bit afraid this day, climbed right to the top of each of these slides!  Enjoyed having my sister, her kids, my cousin and mom help us on our bucket list on this day.  Little Lady LOVED the pirate ship area.  Thanks to my aunt for keeping an eye on napping Baby G so we could have fun without worrying about him.


Chick Fil A dress like a Cow day

 Slip and Slide

 Getting in a workout . . . :-)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Beach Bullets Take 3

  • Pirates and Princesses-So my parents on their night to cook decided to have a pirates and princesses night.  They have been talking about it to the kids for WEEKS so this was a much anticipated event for sure!  The idea was this, the pirates (the boys) would eat ouside with no silverware, no napkins . . . and have no rules . . . they could throw their used up food on the floor, have a food fight . . . whatever they wanted.  The princesses would get dressed up in their dresses, put on makeup and paint their nails and eat inside like ladies.  Then we would all go out for ice cream in our outfits . . . except for a princess who wanted to be a pirate (Megan) and a pirate who wanted to throw food WITHOUT eating first (Andrew).  I think the night was a pretty big success!!!   Here are the pirates and their mess!  (loving the littlest pirate in his little hat I found!!)

  • And then the beautiful princesses . . .
  • This little princess had a rough day.  In hindsight . . . probably should have just let her be a pirate . . . :-)  With napkins all stuck to her fingers because they were so sticky with jello! 
  • After dinner there were more surprises for the pirates.  A pirate treasure for each of them was buried and they had to find it.  Here they are finding and reading their clues.

  • Then down to the beach to dig up the loot! 

    The princesses had little treat bags too but they didn't have to go hunting for theirs.  Necklaces, stick on earrings, pink playdough and princess books for the beautiful little ladies.  Then off to Dairy Queen for some ice cream in our outfits (with shirts on the pirates of course).  The kids had a fantastic night and my parents did an excellent job of making this night extra special and my family for one was THRILLED with the entire evening!
  • Pier-Some of us went walking on the pier after that and I was AMAZED at the wind and waves at the end of the pier.  It was a little scary to be that deep with those big waves I'll admit!  :-)

  • The last night we were there, each family kinda did their own thing.  Marisa agreed to stay at the house with the two babies while the rest of us went out so we took advantage.  My parents and Shannon's family went to a movie and we decided to go mini golfing.  We were beyond surprised to get to mini golf and see Stephanie and her family there as well.  We thought they were at the movies.  It was fun to spend some time in our "small" families for an evening after a week of "big" family time.  Little Lady did NOT enjoy mini-golf (a little young still probably), but the rest of us had a good time.  Here we are seeing the Eastons for the first time.

  •  There you have it.  9 adults, 8 kids under five and a week in Emerald Isle, NC--not for those wanting a quiet restful week but for fun, noise and lots of laughter this is the way to go! We are so grateful to my parents for all their work planning and paying for this trip for all of us.  We have made lifetime memories and hopefully have provided those memories to Little Lady and Baby G as well.  Thanks mom and dad for everything!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Beach Bullets Take 2

Part 2 of Beach Bullets

  • The Beach-by far the activity done most at the beach was playing in the sand.  With the age of the kids right now it is the activity that they can all participate in and enjoy and gives us all some time together.  Most days the shoreline in front of our "spot" looked much like this .  . kids and toys everywhere!  It was definitely little lady who enjoyed the sand most in our family.  She played on her own or with Cherith and Megan most of the time but you could always tell where she had been . . . she lined the shovels up like this almost every day!  LOL  Mostly, she was a little piglet . . . traveling from adult to adult looking for who might give her snacks. :-)Usually it was grandma that hooked her up but she could hear a package of chips opening a mile away!  LOL

I love these two pictures of Megan too . . . she was trying to give her baby a bath when the waves took it!  :-)
Andrew loved the beach the first couple days but by the end he was having some eye issues (seems to plague him when he swims a lot) and the sand really bothered his eyes.

Baby G loved (to eat) the sand but I was prepared.  I brought an inflatable bathtub and filled it up with water from the ocean and toys for him to play with (thank you Pinterest for the idea) and then we also had a small sun tent my parents had bought when Andrew was a baby that he and Morgan alternated time in.  He still ate a fair amount of sand . . . but wasn't as bad as it could have been.  Unlike Andrew as a baby, being covered in sand didn't bother him ONE BIT!!!
Other beach photos . . . 
  • The food-every day a different family is in charge of food for the family.  This is a great plan since you only have to cook one day and eat for the entire week!  My mom and sisters are all great cooks too so we all ate very well.  Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken, Mexican Bubble Pizza, baked chicken, pork BBQ . . . On our night we cooked lasagna and spaghetti followed by chocolate cupcakes with blue icing.  It was a MESSY night for sure as evidenced by Morgan but I think it made it all fun too.  Then we went out to dinner for seafood one night and ate at the "Sanitary Restaurant"  What a name!?!?!?  It was good and the seafood lovers (like Tim) got their fix of fresh seafood.

  •  Pictures-Attempts at family pictures with 8 kids under 5 are not always easy and not one picture was perfect but we made a good attempt and got some nice tries anyway . . . the wind was awful and really made our hair look CRAZY!!  Grandparents with their 6 official grandkids.  Not including the foster kids and the one in the oven . . . :-)  Then some family shots . . . also not including the foster kiddos.  Missed Shannon's family somehow . . .

Still to come in part 3 . . . Pirates, Princesses, Piers, and Putt Putt . . . :-)