Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Soccer 2013

So we signed Andrew up for Soccer again this year and have been amazed at the difference a year makes in his playing of the game.  He isn't going to win any MVP awards but he actually seems to enjoy it this year for the game and not just for the time with new friends.  He has only had two games so far, but both have had some fantastic fans for his big day!  My mom, dad and sister Marisa were at the first game and our friends Chris, Lia and Emma were in town also and we all got to see Andrew score his first goal!  So proud of him!  He ran down the line of us giving high fives . . . it was classic!!  :-)  Then, at his second game my sister Stephanie, bro in law Zach and their kids were there to watch along with my mom.  Andrew was so excited to have his cousins at his game!  :-)  Thanks to all of you for coming, it really does mean a lot to us all.  Love this picture of Emma and Little Lady watching the game!