Monday, October 28, 2013

Farm and Easybake Birthdays

Our church went on it's yearly trip to Sweetapple farm a couple weeks ago and although it was cold and spitting the rain we all had a good time.  Well, all of us but the chunky monkey... he was cold and cranky.  LOL. We all did make some fun memories though.  I especially love that Andrew is so into feeding the animals this year since every year prior he would have never considered it. 

Andrew , Clay, and Little Lady waiting for the pig races to start.
Last week was the Chunky Monkeys birthday and we had a little family party.  Andrew got off school early that day so he volunteered to plan the party for me.  He used the easy bake oven he bought with his birthday money to bake some mini cupcakes.  It was super cute to see him put it all together.

He was concerned that no friends were coming to the party so he lined up all his stuffed animals in the family room to be the guests.  so sweet

The chunky monkey loved his little party and his gifts.  We are having a formal party for the two kids combined next month but for now this was the perfect way to celebrate our little monkeys first birthday!!
Andrew also decided to decorate his pumpkin this year instead of carving it... fine with me since that is always so messy!  he was very proud of it too.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Picnics and Field Trips

This weekend we had our annual fall church picnic.  It was so fun and we all had a blast!  Cornhole competition that Tim made it through 4 or 5 rounds of, bounce house for the kids and tons of games and activities for us to all enjoy.  Unfortunately, I LOVED Little Lady's outfit and hair this day so I have her in almost every picture . . . LOL .  . . here are a few without the forbidden faces.

Andrew HATED this game . . . LOL . . . could not stand the paper stuck to him! 

Then, Tim got to chaperone his first ever field trip!  Oh to have been a fly on that wall!  He (and Andrew) had a great time!  They went to the local firehouse and got to ride the firetruck back to school!  Funny that it's the same firehouse and same fireman as Little Lady's class last week.  Andrew even got to ride in the jump seat the real firemen sit in.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Field Trips

Andrew's Kindergarten class visited Sweet Apple Farm last week.  Thanks to Nicky who watched the little kiddos I got to enjoy this with him stress free!!  :-)  It was fun to experience this farm in a new way (I have never been before except on our church yearly trip)  We both learned a lot and had a lot of fun.  Here they are learning about how to make a corn maze and then walking through the maze learning about eggs, nursery rhymes, and corn along the way.
 The hayless hay ride and feeding the cows and goats.


Picking out their perfect pumpkins . . . Andrew's favorite part.

Then, today Baby G and I got to go with Little Lady on her first ever field trip to the fire station.  She was terrified and spent most of the trip in her teachers arms or my arms but by the end she opened up enough to be able to take a ride on the fire truck!!  She hasn't stopped talking about it since we got back!

Why do they have to grow!!!  This makes me sad!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Andrew

It's a pirate party!  Andrew's 6th Birthday party was Saturday and we had a park full of pirates to celebrate.  With bandanas, pirate tattoos, eye patch crafts and a treasure hunt with a missing map it was a party with boys written all over it!  I thought all in all it went really well.  10 kids all together including Little Lady and Cherith and two babies rounded out the crowd.  Got to know some of Andrew's friends from school a little better so that was nice.  This was our first party away from the house and I have to say . . . I did not like it (at all) until the party was over.  When the cleanup involved a hose to the picnic shelter and that was it I did have to admit that going home to relax rather than having a huge mess to clean up might just be worth it.  My extremely talented aunt made the cake again this year.  A perfect match to the pirate invitations!
The book guestbook, "Pirates don't say Please" 

Making their eye patches  .  . .

Tim took the kids on a treasure hunt around the park where there were clues hidden in search of a treasure . . . . this is what they found . . . filled with their treats to fill the treatboxes.  Each kid got to pick a few things from the treasure to take home.

Home with his gifts . . . how did I get to be the mom of such a cute 6 year old!!!  :-) 
Happy Birthday Buddy!