Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas in Cleveland

Due to the weather and Tim's grandma's birthday party we didn't actually go to Cleveland until after the new year.  It's always tricky to plan a visit north in winter and due to the cold, snowy conditions.  We both had to leave late, and head home early from the visit, but we did get a nice visit in even though it was cut significantly shorter than we had hoped.  I GREATLY regret that my good camera was at home so these snapshots from my phone will have to do.

What an honor to celebrate with another grandmother turning 90!  The legacy these Godly women leave behind is a testimony to their faith.  Grandma had a wonderful celebration with her family surrounding her at the assisted living facility.  She is no longer walking but her mind is as sharp as ever and she will be glad to tell you so.  :-)  We were so very glad to be included as a part of this celebration of 90 years.