Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine Week

I so enjoy Valentines day.  I like having a day to remind me to be thankful for the ones I love and to find ways to celebrate with them.  Should we do it every day?  Sure . . . but a special day when we all do it together is extra fun.  This year I spread out our fun over several days . . . almost celebrating a Valentines week instead of a day.  :-)  My mothers helper Hannah and I helped the kids decorate their own valentine cookies.  Here they are finishing them and the final product.

The next day it was heart shaped pizzas for dinner.

Then on Valentines day it was heart shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast . . . school Valentines day party (complete with heart shaped donuts!) and then Valentines Day dinner at my parents house where my dad made a double decker cake!  WHAT?!?!?!  My dad, the baker . . . who knew!?!?!

We got Andrew a special "I love you" gift of some candy legos with his valentine card.  He loved them!  They really lock together  . . . quite cool little things!  Little Lady got some stickers and coloring books and Chunky Monkey got some new sippy cups!

Tim and I didn't do much to celebrate today since we had our big valentine trip a couple weeks ago but I don't want to fail to mention that I do love my favorite Valentine.  The one who spends every day treating me so much better than I deserve!
Happy Valentines Day Tim!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Fun

So we have had a lot of snow this year (as have the rest of the country)  I LOVE snow but even I will say I'm ready for spring . . . tonight I washed all the bibs, coats and gloves to bid my farewell to winter . . . now to see if the weather will cooperate with my plans.  :-)  Here are some pictures of our snow fun.


Grandpa decided to try a shovel sled . . . giving Andrew his fastest run and both of them a big crash at the end . . . :-)  Hope you are not too sore dad!  :-)


So while Chunky Monkey loves the snow and being outside he could not walk in the snow because it was too deep a couple weeks ago.  I dug a path through the snow around and through the driveway  but I did not dig a path out . . . poor kid spent 45 minutes walking around to each dead end looking for a way out.  Every now and then Andrew would dig him a path out and I'd have to fill it back in . . . for the most part this was a brilliant plan and kept him out of the street while I cleared the driveway and sidewalk.  At the end of the time he finally figured out that if he went belly against the garage door he could scoot sideways past the barriers and into the completely cleared part.  :-)  He took a good nap that day!  :-)  LOL

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Tim

So, Tim has truly made out on this Birthday thing this year.  35 must be a biggie because he has been milking it for sure!!  First Monday night, the kids and I took him out to eat for his birthday.  THEN the next night the little kiddos had their visit so Andrew and I surprised him with a small family party complete with his traditional ice cream cake (Oreo this year . . . YUM).  Wednesday night (his actual birthday) we have gift night and we gave him the gifts we had gotten him. 

Friday, I got a babysitter for the afternoon and Tim and I left on a Birthday/Valentines Day overnight.  Although we had hotels in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati at one point during the week at the last minute we decided to cancel them and go to Columbus.  It's closer than the others and we know our way around much better.  With only 30 hours alone together we didn't want to waste the entire time driving!  We had a very nice time and got to cross several things off Tim's bucket list.  We went to a dine in movie theater downtown and ate at a Mongolian BBQ place.  I even got to spend one last hour at my favorite scrapbooking store (its' going out of business).  It was a short overnight but a much needed break from the caos of life and a much needed time to reconnect.  Thanks to Marie for the afternoon and mom and dad for the overnight.  We couldn't have done it without you!

We got to my parents house after the trip on Saturday to find the kids had made their own cakes for daddy and had even counted out 35 candles!!!  :-)  LOL . . . he's getting too old to blow out that many!

Sunday was his birthday pick of restaurant after church.
 Tim, I hope you are not looking over your shoulder for more surprises because that's it . . . you have milked this birthday week long enough!!!  Happy Birthday though to my very favorite mid-thirty's guy!