Friday, March 7, 2014


For his birthday, our friends Chris and Lia got Andrew a subscription to Pleygo.  Pleygo is a Lego "rental" site that sends you a lego set of your choice that you can keep as long as you want and then mail back and they will send you another set.  Because of the fact he got so many new sets for his birthday I put this "gift" aside until this winter to try so that he would have some sets to enjoy during the cold days inside.  He got his first set in January and was beyond excited to finally get it.  The poor mailman disappointed this boy for 3 days before it finally arrived!  (the kits arrive in a red zipper bag complete with instructions and all the pieces you need) 
The first set was Batman's plane
We mailed that one back and got one of the new sets from the Lego Movie.  Trash Chomper (my personal favorite that he got)
 I didn't get a picture of him with his third set but it was also from the Lego Movie and was the pirate guy (if Andrew were here he would tell you the name).  Our subscription is now over but we really did enjoy having this time of "free" lego sets coming to the door!

Here is my review of Pleygo in general. . . .
1. Thumbs up- new sets are available as soon as they hit the shelves of the store . . . Lego movie sets were brand new when we already had one.
2. Thumbs down-the company is based on the west coast and turnover time was ridiculous . . . almost three weeks in one case!  With another site on the east coast for shipping to this might not be as bad.
3.  Thumbs up- we were missing a couple non essential pieces from our first kit but otherwise had all the pieces it was supposed to have in each bag.  Impressive if the other kids play with them as hard as Andrew does.
4. Thumbs down-price . . . $25 a month regular price is way too high considering the turnover rate.  For that price, (which we did not pay thanks to our generous friends gift) we could have purchased two of the three sets we had during the two months and kept them.  Again, faster turnover would have changed my view on the price . . . 2-3 a month makes this a good deal . . . 3 in two months not so much. 

Having said that, Pleygo is perfect for Andrew since he loves to build something and then tear it up and build something else.  The one- two hours it takes to make a build the first time is about the only time you will see a complete set in our house.  Getting new sets to build for the first time is a dream come true for him.  Just need a lower price for those of us on the east side of the US or another factory to mail to.  We won't be paying $25 a month for it.

Thanks for the gift Chris and Lia . . . we have all really enjoyed it!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday Mom

To help mom celebrate her 60 birthday we wanted to do something unique and fun and something that would create a lot of memories.   We were excited to work out a weekend when just us girls could go away for a day out but with strict instructions from dad that we were to do no "spa" type activities (he had that planned for the next weekend) we were rather limited in our scope of things to do.  We managed to entertain ourselves quite well I must say.  :-)  I can not remember since before I was in college us ever doing a trip with just the girls before so it was a lot of fun.
Waiting for our turn to lazer tag was arcade time . . . mom wanted to play the "painting game"  :-)  Fruit Ninja (I suppose the smashing fruit does look like paint)

Then a lot of "deal or no deal" to win enough tickets for a set of teeth for each of us and some witch fingers for mom.  :-) 

We had the best time at the lazer tag place.  We were disappointed that they only had room for us to play one game but we had a great time anyway.  Mom has quite a bit of warrier in her!  :-) 

Then a late lunch at Texas de Brazil with all you can eat meat!  We were so stuffed by the end! 

Tons of shopping at my personal favorite shopping area (Easton) and then desserts and home to our "regular" routines again.  What a fun day we had and one we won't soon forget.  Seems a little wrong to enjoy someone elses birthday so much!  :-) 
Happy Birthday Mom!