Friday, May 30, 2014

End of the Year AWANA program

So proud of all my Sparkies, but especially Andrew (I'm a little biased).  He was one of only two kids this year to finish his entire book AND review.  I love teaching this age group and this specific group of kiddos.  Unfortunately we are graduating a whole handful of them.  :-(

Very proud of Little Lady too . . . finishing her book and truly learning all her Bible stories . . . she really knows what they learned from the Bible this year .  .  . most important thing in my book!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

BASEBALL--well, T-ball . . . :-)

We are very proud of Andrew for who he is and ALL that he is.  However, if you know him very well you know he has never been a big fan of sports.  He plays them because we insist he try new things but would much rather be talking to the other kids on the team or playing creatively.  Andrew is in his second year of T-ball this year and I will admit it is strange for us because he is the oldest on his team by a year and one of two who has played before.  When a coach says "kids, look at how Andrew is doing it .  .  . do it that way" it's totally new territory for us.  :-)  We are glad it has given Andrew some new found love of sport and the pressure to "show the kids how to do it" has made him a much better player.   We entered into t-ball with much groaning this year for a number of reasons, but it has proved to be very good for Andrew to see how his example for positive things can lead others to do right as well.  (He's always been a good leader . . . just not always toward right things)  :-)  We have a long way to go in training this little leader, but baseball has been an encouragement to us all that there is hope for sports and quality leadership out of this little man.  :-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quick update and Photo upload

May is super packed for us . . . here is a taste of it.

Fire Safety Day-Andrew and Chunky Monkey and I were on a mommy and boys day out when we happened across fire safety day at one of our favorite Saturday activities.  Home Depot Build!  Tim and Little Lady enjoyed a free kids movie day at the movie theater.

Two face Andrew and Lego guy (sometimes this boys creativity just blows me away) . . . and matching shirts from Grandma and Paw Paw S.

Weekend with friends and taking Little Lady and Emma bowling for the first time!!!  :-)

Andrew's school had a serving others day . . . where their class picked up trash and scrubbed tables at the park downtown.  So glad the school does this day for the community (and for the kids to learn to serve)!

Chunky Monkey was a "big helper" too . . . :-) 

Add to this baseball, soccer, graduation, and two more weeks of MADNESS!!!  :-)  May is definitely one of our busiest months--just the way I like it!!!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Easter Fun

 First Annual Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

 Annual Easter Parade (Andrew swears you get more candy if you wave the entire time  . .  . he's got this "princess wave" thing down.  :-)
Easter Baskets at Grandmas house (Uncle Tim and Uncle Zach helped hide the baskets . . . Zach made Andrew's extra difficult to find hanging in the tree! :-)

Coloring Eggs and then hiding them to find . . . .

With moms instruction my dad made these surprise cupcakes . . . hiding under that peep was a cupcake filled with candy eggs and sprinkles . . . again amazed at dad's baking ability!  My kiddos had a hayday eating their cupcake and seeing what the peep hid in theirs.  :-)
Easter Sunday