Friday, June 20, 2014


Here we are, finding ourselves at Kindergarten Graduation!!  This year has been a great one for Andrew and although he still has some maturing to do, his teacher, Mrs. Jones, has been a tremendous leader for him through this first year of full time school.  She will be tough to replace next year!  :-( 

Kindergarten Graduation Day was a day of fun for Andrew's class.  They all had matching T-Shirts that went with their "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme.  We played games outside, had a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom party, and got the Gym all decorated. 

Each child was to make a "mini me" character and they were all posted on the wall with the first letter of their name above it (like the book has all the letters scattered around)

Then it was time for the big event that evening.  I was so nervous for Andrew (and hoping the little kids would behave so I could enjoy it) but the Kindergartners all did fantastic (and the little kids were great too) so I need not have worried.  Andrew nailed his little line and sang all the songs.  He HATED the silly hats they had to wear (can't say I blame him) but did great.

Then it was into caps and gowns for the diplomas.  Be still my heart . . . visions of this ceremony again in 12 short years!!!  :-(

I wish this wasn't blurry . . . I need a new camera .  . LOVE this little look he is giving here.  So proud of himself and showing us his diploma.  Love it!

And of course the pictures with everyone . . . so blessed that both sets of grandparents were able to be here for his big day!

He was also awarded a Reading Award, Faithful Attendance, Straight A Honor Roll, and the Presidential Achievement Award.  So proud of you Andrew!
Thanks also to his grandparents for the graduation bear and $ toward the Lego Movie and his first big boy Bible (even engraved with his name).
At the same time he graduated in school he also graduated out of his old Sunday School Class.  While this may not be a huge big deal most of the time this year was exceptionally difficult for us.  Ms. Lena has been Andrews teacher since his first day in Sunday school when he turned 2.  When the time came for him to move up she just moved up with him!  This year he moves on to a new teacher though --- a move that was very emotional for us and her.  We love you Ms. Lena.
First Day with Ms. Lena . . . 4 years ago!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Upward Soccer

Andrew just finished up his first season of Upward Soccer and we were thrilled with this new league.  It's all Christian based and encourages scripture memory and character building more than the score and even the skills.  He was with older kids this time (K-3rd grades) so we were not sure how he would do but he really did great!  He still gets bored by soccer compared to some of his other sports, and truthfully, is happy to let everyone else do the work on the team- but he did have some great goals and had a good season.  Proudest of the fact that his main goal was to get the sportsmanship sticker each game.  He was doing it for the wrong reasons perhaps (to get a sticker) BUT he did learn to help others (even on the other team) and cheer on other peoples success and hopefully that will follow him long after the stickers are gone.  Awards night with his team and his trophy!

He is easy to spot in the red shin guards.

He always had a crowd of fans at his games.  Shannon and her family made it to one.  Stephanie's kids made it to one.  Grandma, Grandpa and Marisa were frequent visitors.  Chris and Lia and Emma made one . . . fortunate to have such a support system around him (and us).

Upward sports is a great organization and one we hope to participate in a lot in the future.  Devotions for the kids every practice.  Devotions with the parents and kids every game.  Character building, Christian coaches, family building, huge end of the year party, memory verses . . . I could go on and on--so glad to have found this organization. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Family Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend was supposed to be a family weekend with my family heading to Indianapolis for one of my college friends baby shower.  Due to the Indianapolis 500 crowd taking all the hotel rooms our "plan" had to be cancelled.  Turns out my extended family was all coming to my parents so we ended up having a great weekend in spite of my disappointment at missing the shower.  My parents got their new to them boat in the water for the first time and we all enjoyed taking turns on the Ohio River.  Our first trip we even drove the boat up to a local ice cream shop with a boat dock!  Who needs to drive out for ice cream when you can take your boat!?  :-)


Its always nice when family weekends coordinate with a birthday!  :-)  Happy 2nd to beautiful Morgan!
Certainly a family summer weekend wouldn't be the same without a dip in the pool and the weather was beautiful for it!

My parents have a lot of time, effort, and money invested in these family weekends with the pool, boat, and house upkeep but it sure does make it nice for us all to have a place to hang out together!  I pray the kids are making memories with their cousins they will take with them a lifetime . . . I know I am.