Sunday, September 28, 2014

Daniels Birthday and other Random September

I love to have plans.  Plans mean we are having fun and we have had a full calendar this month already and it's not over yet.  Started out with Sternwheeler Festival in Marietta, OH.  Not only do I LOVE the fireworks at this festival but I also love that our best friends come up every year for this one!  Plus, I love that it's literally a mile from our house so I can get there and home quickly if need be.  PERFECT!!  Chunky Monkey and I took a walk a couple days before the festival and took these pictures of the boats lining up.

As they do every year, the fireworks did not disappoint!  Such great display and we had tremendous seats even with 18 of us!!!  Chunky Monkey had gotten sick earlier in the day so he and Tim had to stay home . . . otherwise it would have been a perfect evening!.
Unfortunately, September also marks the end of summer and the end of pool season for the year.  This was probably our last time swimming at grandma and grandpa's for 2014.  :-( 

September is Daniel and Andrew's birthdays though and this year Daniel had his first friend party at his house.  My sister did a really great job of planning everything and she had a ton of kids there so there was a lot to keep in order.  Before the party, Andrew and I got to spend some time with Daniel, Cherith, Grandma and Grandpa at their hotel.  This hotel had the nicest pool/waterpark system I have ever seen at a traditional hotel.  Hot tubs, dumping buckets, water squirting from the ground, a steam room (MY FAVORITE), and a waterfall falling from the ceiling!!  VERY COOL! 

 Finally made it to the party where Andrew had to try out the hammock on the new playhouse!  Zach built it for his kiddos and it's really awesome!  Grandpa the grill master!  The kids were each given capes and masks and had to go on a superhero obstacle course as a part of their "training".  Cherith and Andrew complete parts of the course. . . .

Some real "live" superheroes showed up and helped the kids catch a "robber" around the yard.  They all had a blast and it really was a fun party!

Happy 6th Birthday Daniel!!!

Andrew has recently gotten into board games again (much to our liking!!)  Pulled out this gem this week!!  :-)

Last but not least . . . .our beautiful big tree got a much needed trim . . . poor naked tree!  :-(

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cleveland Indians Game

Tim saw one of his life list items crossed off this fall when we took the kids to their first Indians game.  We were able to spend the entire weekend with Tim's parents and play tons in their yard with sprinklers, bikes, chalk, bubbles . . . we so appreciate them dealing with our wild crew and housing us for the weekend.  The kids had a blast with their grandparents, great aunt, great grandparents and uncle John.  Most pictures I wasn't careful whose faces were in them so can't post but I did get a few public worthy ones at splash park near their house.

Then, on Sunday we got to go to the game.  I have to admit, I went into this wanting it to be a fantastic experience for Tim since he and Andrew had been talking about this and planning it for months but I had very little thought that I would enjoy it (baseball isn't my favorite and entertaining three bored kids at a long game sounded like torture).  I am proud to say though that we all had a great time and it really wasn't bad at all.  Thanks to Grandma and PawPaw S we had cute matching shirts for the kiddos.

Jacobs Field has a great play area for kids and does a ton of stuff throughout the game to keep them engaged.  Giving away free face painting, tattoos, dog tags, funny skits .  . all to keep the kiddos entertained.  We spent the first three innings in the indoor, air conditioned play area.  The play area had TV's live broadcasting the game AND an outdoor seating area where you could see the kids through the glass but be a part of the live game as well. (you can see some of this in the climbing wall photo)  Nice Job Indian marketing team . .. . you certainly made it easy on those of us with little ones--we will most certainly be back!!!  (Chunky Monkey rode this roller coaster thing at least 50 times . . . he LOVED it)

Then fourth inning we made it up to our seats where the kids sat and behaved like champs!!  Honestly couldn't be prouder of them or of the entire experience.  It was a lot of fun for all of us and I would even say those sitting around us had a good time and that's really saying something.  Hopefully someday I'll show you the super adorable family photos we got there!  :-)

While we were at the game I gave Andrew a notebook to draw in.  After it was over he showed us his "journal" of the events of the day.  Super cute the things he thought were important and all of the spelling and ideas were his own (except awesome . . . he did ask me about that one).  A great memory of his first game for sure. 
1. a new hat that's cool (bought him a game hat)
2. In the big city (photo of field surrounded by sky scrapers)
3. so many people (love the spelling)
4. hip hip hooray (the cheering)
5. ball hits bat, trumpet player plays, we all yell charge
6. :-)  self explanatory
7-8. 10 down 4 to go (sideline guy putting up posters for every home run) . . . he only had space for 4 more.  The guy behind us chanting USA USA . . . (he was pretty loud and did this a LONG time .  .  . he gets two pages).
9. :-)
10. ?? I don't remember what HVSC was for
He is very proud of this journal book of his first trip and I think we will all remember this day.  :-)


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

First Days of School

No longer preschool or kindergarten . . . he's "just" a grade schooler now for the next 4 years . . . be still my heart!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

End of Summer Photo Dump

Summers over and school is back in session . . . last photos of summer fun!!!! 
Goodbye Summer 2014!
First time fishing, first time making tie dye, playing in the rain, first time tubing on the river, Lowes Builds, Grandma and Grandpa's pool, Bike Rodeo, Roller Skating, Mini Golf . . . .

Making homemade Gummy's with the neighbor

Now it's time for back to school eye exams with Grandpa (much to Andrew's dismay he does NOT need glasses)
One Last Back to school Party at the park with Daniel and Cherith!

And Last but not Least . . . after 10 weeks of daily "homeschool" . . . Andrew finished and threw away his summer skills workbook!  (ignore the messy room in the background)  He worked very hard this summer at his school work and reading and I am confident is ready for 1st grade!