Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy 7 Birthday Andrew

For his 7th birthday Andrew asked for a waterpark party with his cousins.  I was so proud of him for wanting an "experience" gift rather than a lot of "friend" gifts this year and although the expense for everyone in the family was way more than for a typical birthday I am so glad everyone agreed to splurge on this trip.  I know my family made a lot of really fun memories while we were there.  Friday evening we had the place mostly to ourselves which was really great the only problem was that the Eastons were not able to be there until Saturday.  

can you spot Andrew?

Andrew's little shadow . . .

The boys did this slide a lot.  It was the biggest one Daniel and Tyler were tall enough for and the only one they could all three race on.  So fun!

Andrew was tall enough this year to go on the big "toilet bowl" ride.  Here he is with me looking down from the top of the ride as he is going around and around the "toilet" portion.  :-) 
Gifts time . . . including an Ohio State Jersey with the long waited for RED PANTS!!!

Secretly sneaking cake in the corner . . . :-)  I stressed for over a week about this.

I promise that Little Lady and the other girls were there.  I just don't have as many postable pictures of them on here.  Little Lady is a fearless fish so when you did see her it was usually from behind as she was running to the next slide or activity.  Not tall enough for the big slides didn't phase her one bit.

Hotel gifts for the kids from Andrew. 

BW3s for some dinner and a few little gifts from mom and dad. 

Happy Birthday Andrew.  I wasn't there for birthday 1 but I have sure enjoyed the other 6 you have had so far and Lord willing I will enjoy many many more with you.  Daddy and I love you very much and are so proud of the young man you are becoming.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Never-ending Birthday

Andrew benefited from the never ending birthday this year.  He asked to have a waterpark party with his cousins instead of a traditional party this year so we did that but it wasn't scheduled until the first week of October due to some scheduling conflicts . . . so, through a series of events, Andrew ended up celebrating from the day before his birthday until the water park two weeks later!  :-)  Even he was done with birthday by the end.

School Snacks with school friends (angry birds, by request)

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa S with a real chef costume :-)

One last boat ride to feed the ducks and get some "birthday" ice cream with sprinkles.

Gifts with Grandma and Grandpa C.

Several "embarrassing" restaurant excursions! 

Happy 7th Birthday weeks Andrew!  :-)  Waterpark party to come . . .

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Got an invitation from our friends Chris and Lia to attend a Renaissance Festival with them and we embraced this years unofficial theme in our house (be spontaneous) and went for it.  :-)  We were so very glad we did, it was exactly what we all needed.  Started out with a day at my sisters house.  She took pictures of the two boys for me for their birthdays, they fed us a delicious lunch, and then we just hung out with her family for the afternoon.  It's not often that we are with just them so it was a nice change for us and some great time to just chat.  Shannon takes fantastic pictures and although she is disappointed with the way they all turned out, I was thrilled with the boys birthday shots.  Obviously can not show you Chunky Monkey's shots but here are two of my favorites of Andrew.

Andrew had a great day playing with Megan and Tyler and still talks about the fire pit they made.  We had to draw the line when they came inside and asked for matches.  Uncle Tim even showed us a talent we didn't know he had by making the kids all balloon animals.  Chunky Monkey's hat is just a tad on the big side.  :-)

After a wonderful evening of talking, chocolate, and relaxing for the girls and a show for the guys it was off to the Festival.  Here we are at the gates waiting to be let in.  We couldn't hear a lot of what they were saying since we were so far back but the gist of it was that the Queen was inviting us all into her kingdom and one "Frenchmen" asked for her hand in marriage . . . the rest of the day would be further playacting of that theme.  The Frenchman was trying to woo her throughout the day.
Learned two important lessons early on . . . Privies are bathrooms, and real swords are much heavier than they look!

Pirate show. . . one of my favorites but also not as G rated as I would have liked.  

Oh and speaking of not G rated . . . this very kind lady was determined to get me into one of the very tiny wall hangings in the background . . . not happening lady.  :-)  She was very kind though and let Andrew try on the heavy armor thing (forget the real name) and Little Lady had on a beautiful head piece jewelry thing.

This festival is really all about the shows and they were fantastic.  There were way more shows than we could see in a day but we tried.  :-) Here is our entire crew . . . minus me and Chunky Monkey.  There really are costumed people everywhere both actors and regular folks who THINK they are actors.  :-)  Our two beautiful princesses were the only ones in our crew that dressed up for the day.

This parade stopped all the shows when it went down the city streets.  The queen and her royal subjects were royalty you know . . . she even spoke a blessing on all the children at our show.  Interesting to be, just for a day, completely immersed in a time period/culture that is so foreign.

Pretzels on a stick or a Turkey leg anyone?
It's unfortunate that it was so hot by the time we got to the jousting.  It was by far the largest show we attended and the last one for the Seigneur 5. . . the things these athletes will do for entertainment really boggled me.  They were not just play acting but were really jousting and falling flat on their backs on the hard ground.  Very cool to see though!

 Thank you so much to Chris and Lia for the invitation and for hosting all of us in your beautiful  home.  Thanks to Mr. Risheill for sharing his family and home with us.  Thanks to Shannon and Tim for hosting us Friday and taking the time to take and edit my boys pictures.  It was a really wonderful weekend!