Monday, December 21, 2015

Polar Express

Last year for Christmas my parents surprised us all with tickets to the 2015 Polar Express and we waited a whole year to get to finally cash in on those tickets.  It was so well worth the wait though, we all had a GREAT time!  Mom bought all 9 grandkids matching pajamas and it was just really a great evening.  The kids were PERFECT ages for it with the youngest ones old enough to enjoy it and the oldest not too old to think it silly.  I have never seen 9 kids more excited as they heard the train arriving at the station.  Here is a quick sampling of the evening.  Thanks mom and dad for the tickets, the dinner, and memories we will take with us forever!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Andrew Basketball

Our school participates in a little church league basketball for the 1-3 graders.  It's very low key and not much of a time or financial commitment.  It's just the right introduction to basketball.  Andrew played in it again this year and although we didn't make it to as many games as we would have liked he still enjoyed the season.  He is number 37

Monday, December 14, 2015


Thanksgiving I was still feeling kinda nasty but we made it to Cleveland and enjoyed Tim's moms Thanksgiving meal.  She was so gracious to make things I could enjoy on my limited diet that weekend.  I was very lacking on taking photos . . . my fault!  I did get a couple cute ones though.  Andrew doing a little "browsing" in the middle of Sams club . . . and pulling out teeth left and right!

 Chunky Monkey and Great Grandma in the cutest game of pass ever!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Little Lady 5th Birthday

I have been planning Little Lady's birthday party for months!  In fact, don't tell but I had this one planned long before Andrew's Minecraft one.  This was my first opportunity to plan a true girly party and since Little Lady's favorite books are Pinkalicious that was the perfect theme.

Unfortunately, day of the party I was in the ER with abdominal pain . . . so I cried that I was going to miss the party.  Then, after 6 hours they said I could go home and I cried again because I was going to MAKE the party!!  Then, while waiting for discharge papers our social worker called and I cried because the supreme court gave us word that the case had been closed and we could proceed with the adoption.  It was a day full of crying!!!  What greater news could I have going into a party though than to hear that this Little Lady would soon be ours forever!!!

I want to pause here and thank my sister and brother in law.  The minute I was taken to the hospital they got to work and took care of my kids, cleaned for the party, and finished all the preparations I had intended to do that day.  There is no way I could have pulled that off myself and they just stepped right in without a moments hesitation.  I truly thank them and my mom for all their work to make this a great party.

Then it was party time . . . lots of pink!!  Little Lady looking into the party room!  Thankfully I had already started quite a bit of the decorations before I left so that was done.  We gave each girl a pink stripe down their hair!

Reading Pinkalicious out loud to all the kids.  Then played pin the cherry on the cupcake (no postable ones of that . . . 

Opening gifts

 Little brother table and the "big kids" table . . .

 Each girl got to decorate her own cupcake and frost it with sprinkles and candy.

My favorite gift for her was this new bedding . . . grandma and grandpa got it for her and it just perfectly fits her love of elephants, her love of pink and her grey walls!  I was so nervous about them getting it for her with the court case still out . . . I can enjoy it that much more knowing that this is hers for good!!! 

Little Lady, I KNOW You had a happy birthday because you STILL talk about how great your party was.  I am so proud of you and excited to spend many many more with you!!!  Shannon, Tim Schramm and Mom . . . thank you for helping me pull this off in spite of being away for the entire day and Tim . . . . thanks for drying my tears (happy and sad) all day and being beside me in this crazy roller coaster journey!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Halloween Parties

Halloween parties seem to mark the beginning of months and months of fun for me!!  Holiday after holiday!!  First off was a Halloween centered library story hour.

Chunky Monkey had a class party with lots of candy, games and fun.  Then Little Lady had a class party that same day . . . Chunky Monkey got to join in that one as well . . . quite the little mooch!!  :-)  (no post able pictures of those parties but the turkey craft from the K4 class) 

Our foster agency had a party with a real live hayride (in the rain) with lots of silly string.  I was a little afraid for my life on that one so no pictures.  Ha ha!!  

Then our "first aid night" at church . . . dress like you need some first aid.  Andrew had a pretty good costume for that I thought but evidently he didn't think it was good enough so he pulled his second tooth and made a real bloody mess!!  :-)  My "baby" looks so different!

Last of all, the one I was the most nervous about.  Andrew's class party where I was the homeroom mom.  AHHHHHH . . . It turned out better than any other party though and I was so pleased!  Their favorite part was the face painting for sure!

This class gets a lot of grief for being a handful but let me tell you . . . I have high hopes and prayers for these kids . . . they are going to do dramatic things in their future!!

Following his yearly tradition, Andrew switched his costume a few minutes before trick or treat and went as a football player (in a baseball helmet, carrying a basketball . . . )!  OH--IO

Trick or Treat !!!