Thursday, February 26, 2015

Disney on Ice

Our most recent "Parents Weekend" with my parents was a trip to Charleston, WV to see Disney on Ice.  Unfortunately this was the same weekend as Tim's basketball tournament for the team he has been coaching so he couldn't come with us.  Andrew was thrilled to throw another trip to Chuck E. Cheese in the plans.  My parents made the hotel arrangements this time and took us to a really amazing hotel that looked like this, It was beautiful with your rooms having a window overlooking the inside corridor, free drinks and snacks each evening, indoor pool, free made to order hot breakfast . . . it really was a beautiful hotel.  The best part turned out to be that it was directly across the street from a huge mall which was next door to the civic center where the ice show was.  Since we encountered a huge snowstorm while we were there, this was perfect.  We parked our cars before the snow started and didn't move them again for the next two days.

 While all three kids loved the show, it was sad to me to realize that this is probably the only one Andrew will want to see.  He is quickly moving past the "Disney" shows and while he did enjoy this one (pirates and the 7 dwarfs helped that tremendously) this just wasn't something he will want to do over and over.  One of the reasons I REALLY wanted to do it now before he is any older.  It was a really great show and I would highly recommend it, he's just getting older.  snif snif. 

Outside, this was happening.  See the random grey area with rain?  That's where we were . . . the teal to the top is home, and the pink to the bottom is where Tim was at the tournament. 

Since we were sitting in a rain zone we could have easily left on our journey home as planned . .. but headed into the 6-8 inches range and driving through ice and snow to get there . . . we opted to just spend another night in the hotel.  Except for the fact that Chunky Monkey had Croup and was coughing a lot through the night (thank goodness for the two room suites!!!)  and the fact that daddy wasn't with us .  . this was the perfect place to be snowed in!  Kids swam in the pool, Marisa shopped at the mall, grandma-grandpa and I watched kids and relaxed.
Meanwhile . . . at the tournament in Beckley, WV  They drove the van full of girls into a ditch and had to push it out. 
They dug their cars out of this in the parking lot.  Then after the game dug them out AGAIN when another 4-5 inches fell . . .
Drove through this (on the interstate) to get TO the game . . . and then was snowed into a hotel with no food but hotdogs cooked in a hotel room on a George Foreman grill and hot pockets cooked in a hotel microwave to feed all the kids, parents, and coaches . . . memories for sure. 

It's no wonder the girls basketball head coach did this . . . . I think they were all stressed to the max!
Tim came home wet, tired, and sore after pushing so many cars out of ditches and parking spots.  We are praising God that we are all under the same roof, safe and sound and looking back on this with laughter and memories.  Things certainly could have been much worse.


Monday, February 23, 2015

snow fun

More snow here means more snow fun (and an ENTIRE WEEK off of school)!  Andrew has now not been to school in 11 days (sickness on top of snow days . . . )  This snow is "the best" according to Andrew because it is easily packed and made into things.  He and the neighbor boy built a fort to protect them from the snowball fight they challenged Tim and I to.  I held my own against them for about 20 minutes before I was soaked to the bone then Tim came out to bring reinforcements . . . these boys are relentless!!  Finally we threw up the white flag of defeat .  .  . all I wanted to do was build a snowman . . . not happening!  :-)

 The people down the street, however, built this awesome one . . . She has a flag on her arm that says Florida PLEASE!!!!

Perfect "snow cone" making snow as well.  Red, white and blue ones!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Day in the Life

Since our last posting we have been . . . enjoying the YMCA membership I used my babysitting money on . . .

Took the kids to a live cultural show thing . . .turned out to be a little strange, but gave us something to do.  Had our church Valentine dinner.

Andrew had an amazing week at school with good days every day for a week!!!  He got to pick out anything he wanted from the $1 store . . . came home with this hat.  ;-)

Little Lady and Chunky Monkey got sick with a stomach virus simultaneously!!!  He threw up in the dishwasher!!!  I did more laundry than I care to admit, went through three cans of Lysol wipes and two jars of spray, locked them in their rooms and thought the rest of us made it out unscathed.  Andrew one week later started throwing up . . . was so weak that he didn't even get to the bathroom most of the time so again I washed more laundry than I care to admit.  Locked him in his room for 36 hours (well, not really locked . . . just made him stay in the "room of doom")  Little Lady had a relapse and was throwing up again . . . again in her room for 36 hours . . .  again with the cleaning.  My hands are raw!!!!  Praying we have no more relapses or new cases this week .  .
I made minions for Andrews class for valentines Day.  "Valentine, you are one in a Minion" Then I (as the homeroom mom) ran his class party.  Unfortunately, he wasn't there.  :-(  He was home sick that day still.  I had to recreate the entire thing for him at home.

Little Lady spent her money from grandparents for Valentines Day.  (oh, and Andrew bought a book and Chunky Monkey-with a little help from Little Lady's extra funds, got a Lego Duplo set)

I got some beautiful flowers from Tim and we all celebrated Valentines Day together with heart shaped pizza and donuts. 

 Lots of board games to overcome cabin fever with so many sick we really couldn't go anywhere.

Then, today with no school we did some "homeschooling"--pity Chunky Monkeys' teacher next year .  . that boy refuses to be schooled . . . :-)

Little Lady Quote from the day, "Mom, I don't need to take a nap today . . . don't you know I'm not a kid anymore?!"

Thursday, February 5, 2015


One of Andrew's friends had a roller skating party and we all enjoyed having some skating time.  I truly enjoy roller skating and am determined to make the kids enjoy it with me!!  :-)  So far Little Lady loves it, Chunky Monkey only tolerates it to be with me (severe jealousy issues that weekend), and drumroll . . . Andrew actually liked it this time!!!!!  YEAH!!!!!  Two out of three isn't bad.  We had an extra foster baby with us so Tim graciously was on baby duty so I could do this with the older kids.  (more on that later)

 She's done . . . just laid down in the middle of the floor all tired out!  :-)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day and a couple random

Look out the window guys!!  ITS A SNOW DAY!!

Ohio State National Championship GameDay!!!

Grandpa and Grandma each picked out books to read to the kids.  Grandma-Llama Llama, Grandpa-No, David . . . . Grandpa for the win!!!