Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mall Safety Day and outside fun

Our mall has a Safety day every year where they invite local fire departments, police officers and other community helpers to meet with families and their kids about safety.  It's a big deal and usually brings a big crowd to the mall.  We had a lot of fun this year and although again I saw glimpses of our oldest growing out of these things (snif snif) we did enjoy this family day.  Andrew loved this fire extinguisher simulator  . . . sprayed a laser at a digital fire until it was out . . . taught him a lot about "hot spots" that can start up again after they are out.  Then driving the firetruck . . . not sure why the strange look.  LOL

Special thanks to Smokey the Bear for making this picture of he and Chunky Monkey legal to be posted . . . :-)  Little Lady enjoying coloring a picture . . .

My personal favorite thing was that they let them get up on the landing of the huge ladder that was extended on the ladder truck . . . He was up on top of the fire truck here and (surprisingly) loving it.  Little Lady also loved this opportunity but we didn't let Chunky Monkey go up . . . that boy would have been halfway up the ladder before anyone caught him.  LOL
Babysitting Karis from church . . . what a fun day.  She and Chunky Monkey are really close in age and it's so cute to see their little budding friendship.
Warm days lead to some outdoor fun after a long winter . . . this playset has been the BEST investment.  At one point this month there were 9 kids from the neighborhood all playing on it at once!!  It's like a kid magnet and I LOVE that. 
Chunky Monkey has really taken off on his balance bike . . . I'm not a believer yet but we will see.....
Andrew and Gabe (boy I babysit in the mornings) ready for St. Patrick's day at school.
  Then  a picture of family game night at Andrew's school. 

Next Up . . . a whole lot of Easter fun!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Winters Last Big Dump

This February proved to be the month of sickness for us.  This guy was especially sick and was by far our worst one.  In spite of getting a flu shot he got the flu and the throwing up, high fever, body aches . . . and missing almost a week of school almost did us all in.  The doctor even offered at one point to put him in the hospital because his risk of dehydration was reaching crucial level.  Thankfully, with God's help and a lot of baby steps for Andrew and Joanna to work out we were able to make it through this sickness and no one else got it this bad.  This was one very sick boy
(at quick care for the ear infection that came in the middle of the rest of the drama)
Little lady remained the most healthy this winter (just as last winter) and she has enjoyed starting swimming lessons and is starting to really excel at school.  (in the second picture she is dressed for Dr. Seuss day) 

Then we had our "final" snowstorm of 2014-2015 and it was a big one.  We had about 8 inches with much of our area having over a foot.  While I know this isn't much most places this is HUGE for us (especially in one big snowfall).  The kids enjoyed the 48 hours it was with us and we even got our first big sledding trip in for the year.

 Tim in the grey hood and Marisa and Chunky Monkey in the Green coat

Andrew on his new inflatable sled (thanks G. and G. Seigneur) and grandma trying out the ramp Grandpa C built for us in the snow.  All of us but Grandpa took a turn down the hill and my bruised knees and shoulders would be the evidence of my "adventures" attempting to kneeboard down the hill.  I absolutely LOVED this day and this snow and most of all the fact that although some of us were still on antibiotics . . . we were all well enough to be out there together!

My two "buddies" cuddling in the blanket with their snacks after being outside.
My two "partners in crime" who decided to have an Easter Grass fight in the dining room while they were "decorating"  They are cleaning up their mess here.

Double Minds by Terri Blackstock


Double Minds by Terri Blackstock was my most recent audio book.  I discovered how to borrow and listen to audio books through my tablet for free from my local library . . . look out reading world, this girl is getting lost in books for a while!  This book was by an author I have never read before but boy am I glad I found her.  No easy going romance here.  This was a suspense, murder mystery, novel about the Christian music industry.  I really enjoyed this "backstage" look into some of the things that no doubt go on in the music industry and I also enjoyed the Christian take on some topics I have never thought of before.  This book was a bit far fetched (as many crime movies/TV shows are) but I still enjoyed the mystery aspect of it all.  This WAS a book I could not "put down".  I took my tablet with me while I was driving, folding clothes, doing dishes . . . it was a wonderful companion anytime I was "kid free" for a few moments.  It is intense so if you are not a Law and Order type fan then you will not enjoy it.  There was virtually NO romance in it so if that's what you enjoy you won't enjoy it.  I will admit that my favorite books have a little of both but this one was straight up who done it . . . You can read the plot here if you are interested but I give it (and this author) TWO giant thumbs up.  I can't wait to listen to another one of her books.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Chance by Karen Kingsbury

The Chance by Karen Kingsbury was an audio book I have been listening to the last week or so.  Every time I listen to an audio book I wonder why I don't do it more often.   Getting lost in a novel while doing dishes, laundry and other housework just makes the time go by faster and is such an easy way to keep from getting distracted.  Karen Kingsbury is not a favorite author but is a nice safe bet for a heartwarming Christian Novel.  This book was just that, heartwarming, Christian, predictable, and in general a nice story.  Like watching a Hallmark Movie . . . it won't be a favorite movie or even a popular one, but its nice and has a happy ending. 

You can read more about the plot of the story here if you are interested.  I give the book a one thumb up.  Hoping my next one will be more mystery, suspense style . . . also hoping I won't wait months to find one like I did this time.