Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Break in Cleveland

Spent the last few days of our Spring Break in Cleveland enjoying some time with Tim's family.  Before stopping by though, we had to stop at Sweeties Candy Company (recently named the largest candy store in the USA)  Thanks to Great Grandma S. the kids each had some money to spend on the candy of their choice.  This store is amazing.  It has 160 different Pez dispensers, a stuffed Peep that costs $150, a 32 foot Jelly Belly Department which is the largest in the country . . . so fun although overwhelming to kiddos with a couple dollars each to spend. 

Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpas for Easter Baskets!  (these kids are spoiled let me tell you!  :-)
Chunky Monkey enjoyed the fact that Grandma is braver than mommy and actually filled the basket with Easter Grass . . . here he is throwing it up in the air. 

 After a visit with Great Grandma and Aunt Grace that night the next day it was off to the Cleveland Children's museum.  This museum boasts that it is for children 7 and under . . . how is it that my "baby" is aging out of everything this year?  Snif snif

The kids favorite (and maybe mine too) exhibit area was the Egyptian Sand area.  This amazing sand castle was built for them to look at and there were tons of other things for them to explore and dig up.  Andrew and his new buddy here decided they wanted to find out what this building was made of so they dug to the bottom . .. they found a layer of large black plastic covering the ground.  Then they buried a bunch of toys for other kids to find.  :-)  The little kids loved the sand and as long as we could keep Chunky Monkey from eating and throwing it we had a great time.

Next it was the "living" section with a grocery store, hospital with infant nursery, bank, bus station, bus . . . all kid size for them to practice real life.  Here is little lady in the infant nursery where very anatomically correct babies needed diapers and baths.  LOL  Andrew and his friend met up again and robbed the bank of all it's cash .  . . (okay, maybe I do see why it's for kids 7 and under)  LOL
They all three enjoyed this two story climbing thing of the water cycle.  They weaved themselves up and through this thing more times than I can count!

We did a short amount of time in the overcrowded water area (playing in water) but the bleach smell and crowds kept us from enjoying that long (and all my pictures of that have forbidden faces in them) . . . Andrew learned how to be a weatherman and then we were headed back to grandmas. 

That night the kids got to color eggs at Grandma and Paw Paws house and then decorate them with stickers.  We also had an Easter Egg hunt in the house complete with cash prizes (you could choose cash or jelly beans . . . two kids chose jelly beans, one chose cash . . . you be the judge . . . )  Then we did a Home Depot Build building some flower planters (which have made really nice toothbrush holders for the kids in their bathroom)

Thanks to Grandma, Paw Paw and Uncle John for hosting us and putting up with our noise for a few days.  We had a great end to our break week.  Now begins our Spring full of sports, school events, swimming lessons and absolutely no free time!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Broken Wings by Terri Blackstock

Broken Wings by Terri Blackstock was my most recent audio book.  I was desperate to listen to another one of Terri's books so although this was #4 in a series that I have not read . . . it was the only audio book available of hers right now from my local library so I went for it.  This was an interesting listen about budding romance, forgiveness, and a little bit of mystery.  The plot is easygoing and easy to follow while doing other things.  Not an edge of your seat mystery like the last one but it was nice.  I especially liked that it showed the real side of romance.  The side where people fight, disagree, break things off and make up.  It's so much more realistic than the all happy all the time stuff I sometimes find in Christian Fiction.  I give this only one thumb up.  A nice story, an easy "read" but not one I would recommend on enjoyment alone.

You can see the entire plot here.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Fun

Easter time is one of my favorite times of year.  Not only do we celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior but we also begin to see signs of spring and summer arriving!!  Unfortunately, the day of our Neighborhood Easter Egg hunt was NOT one of those beautiful spring days.  So glad our neighbor a few doors down does this for all the kids in the neighborhood.  What a fun morning activity and a way to get to know those around us.

Each egg was filled with trinkets and toys . ..  Andrew got a good number of eggs, quickly looked through to see if he had won a prize and then walked home. Too cold to make getting more eggs worth it. LOL . . . you can tell he is not our biggest candy lover! The day of the Chick Fil A free Easter Breakfast and Easter Parade was a BEAUTIFUL day and we all enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather.

I made some of my grandmas cake Easter Eggs this year and took some to her.  I was very sad to realize that she didn't seem to remember them or even recognize anything about them. These were PRECIOUS to her when she was in her right mind.  She made dozens and dozens of them every year and gave them away to just about everyone.  It took me 4 hours to make just three dozen from start to finish so she labored many days each year making them.  Just made me really miss her . . . the old her that would have been so glad I made them and probably told me ways to improve them next time.  :-)

Spent some time with my sister and her kids at mom and dads house the week before Easter.  It was really nice to be able to spend some of our spring break with them since it's been since Christmas since we have seen them at all.  Decorating Eggs and of course some hot tub time.   Morgan's egg is what happens when you mix two colors of dye together . . . ewww.

Mom had also made Easter baskets for each of the kids and she had my cousins hide them from the kids.  They had a lot of fun going all over the house looking for the basket with their color on it.  Once you found yours you had to bring it to the kitchen where the opening madhouse took place.  My aunt and cousins were also able to spend the day with us.  In spite of the fact the kids go to Andrew's school we rarely spend time together so it was a really fun day.