Thursday, May 21, 2015

Healthy Kids Day/Serving Others Day

Healthy Kids Day at our YMCA is a day of celebrating being healthy.  This was our first year to attend and we had a really great time.  Andrew especially loved the laser tag portion (which Little Lady did NOT enjoy)  and Little Lady and Chunky Monkey enjoyed the outdoor obstacle course and the bounce house.  Andrew got to get in a smoke house from the fire department and they all took turns in the back of a police car!  Hopefully the first and last time for that.  We all enjoyed the pool and inflatable island . . .  Free, family, organized fun . . . my favorite.

Andrew's school has a Serving Others Day every year in the spring.  This year his class made bags for the homeless.  Each bag had some personal hygiene items, bottled water, snacks and other things they might find useful.  The kids wrote notes to put in the bags and made them in assembly line fashion.  Then they got to run off their energy at a local park.  It was a fun day and although I was in and out with my little ones, it was nice to be able to join him in part of his work/fun.  (notice in this first picture my little Leader and his pack of followers . . . if only that boy understood that he has this ability to lead and lead them in RIGHT behavior instead of naughty)

Instead of drawing a picture as instructed Andrew filled his paper with all these words (I can't get them to turn correctly right now).  He said they need to know ALL this information and he didn't have room for a picture after that.  WOW, This is one proud, humbled and amazed momma

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Charleston, WV trips

I have visited Charleston, WV quite a bit this last week.  First it was Andrew's class field trip to the Clay Center.  I was so blessed by my gracious husband and family friend who took care of the little kids so I could spend this special day with just Andrew.  Imax style movie, lots of things to explore, it was a very enjoyable day.


Then just a few days later we returned to Charleston with my parents for the Circus.  If I have been to a "real" circus I don't remember it.  It was really quite good for both kids and adults.  Our kids had earned free tickets through our local library so that made it even more enjoyable.  Grandma W.  gave the kids some money for Easter and we had it saved for this trip.  Thanks to her we enjoyed some overpriced cotton candy and Andrew got himself a ringmaster hat!!  THANKS  I think we would all  GLADLY see this show again (although without the elephants I'm afraid . .. they are being phased out).

The next day we decided to go BACK to the Clay Center and show Tim, my parents and the little kids just how much fun we had . . . this time thanks to grandma and grandpa Andrew got to try the hurricane chamber!  It was a really nice, relaxing weekend for us.  Hopefully one with lots of memories for everyone.




Friday, May 1, 2015

Crazy Hair Night at AWANA

A few of my Sparky Kiddos on Crazy Hair night!  Andrew's creation was compliments of him and daddy and took four shampoos to get all the gel out!!!

Andrew can do ANYTHING he puts his mind to.  I swear I can not think of something he can't do when he WANTS to.  We have been roller skating a number of times in his little life (I LOVE it and basically force the rest of them to go) and he has been moderately successful with roller skates . . . NOT roller blades.  When we got to his friend's birthday party I was completely surprised when he said he wanted to wear roller blades rather than skates.  In spite of my encouraging him not to risk it in front of his friends he insisted (because some of them were wearing blades)  He took right off and did amazing!  When it's his idea and his plan this boy can do anything.  Nevermind the fact that he had been diagnosed with Strep 24 hours before and was highly medicated . . . he just gave it a go and there he went!!  So proud!!

Chunky Monkey and Little lady enjoyed some skating as well . . . yeah for open birthday parties!!!!