Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kalahari Resort

Some college friends from Iowa were traveling through and invited us to meet them at Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, OH for a weekend of fun.  We rarely get to see them so we couldn't pass up that offer!  Then, another friend got us AMAZING discounts on rooms and another friend decided to bring their brand new born along to meet everyone so we were BEYOND excited to have so many of us together again.  I'll admit I was nervous about this trip and confided in someone at my church that I wasn't sure what to expect and was concerned about it hurting our relationship with our friends.  My kids are often loud and difficult and we had not seen these friends at all since our little kids entered our family . . . I was nervous how everyone would interact with each other.  I was also nervous how my little lady would interact with the baby (the child LOVES babies and is often too rough in her love).  I was SO PLESANTLY surprised to sit back and watch how everyone got along.  Andrew adored that he had kids his age to play with and that he got some "freedoms" he isn't usually allowed.  Little Lady and Chunky Monkey loved having kids their age to play with and honestly we just all had a great time as a family and reconnecting with friends.  It was encouraging, challenging, fun and overall a huge blessing to me!

Little Lady was so brave.  She went on everything she was tall enough for and would have done more if she had been taller!  Andrew did a lot of new rides this time too and was much more brave than last time we were here.  This was so fun for Tim who is always looking for people to ride the big stuff with him! 
a little "go fish" at dinner time

The guys--Nick, Chris, Tim and Spencer 

All 9 of the kids we have between the four families.  Then the oldest and youngest!  :-)

 The second night we were in this amazing three bedroom suite and the kids enjoyed "visiting" each others rooms.  A little girl time and a little guy time is always nice!

Celebrating Emma and Ava's birthdays in our suite was also a fun surprise for the girls!

The view from our room of the outdoor portion of Kalahari!
Thanks so much for the invitation Spencer and Jessy, thanks for the amazing prices Chris and Lia and thanks for bringing the baby for us to all spoil Nick and Lindsay!  We are truly blessed! 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Upward Soccer 2015

We once again had the opportunity to play soccer at a local church in their Upward League this year.  This league has been so good for Andrew.  Not only do they teach the fundamentals of soccer but they do character development and Bible lessons at every practice and game.  I think its so important to have ALL of that be a part of sports . . . especially for elementary children.  The league is not competitive at all--no score keeping, no official winners . . . but his team did very well this year.  He even got to play with a girl from his class at school.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

May Days

The end of May is always a whirlwind of activities ending up the school year and spring sports.  Here is a taste of the final days of May at our house. 

My sister and her kids were in town Memorial Day weekend and we went to visit my grandmother.  Found a cool playground near my grandmothers new Nursing Home to play in!

Chunky Monkey hanging out with the "big boys" this year in the trampoline!
AWANA awards night getting their end of the year awards.  Andrew got both his book review award AND his second book Ribbon!  Little Lady finished her second book and got her ribbon.

Little Lady's school class had a field trip to the Strawberry Patch to pick strawberries.  Here they are looking at the bees that help pollinate the strawberries.  Then, they got to go on a hayride and finally picking strawberries!!!  Chunky Monkey didn't get the memo he was just a sibling hanging around . . . he got right in there with the rest of the class!

 Primary Awards Ceremony at Andrew's school.  The small group of kids on stage is the principals list!  So proud of Andrew for straight A's all year.


I am THRILLED to be saying goodbye to school, AWANA, and soccer for the season . . . not because I didn't enjoy them all but I'm TIRED!!!  LOL . . . ready for a fun filled, no doubt busy, summer season to change the pace up a little.