Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pittsburgh-The Good Stuff

We took a little end of the summer trip to Pittsburgh, PA.  The main reason we went was to use tickets we won at a silent auction for the Children's Museum there but Tim and I did a lot of research and made a nice little family vacation out of the entire trip with that museum thrown right in the middle.  First stop was IKEA where the older two kids LOVED being able to play in the play area without mom and dad. Tim and I loved being able to shop with 2/3 less kids . . . and Chunky Monkey tolerated that he had to shop with mom and dad because he isn't potty trained yet . . . It was a fun way to brainstorm some house changes, relax a little and give the big kids some much needed energy outlet.  Buca Di Beppo for lunch was especially fun since we had called ahead and reserved the kitchen table.  If you have never eaten there before it's literally one dining table right in the middle of the kitchen.  You have to reserve it in advance and it's just a really unique experience.  That and the meatballs as big as a baby's head made for a GREAT meal!  Good thing we were there during a slow time .  .  . the kids may or may not have been rather distracting to the staff.  LOL

Then we found a really unique mini golf place off the beaten path.  Well worth the adventure for our first mini golf of the year! 

 The next day it was off to the "main event" the children's museum.  We had been here before with Andrew but had never taken the little kids before so I had been really looking forward to it.  Little Lady LOVED the painting room-she would have been content to stay here all day.  Andrew and Chunky Monkey loved the water room . . . we all had a great time!

 The anti-gravity room .  .  . this room made my stomach churn and after this picture I didn't go in again . . . a favorite for the two older kids. . .  chunky Monkey was a little intimidated by it all.

"catching letters" on the digital screen.  Tim and Andrew are doing it correctly and Chunky Monkey . . . well, he just doesn't quite get it.

Building and racing cars-a favorite for the boys.

Living inside Eric Carle Books . . .

The Water room . . . with water, rain, ice . . . Andrew spent most of the time building a dam to hold back the water . . . he had quite the impressive locks and dam system going . .  .

Chunky Monkey would get himself soaked, then run to the dryers and get dried off . .. then repeat . . . the entre time.

Surprisingly all three kids hated this "mud" area.  The feeling of it was "gross" evidently.

Then we went to a place on the river called the "water steps at PNC park"  In spite of the signs posted that said this . . .  we had seen online that this was a "great, new playarea" and there were TONS of people there. There were police officers around and everyone seemed to be supporting it so we went for it.  I will admit that it's an accident waiting to happen as kids jump down the steps made of concrete squares with sharp edges and uneven step height not to mention the water . . . but, they had a blast and we left accident free . . .


Later that night our trip changed from a nice, fun, relaxing family time to a hospital visit . . . but that's a story for another day . . .

Thursday, August 20, 2015

August . . . where did you come from!?!?!?

Ohio State Fair- Tim and I had the opportunity to go to Columbus on a much needed weekend away from the kids.  This came right on the heels of my grandmother's home going, so while it provided a great break for me, I was so grateful for my parents keeping the kids in spite of their overly full schedule.  We had such a nice weekend.  Tim had planned all the activity's, shopping and food a girl could ask for!  Just what I needed!  One of the days we spent the entire day at the Ohio State Fair . . . amazing how much more you can see kid free! 

Butter Statues . . .


My beautiful cousin gets married and my very talented sister was the photographer!!

The kiddos enjoyed some post wedding fun . . .    

Welcoming my brother in law home from his military training, doing tricks in the pool

Making forts in the front yard.  I don't have any pictures but Andrew said goodbye to our next door neighbor and one of his closest friends since the day we moved here this summer.  His family moved away and we were all sad to see this friendship end.  Logan was such a nice kid and I never had to worry when they were playing together.  Praising God though that another boy close to his age moved in.  Praying for new friendships to replace the one that was lost.
We had the opportunity to go to a community event where they had kids activities.  They had a huge foam area, inflatables, sprinklers, free snowcones . . . it was a TON of fun.  This was our first experience with the growing fad of "foam parties" I gotta admit, we were fans!

Summer is just about gone, but we have certainly made the most of it!!!