Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Indians Game

We all got to go to the Cleveland Indians game for free thanks to Chunky Monkey being only 2 and Andrew getting straight A's and "earning" us four free tickets.  THANKS ANDREW!! 
The Indians have recently upgraded their kids area to a two story playland.  I love that they cater to families.  While Tim could still enjoy the entire game . . . the kids could take some breaks in playland to keep from getting bored.  It was a win for them all. . . . now if they could just add a spa for mom . . . :-)  I have many adorable pictures, but I wasn't making a conscious effort to take post able ones so not many good ones for here . . . maybe I can show you when I get around to scrapbooking it!  :-)

 It was quite a bit hotter than last years game and by the end we had very tired kiddos (including Chunky Monkey below who's already almost out) but we all had a nice time.  Hopefully a tradition we can continue every summer.

Friday, September 18, 2015


The weekend after school started we took our (annual?) trip to Cleveland for an Indians game.  Andrew got straight A's last year which got him 4 free tickets to a game so THANKS ANDREW for the tickets!  Before Sundays game though, we had the rest of the weekend to fill.  We of course got to spend some time with Tim's family while we were there.  Grandma S. always has an assortment of toys and bikes to play with and explore outside.

Then we spent the day at a Park/Farm area that was so fun for all of us.  They had lots of things for the kids to explore.  They made and tested homemade ice cream, they learned about gravity, learned how to milk a real cow (although only Joanna actually did it), rode in a horse drawn carriage, saw tractors and farm equipment from the last 100 years or so . . . . it was a really fun and very educational day.

Here is the cow ready for milking . . . AND>>> Tim's aunt and Grandmother were able to come with us to the farm so some quality time spent with them as well. 

Trying out the different types of saddle.

The Corn Maze was something Andrew had been looking forward to.  He was determined that he could get us out of there in no time.  A boy, with his map, and a refusal to ask for directions . . . oh dear. . . . with that to look forward to the grandmas and aunts waited on a bench while we went in alone . . .

With a little guidance from daddy and a few wrong turns we finally made it out of there!

The kids loved that there were playgrounds like this ALL AROUND the property.  They were advertisements for the company selling them but they were available to play on too so we tried out just about every one on the grounds before we left.

Thanks to Great Grandma W, Aunt Grace, and Grandma S for making these plans and taking us to such a great place.  We had a very nice time and did lots of things we have never done before.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pittsburgh--The not so good.

Friday night we went back to our hotel to swim and relax after a long day.  Andrew and Tim stayed in the room to shower and reheat our leftovers for dinner while the little kids and I went down to the pool to swim.  After an uneventful 30 minutes or so I told the kids 5 minutes left and they should clean up the pool toys so we could go.  Chunky Monkey decides to jump in after a toy in the pool.  He is wearing a lifejacket so this isn't a big deal.  Unfortunately, mid-air he decides to abandon his mission of getting the toy and jumps back toward the deck.  His feet land in water and his head lands on the deck.  I jumped up and went to him all the while saying, "you are okay buddy, just shake it off" . .  . then he looked over at me and I realized that he was NOT okay and shaking it off would be a BAD idea.
6:55-accident happens
I called Tim in the room and suggested that he and Andrew come down because I was pretty sure we needed to go to the hospital.  Poor Little Lady was in a 4 year old panic session.  She was first sweet and trying to help but overwhelmed with the situation she jumped back in the pool to swim and forget about it.  After some coaxing she finally let Tim in the locked door of the pool area and he agreed that we needed to get some stitches.  He went to the front desk for directions to the hospital while I went upstairs to change and get our stuff to go.  By 7:30 ish we are at the hospital and at 7:50 the doctor tells us he can't sedate a 2 year old at his hospital; instead we have to go to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh which is 30-40 minutes away.  The doctor wants to transport us by ambulance to insure Chunky Monkey doesn't have any negative side effects from the head injury.  They say we will leave within the hour.  At 8:15 an Ambulance arrives and they say we will be boarding in 10 minutes so Tim decides to take the older two out for fast food in route to Childrens (remember, he was reheating dinner when we left for the hospital).  He leaves so that he doesn't get to the hospital later than we do.

we wait, and wait, and wait and wait . . . for TWO HOURS
Joanna inserts tears at the first hospital--Chunky Monkey is wet with pee, he's got a dirty diaper, She has no way to reach Tim (phone is nearly dead) and no diaper bag to clean Chunky Monkey.  She is frustrated, angry at the system that has them being promised transportation and then not getting it, tired and hungry.  Staff FINALLY gets some kids scrubs and a diaper for us.  The diaper is pink, Chunky Monkey throws a fit.  :-)

10:54pm . . . Ambulance FINALLY arrives to pick us up.  By 11:27 we are in a room at the Childrens hospital and by 12:44 he is sedated and getting 7 stitches.  Staff there is wonderful.  Gives us a charger to charge phones, provides us with a lounge room for the older two kids to sleep, allows Joanna to lay on the bed with Chunky Monkey to comfort him.  It took them 5 attempts to get an IV started in him but he was so good!  Didn't flinch once and was just a joy the entire time.

When he's coming out of sedation he is the sweetest thing.  Trying to kiss his stuffed donkey, saying "I love you" . . . combine that sweetness with two nervous parents who are just glad to see him waking up without difficulty and the relief was overwhelming.  He's gonna have a nice little battle scar but all things considered we are pleased with the way it all turned out.