Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Chunky Monkey Birthday

Chunky Monkey turned 3!!   He was three months when we first got this big guy . .. . hard to believe its been almost three years since that day!!

Obviously I have much better pictures than these of his special day/days but these will give you a taste of his celebrations.  His Sunday School teachers had a little party for him.

Babysat his friend from church on his birthday and they hung out at the mall putting money in all the riding things we never let him pay for . .. 

Family party complete with homemade pretzel dogs (which he didn't like) and a homemade centerpeice with the candy of his choice and the number 3 in it . . (which he loved and is constantly getting in trouble for sneaking candy out of).  He wanted everything at his party to be orange so that made it easy on mom.  Pumpkins, orange cupcakes and candy corn!!!!  

He is very much the baby of this family.  He is borderline spoiled, a pain in the neck, cries when he doesn't get his way . . .  BUT, he also is a mommas boy, sensitive, shy, sweet and tender hearted protector that would do anything for anyone in this family.  He is in a big boy bed now and is perfectly content to never be potty trained.  :-)  He is wearing size 4 clothes and will very quickly be catching up to Little Lady in the size 5 ones.  Happy Birthday Chunky Monkey . . . you are such a special boy and a huge part of this family!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Boo at the Zoo

I LOVE Boo at the Zoo!  I love fall and the pumpkins and the zoo and put it all together and I love going to the zoo in the fall!  Put all the kids in cute costumes and hand out candy and coupons and its even better!  We were able to go to Boo at the Zoo this year compliments of Chris and Lia.  They just got a brand new (gorgeous) house and brand new Zoo passes we were able to bum a piggyback on.  Chunky Monkey wasn't yet three so he slid in for his last free ticket!  THANKS CHRIS AND LIA!!

Started our trip with some pumpkin decorating with Emma and a tour of the new house.  Then Little Lady and Emma had their first official sleepover in the same room!  (very happy little girls and surprised parents that they pulled it off without any drama)  Then a nature hike in the morning looking for things for their homemade nature notebooks (you would think Lia is a homeschool mom or something!  :-)  Andrew LOVED this walk--he still has his notebook beside his bed for his "memories"

On the walk, Andrew got to walk Sarah doggy by himself.  He gave her commands and Sarah was so good to respond to him.  He LOVED this!  I don't think any of us, (Andrew included) are ready for a dog any time soon but he really did enjoy this first independent experience with one.

Then after lunch at one of my favorite places (MELT) we were of to the zoo!!!!

First stop was the new Africa exhibit, my new favorite!  I LOVE this zoo, have I mentioned that?  baby lions, giraffes, a cheetah run . . . then to the bears . . . 

This poor old orangutan was less than amused by our three littlest kids.  She just followed their every move with her eyes, never once moving a muscle of her body.

Next was Andrews choice which was the pirate boat ride . . . not sure what it has to do with a zoo but he was excited none the less . . .

I will admit that though the pirates were a little scary to the younger three kids the views from inside the monkey exhibits was pretty incredible. 

Then we put on our costumes for the boo at the zoo portion of the evening.  You go to various stops through the zoo and get candy, trinkets, and coupons from vendors along the way.  It was sadly not as good this year as in previous years.  The zoo was amazing but the "boo" portion was very lacking this year.  The kids didn't mind though and enjoyed the candy they did get. 

Chunky Monkey is dressed as a fireman.  He saw this boat fill with smoke (from a smoke machine for effect) and we made the comment that the boat was on fire . . . as I am snapping this picture he is running under the fence to put out the fire!!!  LOL

This was a very fun day . . . beautiful weather, our best friends along for company, happy kids . . . we couldn't have asked for better!  Thanks again for making it possible Chris and Lia!

Oh, and Last but not least . . . Little Lady LOVES elephants . . . she has loved them since she first came to our house.  She waited all day to see these elephants and was so excited to finally get her choice.   All that waiting and this was the view they gave her . . . as far away as possible and their backsides to her.  ARGH!!  BUT, she didn't care . . . she loved them just the same!   

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Andrew is turning 8

Andrew's 8th Birthday Party . . . I tried and tried to talk this boy into a party at an outside location.  One where I could just pay some money and the party was all planned . . . but he would have none of it. "the thing I want most is to have some friends over to my own house . . . " so thats what we did.  Combining his request for a party (Minecraft) and my compromise (Glow Party) we ended up having a really great party.  I have to admit that although it was tiring I really did enjoy it.

The first gift was a surprise to all of us .  .  . Grandma and Marisa showed up from Florida!!  Since her injury Marisa has needed moms help so we had sadly resigned ourselves to the fact that for the first time ever Grandma (and Marisa) wouldn't be at the party.  Then they surprised us all by driving back and showing up in the living room!!  We were all so happy and very surprised!

Then we had a surprise of our own when we told Andrew that the X-Box he has been saving months for we finished payment on and gave it to him for his birthday . . . here he is hearing the news!

Then it was time for party decorations!!

 The daughter of Tim's boss made the cake . . . she is 17 I think  . . . we were really pleased!

Stephanie and Daniel working on their craft. . . . a creeper pencil bag.

Through the night, every time they had a glow stick, craft or something they wanted to keep they just had to put it in their bag.  Nice to have a staging area to put all their stuff so they wouldn't lose it.

My favorite part . . . the glow in the dark eating room!!

A scavenger hunt of sorts looking for glow-stones in the field behind the house.

Gifts . . . and chaos!!  :-)

It was a great party and turned out as good as I could have hoped.  Special thanks goes to the guys who manned the fire all night so no one got hurt and my mother in law who helped clean up all the caos the kids left behind in the house . . .  

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sternwheeler Weekend

The Sternwheeler festival is kind of a big deal here in our neck of the woods.  There are tons of boats, a huge street fair and the best fireworks!!!  Our friends Chris and Lia almost always try and join us for this festival every year.  This year the weather leading up to the festival was stinky . ..  cold and rainy but it cleared up and gave us some great weather for the fireworks.  First, it was great to have a "fan club" for Little Lady and Andrew's soccer games.

Then a hike to waste some time between games . . . 

Enjoying their new fairy wings from the brief kids activities we enjoyed in the rain . . . (we tried to talk Chunky Monkey out of the wings . .. sword, candy . . he just wanted to be like the girls) 

Fireworks off the bridge and the river .  . . really beautiful!!!


Thanks Chris and Lia for keeping the tradition alive.  We even were surprised to be joined at the fireworks by some young couples from our church. . . . a very fun weekend!!