Sunday, November 15, 2015

Halloween Parties

Halloween parties seem to mark the beginning of months and months of fun for me!!  Holiday after holiday!!  First off was a Halloween centered library story hour.

Chunky Monkey had a class party with lots of candy, games and fun.  Then Little Lady had a class party that same day . . . Chunky Monkey got to join in that one as well . . . quite the little mooch!!  :-)  (no post able pictures of those parties but the turkey craft from the K4 class) 

Our foster agency had a party with a real live hayride (in the rain) with lots of silly string.  I was a little afraid for my life on that one so no pictures.  Ha ha!!  

Then our "first aid night" at church . . . dress like you need some first aid.  Andrew had a pretty good costume for that I thought but evidently he didn't think it was good enough so he pulled his second tooth and made a real bloody mess!!  :-)  My "baby" looks so different!

Last of all, the one I was the most nervous about.  Andrew's class party where I was the homeroom mom.  AHHHHHH . . . It turned out better than any other party though and I was so pleased!  Their favorite part was the face painting for sure!

This class gets a lot of grief for being a handful but let me tell you . . . I have high hopes and prayers for these kids . . . they are going to do dramatic things in their future!!

Following his yearly tradition, Andrew switched his costume a few minutes before trick or treat and went as a football player (in a baseball helmet, carrying a basketball . . . )!  OH--IO

Trick or Treat !!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sweet Apple Farm

Okay, while I love fall and pumpkin patches . . . even I will admit that I've had my fair share of Sweet Apple Farm.  Don't get me wrong, it's a great place with a few fun things to do but we are there at least twice a year now with the kids school group and church and it's always the same.. . . enough complaining though . . . someday I'll miss this.  The kids always have a great time with their different groups of friends though and for that I am excited to go  . .  . for them!!!  :-)

First trip was with our church group and our entire family.  The kids enjoyed feeding the goats, milking the pretend cow, a hayride, and pig races . . . 

Andrew and his two best buddies from church.  Sammy and Landon

 Andrew and Sammy have been together since they were just three years old . . . so cute to see them grow up together.

Then I got to go with Little Lady and her school friends on their field trip.  This was my first time with this group of kids so it was really fun to meet all her friends and their parents.  What a great class of kids!  They got to do a min corn maze and the big corn maze (with a guide) . .. Chunky Monkey got super lucky this day . . . I didn't have a babysitter so he got to skip his own school and come with us on the trip.  He is so big and so many of the kids in Little Lady's class are tiny that he literally fit right in.  In fact, the teacher just added him to the headcount because it was too hard to tell who was and wasn't in the class!  He is in the black, orange and grey hoodie.  Little Lady in the pink hood.

Pink coat with braids is Kayla . . . she was in preschool with Little Lady last year and they are the best of friends.  Little lady loves so easily its not surprising that she already has her "bestie" picked out.  They were hand in hand most of the trip and inseparable the entire time. 

Another year in the books . . . for all I don't like about Sweetapple farm I do love that we have done it so often we have pictures like this   . . . slow down time!!

Monday, November 9, 2015


Soccer season has finally ended and we are very proud to say that Andrew and Little Lady both had great seasons!  Little Lady participated in her first "organized" sports program in the soccer academy this year.  The academy was a soccer program for kids age 4-5 who were not quite ready to be on a team but wanted to learn basic skills.  It was a great first introduction for her and very little time commitment for our already packed schedule.  She enjoyed it.  This was her best friend on the field . . . Lakyn.  :-)

Then it was into the "big leagues"  with Andrew.  He had such a great season this year.  He improved by leaps and bounds and we even saw him get extremely competitive which was something new to work on for us. . . . maybe his first time really getting those competitive juices going.  His coach even commented about how much he improved this year.  His team redeemed themselves after a horrible loss last year in the tournament and won the entire thing this year!  Way to go Royal!!!