Saturday, December 31, 2016


December was FULL of parties for us this year.

Lincoln (my cousin) turned one!  Cutest party ever!!!

Cherith (my neice) turned 6.  Christmas themed tea party

Grandma helping Lakyn use the spray paint marker.

Our waiter for the day and Zach doing our entertainment 

Stephanie did a great job making this adorable tea pitcher shaped cake!

After the party . . . this made me laugh.  Lakyn playing video games with Daniel in her dress and tiara!  LOL

Sunday School Christmas Party complete with photo booth . . . 

Cutest little elf on the shelf that ever was!!!

Andrew's school Christmas party (borrowed the photo booth stuff) 

 Gavins school Christmas party the whole family was able to attend.  Here he is singing with his classmates . . .

Doing the craft stations.

Visiting Santa (why must Andrew grow up so much?)  He only sat on Santas lap this year to get the cotton candy Santa was giving out.  snif snif

Lakyns class party, I couldn't be at because I was the one in charge of Andrews but her teacher took some pictures for me.

 Gingerbread man hunting around the school . . .

Thursday, December 29, 2016

American Girl Store

All the little girls and moms and grandma's decided to meet in Columbus for a girls day at the American Girl store.  The girls had never been before and since they were each getting an American girl doll for Christmas (shhhhh, a surprise) we thought this would get them really interested.  They each took their moms doll with them (Morgan had Marisas doll) and we all met there.  They were in little girl heaven!!!

Then, Marisa surprised all of us (except Shannnon-she knew the surprise) and showed up at the store with us!!!!  We all thought she was in FL for another couple days. 

The girls each had our dolls cleaned at the spa and picked out hairstyles for them.

Then we had reservations to eat at the doll bistro which was really cute and the girls just loved it!

I had looked forward to this day with Lakyn for months.  We really did have a wonderful day and enjoying it with my sisters, mom and neices made it even better.  Marisa surprising us all was just the icing on the cake!