Monday, February 15, 2016

New Years

Every New Years we get together with our college friends.  I don't think we could start a new year any other way!!  This year we had a nice big group come so we had lots of fun playing games and just being together.  "Pie Face" made another appearance and we enjoyed that with Emma.  We are so blessed to have such a close knit group of college friends.  Andrew loved having some new "lego" friends to play with.  :-)

The Final few seconds of 2015---then the first minute of 2016!!  (Andrew asked that he NOT be woken up to watch the ball drop this year . . . LOL . . . evidently he was unimpressed last year!!!!)  Emma stuck with us though, way to go girl!!!  Maybe next year we will let Little Lady up for it.

Our annual trip to the Fusion Steakhouse is always Tim's favorite and of course games, games, games.

2015, you have brought us both deep sorrow in the loss of two grandmothers and deepest rejoicing as we we received the go ahead on the adoption of the little kids.  2016 no doubt will bring challenges and rejoicings of it's own.  For now, we close the book on this chapter, and wait to see what God writes on the next.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Week of Fun

Tim took off the entire week after Christmas and it turned out to be a wonderful time of fun as a family.  It was like a summer vacation in the middle of winter.

The kids all got good practice time on their new bikes.

I took the boy cousins to the YMCA pool for some energy draining fun while the girls spent time playing uninterrupted at Grandma's house. 

Then we took a family trip to Charleston, WV and visited the Clay Center and Chucky Cheese.  

While we never intended to have a week of just family vacation time with no responsibilities it was a much needed break for us and well timed.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Christmas In WV

Christmas morning gets earlier and earlier!!  We kept the kids at bay as long as we could but they are so excited to get up and open presents!  We have been blessed again this year to receive some gifts for the little kids through our foster agency.  We are planning to support other families in this way in the future, what a blessing it has been to us.

The little kids both got bikes this year and Andrew got a new trampoline for the basement (this child jumps while he is playing video games . . . no wonder he is so skinny!).

We tortured the poor boy and saved the one thing on his list for last . . . Minecraft story edition!!

 Poor Tim, he was so excited to give me a rug he had picked out and had personalized for us.  Instead, when he opened it it was a rug personalized for the Milburn Family . . . LOL!!  We got a good laugh out of this and a few weeks after Christmas got a very nice one with our names on it delivered as well!  I hope the Milburns enjoyed their laugh as well!

Then on Christmas morning its off to Joanna's parents house for Christmas Breakfast.  We look forward to this breakfast ALL.YEAR.LONG!!!  Cinnamon rolls, eggs, biscuits, gravy, biscuits, hashbrowns, bacon!!  hot chocolate . . . did I mention the bacon !?!!??  So good!  My parents asked Andrew (as the oldest grandchild) to read the Christmas story to everyone from Grandpa's Bible before we opened gifts.  It was nice to remind ourselves why we celebrate Christmas.  Then Daniel led us in a couple Christmas Carols to honor our Savior.  Then it was on to the mountain of gifts!  Andrew got his new bike at Grandma's and our family all has new wheels for spring!

Tim was not as impressed with his gift from Marisa!  LOL

After the madness was over most of the family took naps . . . but these two enjoyed the downright HOT weather outside . . . clearly the adults in charge were taking naps!

Then that evening Shannon and her family and my aunt and their family all arrived for Christmas Dinner.  If things were not crazy before, they were now.  There were 26 people for dinner and more gifts.  Nothing quiet and reflective at this Christmas like at Tim's parents . . .   but just as memorable and fun.  I got to meet for the first time my newest cousin. 

At dinner my mom asked one of the teen boys to be in charge of this boys table . . . when the table got wild and out of control we asked Jessie what was wrong.  "It isn't possible to control them, they are wild" was his response!  I would have to agree . . . when these cousins get together they are a wee bit wild!!  

Lastly we all enjoyed a round of Stephanie and Zach's new game "Pie Face"  and I got . . . a pie in the face!!! 

Merry Christmas 2015 . . . one for the memory books!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Christmas in Cleveland

This year, due to some medical testing Joanna was having and the health of Tim's grandmother we made our Christmas in Cleveland happen BEFORE Christmas day.  While I didn't like the reason, I have to admit that I loved doing things this way!  Maybe consider it in the future too?

Anyway, we had a very nice Christmas gift exchange with Tim's family and as always a wonderful meal.  They didn't have any snow this year at their place but instead the weather was plenty warm for the kids to play outside so that was nice.  The boys took over grandma's bedroom and played video games and Uncle John made a dessert buffet that was delicious and filled with all our favorite things! I should have taken a picture of the jelly bean tray!!  My kids were in candy heaven!!  We also got to visit with Tim's grandma in the assisted living place and exchange gifts with her.  She doesn't like to do pictures so none taken there but we did have a nice visit.

Then we headed into the snowbelt to visit Tim's Grandma, for what we knew would likely be our last time to see her before God called her home.  What a precious time we had with her .  . I know each life/death is different but this was such  precious memory for all of us and one none of us will forget, even the children.  I have never had the "official" opportunity to say my goodbyes to a loved one before they left this life for Glory since my grandmother had lost most of her mind long before her body gave out on her.  What a privilege it was for me to have known this wonderful woman and to be here for these moments when my family said their goodbyes.  Not  doubt in my mind that she is now gloriously healed and with her heavenly Father.  Until we meet again Grandma Walborn.

While Tim and his mom and aunt had some time with Grandma I took the kids outside to their first snowfall of the season.  They were so excited and it gave the adults inside some quiet time.  Completely forgot to take pictures of Little Lady out in the snow . . . I think my fingers were frozen by then!  


Christmas had a different vibe to it this year since we all knew that at least on this earth it was Grandmas last one, but it was precious, quiet and joyful none the less.  I truly won't forget this year . . .