Thursday, March 31, 2016

February 29---Leap Day---Adoption Day!!!

Courthouse . . . seeing daddy's work and meeting his coworkers . . . out to dinner . . . AMAZING day!  Thanks to our Pastor and his wife for coming to the courthouse . . . we didn't get any pictures with them (oops) but we were so grateful they surprised us by coming.

 This is the same judge we finalized Andrew's adoption with . . that was really cool!

Mr. Tim, if you still read this blog I'm sure you will be excited to see you made the photo list.  Ha ha!

(the kids are holding their courthouse coloring books the judge gave them)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

These are a few of my favorite things . . . .

These are a few of my favorite things . . . . 

School learning fair . . . 

This girl is becoming quite the puzzle worker!!

Hey guys?  I have a daughter!!!  Sometimes, pictures like this make it actually sink in!!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Farewell to snow and Valentines Day

Farewell to Snow for the season . . . . this was our last big snowfall.  While I love winter, I'm ready to say farewell this year!  Andrew made good use of his fort making tools this year!

Tim and Andrews annual shoveling picture . . . . Andrew graduating to a big shovel this year!

Little faces!!!  YEAH!  Still get excited to post them!

Lakyn and her friend Ellie enjoying some fun!

This . . . is why I am ready to say goodbye to winter (well, this and driving on snowy roads) . . . This is what my doorway looks like after a  fun day outside!  Sigh!!


I LOVE valentines day!  Hallmark's way to get us to buy cards?  maybe .  . but I love having a day to remind us to tell those that we care about how much we love them.  My mom started a tradition when we were kids of letting us each decorate our own cake for Valentines day . . . while I have not graduated my kids to full cakes yet, I did make them some heart shaped cupcakes to decorate.

Making Valentines Boxes at Home Depot

My new favorite Valentine Decoration . . . thanks to Tom and Kathy Davis!!   

My valentine creations . . . a cake for Andrew's cake walk at school and custom Valentines for his class.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Charleston Swim Meet

There was only one swim meet this year that we decided to travel for (not counting champs).  This meet was in Charleston, WV and although we could have made it down and back in one day we decided to hang out overnight and spend some "vacation time".  My parents are still settling my grandmothers home and they were going to be there that weekend working on that anyway so it was nice to spend time with them.  To our surprise, my sister and her family came to help as well so it was a full weekend of family.

Andrew won ALL his events at this meet.  Didn't break all his fastest times, but did win first place at every event, including his first ever 10 and under boys relay (usually he's with the 8 and under kids) He loved the surprise of his cousin Daniel showing up to watch him swim (and play video games between events)  :-)

hotel swimming . .  this little girl insisted on being in every picture I took of Lakyn and Cherith . . . 

Then we went to the WV Outdoor Adventure Expo (or something like that).  The kids got to try fishing (poor little fish, all just swimming in this tank for people to catch and release . . . )  Andrew even caught his first fish!!!!

Golf, frisbee golf, four wheelers, even a gun safety lesson and target practice . . . 

We explored 50 or so boats and RV's that we can't afford, LOL and the kids found every one that had a loft bed to climb into!

Tim and Andrew's favorite part of the day was the Archery competition.  Think Dodgeball with bows and arrows.  They both had a great time playing this and secretly I think they wished they had one in the backyard!  :-)

Zach, Andrew and Daniel got interviewed for the Charleston nightly news!

I have to admit it was a surprisingly fun day, (in spite of the fact I didn't think it sounded like fun at all . . . I was proved wrong) and we went home a very tired but happy crew!