Monday, May 23, 2016

Tyler Birthday Party Weekend

My nephew Tyler was having his 7th Birthday and Andrew was desperate to be there.  Because of soccer we really didn't plan to go because both Andrew and Lakyn would miss games.  With some persistent begging (ha ha) we finally gave in and decided that Joanna and the boys would travel to Dayton for the party and Tim and Lakyn would stay home for a Father/Daughter date weekend.

Turned out to be a really great decision and we all had a great time.  We split the gas/hotel costs with mom and dad so the expense wasn't too much.  Shannon's nerf party for Tyler turned out really cute, and my kids got a little education on raising chickens at their new Schramm mini farm.  :-)

Got to watch Megan and Tyler play baseball . . . it was cold and rainy but I have never had the opportunity to see either of them play so it was fun.


 Gavin was a little intimidated by the entire thing so didn't get involved.  My nephew Ryan didn't mind though, he and the girls got right in there with the big kids!!

Meanwhile Lakyn and Daddy were going out for Ice Cream, playing in bouncy houses, laser tag, eating tacos . . . . I don't think they minded too much that we were gone!!!  

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Oh the Random Things we do . . .

The girls basketball team Tim helps coach, won the state championship . . . 

Mall Fire Safety Day

Crazy Hair night at church . . . Gavin was NONE too happy about.

 Wrestling matches in the playroom . . . 

Bowling . .. and the frustrated face at getting beat by your little sister . . . 

Date Night!!!

Lakyns school field trip to the pet store (of all places to take Lakyn . . . ha ha)

Andrew in a Spelling Bee.