Tuesday, June 28, 2016

May Days

Muffins for Moms and Grandmoms . . . 

 Mothers Day

AWANA crazy glasses night . ..

Trying to follow in her brothers footsteps and giving swim team a try . . . (wasn't quite successful yet . . . the outdoor pool has her spooked . . . but she's really learning fast so next year . . . )

End of the year AWANA awards . . . bittersweet because Lakyn and Andrew both move up classes . . . 

Earning the Sparky Award . . . the highest award for their age group!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

End of School Fun

Serving Others Day 2016--Gavin and I hung out with Andrew's class all day and let me tell you . .. cleaning the playground equipment the night after a HUGE downpour . . . is really pointless!  :-)  The kids had a great time though and I'm sure you can guess how muddy they were!

Gavin even worked really hard .  .  . took his cleaning very seriously.

At the end of the day, Gavin even was given an honorary Serving Others T-shirt for his hard work!  :-)  Lakyn and her class did some work making snack bags for the homeless and cleaning a different park.

Lakyn's class had a beach day . . . I made the beach day snacks . . . they turned out so cute!

Gavin's class water day . . . 

Then Gavin got mom and dad all to himself on his family picnic day . . . 

Andrew's class had a history presentation day where they each did an oral report of someone in history . .. his group chose a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball player . . . not exactly my version of great historical figure but they did do a good job none the less . . . 

Lakyn's class did an end of the year program where she was a cute little bear . . . and then she won the Perfect Attendance Award!

Then on the last day of school, Andrew's class got their awards and Andrew got the Class Historian, Faithful Attendance and Principals list awards . . . since he got straight A's it was his choice of haircut . . . so off to the barber we went--for a mow hawk!!!

So proud of my kiddos and love their schools . . . but glad to have the summer in front of us and this year of school behind us!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Missed a month?

I missed an entire month of posting . . . now I'll never catch up.  Ha Ha!!  Here goes nothing. . . . random photos from APRIL


Took Gavin to get a haircut  . . . him at the park is the before picture and he was SO hot with all that hair . . . I got a super short cut for summer thinking it would help him because he gets so hot but he HATED it . .. I mean cried every time he saw a mirror hated it!!  (yellow shirt is the face after the cut) . . . Grandpa to the rescue--he gave Gavin a bottle of "hair grow" otherwise known as eye saline .. . and Gavin faithfully used it twice a day until his hair grew back to an acceptable level.  LOL!!!  Silly kiddo

Took the kids to a roller skating party . . . my favorite (in case I've never mentioned that before)  LOL

 Tim and I went away for an overnight to see STOMP (bucket list item!!) and the kids stayed with Grandma and grandpa . . . got these pictures from texts from her . . . don't think they missed us much.

LAKYN- pictures of her weekend with daddy  . . . while the boys and I were in Dayton last month.

Started a little mini garden in the backyard with tomatoes and cucumbers and planted flowers out front . . . the kids have really enjoyed helping with these projects and since I am NOT a green thumb I need all the help I can get.

Lil C
Got the opportunity to watch the "perfect" two year old (as he was described to me) for a weekend and we sure did enjoy him.  He really was a sweet boy.  Lil C arrived at our house and literally reached for Andrew the second they got in the driveway.  Andrew totally bonded to him the rest of the weekend and it was so cute to see him "mothering" Lil C the entire time.  He was sad when we had to give him back.