Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Swim Team

Andrew once again participated in the summer swim team in our town.  He had some stiff competition from his teammates this year but it pushed him to a couple of his best times so although he didn't win as much as he has in the past he did do his personal best and together they made a dynamic relay team!!  He is in a yellow swim cap.

Making the handoff in the relay.

He has a killer start . . . if only he had a killer final kick to go with it he'd be unstoppable.

End of the season party with raft races.

Lakyn overcame her fear of the outdoor pool finally and enjoyed the end of the season party in spite of not participating this year . . . maybe next year.

Ended champs with two first place ribbons from his relay team, a second in backstroke by .1 of a second and a fourth in free style with less than 1 second between places 1-4!!  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The fun we have at home . . .

I work very hard to find our family fun, cheap things to do around our town to try new experiences and expose the kids to new things.  Plus, I'm beginning to realize that the older Andrew gets the less of this type stuff he is going to enjoy trying.  He already sometimes prefers staying home and playing video games to going out.  While that makes me sad, it makes me that much more determined to try new things while he is still willing--or at least young enough that we don't give him an option.

He has had the opportunity to do several sports camps through our YMCA membership this summer.  So far he has completed Flag Football and Tennis camps.  He might not grow to love these sports,  but I love that he's getting a week long exposure to each one to SEE if he likes it and learn the basic rules evcn if he doesn't.  So far so good though, he loved football and he said tennis was okay . . . I'll take it!

All three kids have been doing Summer Reading Program at our local library and have enjoyed the new things there .  .  . like turtle day where they learned about turtles and were turned into them!!  :-)  Gavin and I have read 150 books already and Lakyn isn't far behind.  Andrew reads on his own now so not quite as many for him, but he's got over 700 minutes logged so that's not too shabby!!

My personal favorite was the magician . . . poor Gavin got called as a volunteer. . . . too cute seeing him out of his comfort zone and refuse to participate  . . . I actually felt a little bad for him.  Poor little introvert.  My niece and nephew went with us to this show and Cherith got selected too  . .  . she did great.

Family Fun day at a local park with foam . . . we did this last year and LOVED it.  So excited to be able to enjoy my niece and nephew and my parents at this years.

Lakyn and Gavin and I have enjoyed some hiking during Andrew's camps.

My brother in law has been called in to help with the recovery efforts to rebuild Southern WV from the flooding so we have enjoyed a little extra time with Cherith and Daniel these last few weeks.  We got to go to the local Aquatic Center with them one day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

June in pictures

June was SO very busy for us.  It seems like every week we had something going on and between vacation, VBS, lessons, camps, library . . . . we were busier than ever!!  In very random order . . . caution . .. LOTS of photos

Surprised my parents by working out Marisa coming home for a visit . . . got to pick her up at the airport.  My kids were so excited to be the only ones who knew the "secret" .  . which we told them exactly 3 hours before leaving!  :-)

Planned a Surprise 40th wedding anniversary party for my parents . . .

Had some quality cousin time since everyone came in for the party . . . 

Found a new playground just minutes from the house and went to the Sheriff's picnic there.  The kids got free lunch, played on inflatables, tried out a real SWAT car, and won 2 liters of pop!!!  

 looks like he is flying . . .

Swimming lessons for Lakyn and Gavin.

Picnic in the Park at our local Park.

This inflatable thing was supposed to be a train . . . but it's just wrong . . . looks  . . . well . . . nasty.

Fostered two sisters while their foster parents were out of town.  Girls outnumbered the boys around here for a weekend so Lakyn was in HEAVEN!!!!!

Grandpa knows the way to this kids heart and stocked the refrigerator with caffeine free root bear bottles!!

These two ran a lemon aid stand at our garage sale and made over $12 in less than an hour and a half at $0.25 a cup!!!  Then they got bored and did some backyard water fun with the neighbors.

Andrew got pushed into the pool (thanks to Gavin) and spent some time at quick care getting an x ray of a leg that (praise God) wasn't broken.