Sunday, August 21, 2016

The last few things of summer

South side Water Slide--this has been on my summer to do list since Andrew was about 3 but we never actually made it over to do this waterslide . . . this year I was determined to get it in.  It was kind of expensive for the amount of time we were able to enjoy it (you pay by the slide . . . but the kids LOVED it--even Gavin who I thought wouldn't go down it at all.  You are supposed to go down sitting on a purple raft . . . not sure what happened to Gavins but he just kept shouting "I wost it, I wost it . . . its gone!"  LOL

Dinner picnic . . . 

Daddy even got to join us for this final library activity, a magic show with Ronald McDonald.

Policeman Picnic with Daniel and Cherith at the waterpark. (Lakyn even won a stuffed animal prize!!--Daniel won a BIKE!!!)

Butterfly house . . . Andrew (surprisingly) always LOVES this!!! 

This picture was so hard for her.  She was so frightened of the butterflies (as she is with most living things . . . ) but was determined to hold one . . . this is what some perseverance, help from Grandma and holding your breath can get you . . .  

Tim and I got a weekend away and found ourselves again at the Ohio State Fair . . . not necessarily trying to make this a yearly tradition, but did enjoy the time away.  Tim especially enjoyed the butter creations in honor of the Cavs this year.

They had a new show this year that we really loved.  It was a diving show with Olympic quality divers .  .  . made us really nervous watching them dive into such a small pool, but, the show was excellent.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rounding out the July

So July is over and our summer clock is ticking faster than I would like it to . . . here are the highlights of July.

Lakyns Cucumbers and Andrew's tomatoes are really taking off . . . 

Lakyn tried a diving board for the first time.

Exploring new playgrounds.

Andrew got a new bedroom suite and Gavin got Andrews twin bedroom furniture . . . .

Lakyn and Gavin complete their third session of swimming lessons.

All three kids complete summer reading program with field day.

Lakyn and I sneak out without the boys for ice cream!!  

Marietta Aquatic Center night swim!! 

Andrew completes his final sports camp of the summer with a week of basketball.

I usually have a pretty strict policy of naked kids online but . . . . this is what happened at my house one Wednesday while I am cleaning for our church group to come over and left the boys unsupervised . . . they came up from the basement looking like this.  Meet Captain Underpants and Super Diaper Baby!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Blennerhasset Island

It had been a couple years since we went to Blennerhasset Island and we have NEVER taken the younger two kids so we were excited when our foster agency announced that the  island was the selected summer activity.  They did such a good job of planning and organizing everything and it made for a fun, relaxing day for us . . . well, until Lakyn got stung by a wasp it was relaxing after that she really milked the tears and drama.  Oh, and it was SOOO HOT!!!  But, overall, it really was a good time and we all really enjoyed it.

When the ships Captain invited the kids up to "drive" the boat he wasn't counting on Gavin actually grabbing the wheel and spinning it like a top!!!  Ha Ha . . . we did get a couple cute pictures after he reset the direction of the boat.

We took a horse and buggy tour around the island which I believe was my first time doing this.  It was the best part of the day, our driver was fantastic, the tour great and we all enjoyed the history and fun of it.

Touring the mansion . . . always a highlight.

View of Parkersburg on the return trip.

Then, because we were not quite hot enough . . . and keeping with a four year tradition . . . we stopped in at the sweet corn festival in Marietta.

This girl held a pig and LOVED it!!  The girl who is terrified of all living creatures and cries at the smallest dog in her presence held a living pig and kissed it and was generally super sweet!!

I've been saying for a year that "next time we go to the corn festival I'm going to actually buy some of the corn everyone raves about!"  Bucket list item . . . check.