Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Labor Day Charleston

We had a free weekend with no plans and no sports and a hotel voucher burning a hole in our pockets .  . so we decided to do a Labor Day trip to Charleston to see the West Virginia Power minor league baseball team play.  Also making use of our Clay Center tickets for a day and of course the kids favorite reason to go to Charleston . . . the Chuck E Cheese.  A fun little getaway with new experiences for all of us.

Power game . . . kids got to run across the outfield--no parents allowed.

Lakyn and her foam finger . . . minus the foam finger.  Ha Ha 

The kids had $5 each to spend on whatever they choose snacks, toys . . . the little two chose to play on the inflatables at the ball park and Andrew choose souvenirs . . . 

There is a fan there who throws toast . . . yup, when the other team is "toast" he throws toast into the crowd . . . baseball fans are crazy folks I tell you!  Andrew caught and is eating his slice here .  .  . 

Post show fireworks.

Chuck E Cheese and Clay Center 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

First Days of School

 Look, I have a lizard in my house like we have in my class at school!!!

Some not first day pictures from his teachers of his class doing a science experiment.

Oh and several of you have asked what "poor Gavin" does with Lakyn in school full time this year . . . he has two days a week with his best friend (who I babysit) . . . and one day a week with just mom and dad to spoil him . .. I think he is loving life!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cleveland Trip

On the way to Cleveland we were listening to an intense Adventures in Odyssey and Gavin said, "Oh no, I can't watch!!"  The story was an audiobook so the only thing to see was playing in his own head.  LOL

We were able to get an amazing Groupon deal on the Great Wolf Lodge in the Sandusky area and decided to couple that with a trip to Tim's parents house . . . we usually try and get a visit in with them in the last week before school starts and this was a great addition to that trip.  The Great Wolfe Lodge in Sandusky was new for us but we are pros at indoor waterparks.  This one is great for kids 3-8 years old.  It's not large so you can't lose kids and the slides are all kid friendly (Gavin was tall enough for everything) but I can see that it would be boring for older than 8 year olds.  It wasn't the nicest one we have been to (that one was next door actually . . . ) but it was perfect for the price we paid and a new adventure.  I packed all our breakfast and lunches to eat in the room, and found restaurants nearby with free kids meals so we kept the cost down to a bare minimum.  Andrew made some new friends so he was happy . . . we all had a great time.

Gavins ears fell off just as I snapped the picture . . . love his face in the bear picture here.  LOL   Also, he STILL talks about the pajama jamboree (dancing party) . . . here they are doing the YMCA.

Lakyn is in the left corner of the picture here . . . she looks like by pulling that cord she is bringing all that water down!!  HA HA

Pretty sure Gavin is not supposed to be doing this . . . 

Tim also surprised the kids with a Safari Adventure thing where we drove our van through the animals and could feed them . . . . our van will NEVER be the same .  . but the boys enjoyed it . . . Lakyn kept her post, safely in the back seat far away from the animals. 

Gavin got EXTREMELY angry when one of the animals ripped the cup out of our hands . . . he was ready to show that Zebra who was boss!!!  

Pig races with our Red team flag leader and his trusty sidekick  . . . 

Then we got to Grandma and Grandpas house and enjoyed a birthday celebration for me and we all went to Brandywine Falls . . . literally 5 minutes from Tim's home and he had NEVER taken me or the kids there . .. how is that possible!?!??  So beautiful, I LOVED it.

Grandma taught the kids how to shuck corn .  . (is that how you spell that?)

Then we swam in Uncle Johns Pool for the afternoon.

A very fun final weekend before school starts .  . .