Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Andrew Turns 9

Did you see that title?  Andrew turns 9??  How has it been 9 years!?

Andrew just wanted all his friends together for his party, no matter what activity they did.  So, naturally, I choose what I wanted and that was a party NOT at our house (so no cleanup) and somewhere he could invite everyone (I hate it when kids are left out).  Roller Skating it was!  Andrew is really into Pugs this year so we kinda did some pug related things but pugs aren't exactly easy to plan decorations for.  By far the easiest party to plan that I've ever done . . .but we paid for that luxury too.  It was worth it for me, and he had a great turnout and a blast with his friends.

The Marietta Roller Rink not only lets you on the court in shoes (which was great for grandparents, parents and a young handicapped boy with us) but they also allow roller hockey.  I don't recommend this, it's very dangerous and had a lot of tears and injuries . .. however, every kid I talked to said this was the best part and something they had never done before.  Dangerous but fun and I would do it again I think for this age or older.

Andrew with his new lego car all put together and his new bedroom decor.  . FULL of PUGS

Happy Birthday Buddy!  Last year in the single digits!

Friday, October 21, 2016

September into October

Long time no post . . . here is a quick--high photo content update.

Homecoming 2016--Lakyn with two of her best buddies.

Lakyns class at grandparents day program. 

Church Picnic--kids painted pumpkins

 One guy brings a drone and all the men gather around . . . just like kids with their toys!


Andrew played with the adults in the softball game for the first time this year.

Gavin showing off his new halloween shirt . . . and my pumpkin display thanks to the picnic.

Have I mentioned I have the best job ever -- watching these two together two days a week.  Their little friendship is so special and a true joy to be around.  Hiking!

I took a very fun POUND class with a friend of mine.  Glow in the dark style!

Gavin and the neighbor boy have both mastered climbing the big tree outside themselves . .. this makes me very nervous .  .  . 

Lakyn and I took a mommy and me yoga class at the suggestion of her therapist . . . it wasn't what I expected, but she had a great time and it was nice to do something just the two of us.