Friday, October 6, 2017

WCCS Homecoming and Andrew Birthday

Our School had it's homecoming celebration.  Started the week off with a pep rally . . . see that poke a dot shirt standing and cheering . . . yup, that's my girl!!!  LOL

A dear friend of our family and our former mothers helper was voted her class princess this year.  It was such an honor to be there for her big moment and she looked so beautiful.  Love you Hannah!

The little girl I used to babysit for . . . Karis . . . she and Gavin still close friends even though they aren't together much like they used to be.

Lakyn participated in the junior cheerleading again this year with her friends.  In her element for sure.

After homecoming, per Andrew's request, he had his first sleepover with friends.  This was his "birthday party" and although I don't think I'll make a habit of having 4 pre-teen boys spend the night at once . .  . Andrew had a great time and it was exactly what he wanted for his big day turning 10!

Happy 10th Birthday Andrew!!  I can't believe we are in double digits but I cant wait to see what adventures the next 10 years will hold for us.  Love you buddy!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Date Weekend

Tim and I finally got away for our anniversary just a few months late.  We decided to stay kinda close to home this time and visit the dinner theater we went to when we were dating.  First though, a trip to The Melting Pot for dinner . . .

Then, the Ohio Renaissance Festival--always a wild time!

I was called on stage to pull a sword from a mans throat . . . I really thought I might throw up before I could do it.  The video is on facebook . . . I did succeed though . . . barely.

 LaComedia Dinner Theater .  . . lots of great memories here from when we were dating.  It was really fun to reminisce, eat way too much and see Mamma Mia

It was a very much needed weekend of relaxing and just being together.  Thanks Tim for making all the arrangements. 

Friday, September 29, 2017


September is always a fun month.  New schedules start, new school year . . . and this year our kids were all in a parade for the first time as a part of our churches first ever Homecoming parade appearance to promote our AWANA program.  I relegated Gavin and Lakyn to the van with puppets in hand (for a number of reasons) but the rest of us including Andrew handed out water bottles, church information and candy.  Here is the whole crew and the super nice bus driver who felt sorry for Gavin stuck on the van and let him drive in the parade with Sparky!!!  (Andrew isn't in the picture because he was hanging out with a friend on another float when we took it . . . I assure you he was there and helped with ours though)

 Our summer lifegroup came to an end.  I was so very sad to see this summer group end.  I learned so much and grew so much with this group of people.

Took all the cousins to our newly found bike path to try out the obstacles.  Lots of blood, scratched knees, and major wipe outs (including one from yours truly) but we all overcame them and had a good time in spite of the rough start everyone had getting used to it.  

 We even found a new hiking path next to the bike trail that the younger kids, mom and I hiked.

Cousin weekend also was hot enough to try out the boat and the raft for the first time this summer.  The kids had a blast!  I didn't ride with Andrew so no pictures of him.

Gavin and Ryan on their first time without an adult.

Another weekend we invited ourselves over to dad and mom's for a weekend to celebrate a hurricane in FL.   Well, that sounds harsh.  We were celebrating that Marisa got to come home because of the hurricane in FL.  We were praying hard for her new home and friends she left behind to be safe.  (which they were) We had a great time fishing even though it was a cold one and we caught nothing . . . well that's not true, somehow mom caught a freshwater clam of some kind.

Then we went to their house for a bonfire where the kids got to burn their summer workbooks!!!!  Andrew is obviously very sad about it here.

 The next day some friends invited us to their church picnic and it was HUGE!!!  So much fun!  Mom and Andrew in an egg tossing contest . . . here on the handoff round one!  They didn't win but lasted quite a long time in the competition.

 Stephanie and her kids surprised us all and came down too just in time for the pie eating contest which Daniel won!!!  Cherith and Andrew just got messy!

 rock painting . . . Lakyn's favorite part.

 Then, Sternwheeler festival!!!  Grandma treated all the kids to cotton candy which is a real treat since it's not something they get often.  Then saw the best fireworks of the whole year . .. they always are.  This year they even had some emoji ones that looked like smile faces.  So cool!

 Then, Marisa had to go home and this happened . . . like it does every time she leaves.  Poor guy loves her so much. . . . they really have a special bond.

Speaking of Gavin.  He and I stumbled on an event accidently at the mall.  He got to paint a rock and hide it somewhere . . . truthfully it's hidden in his room . . . he couldn't part with it.  But he LOVED this mommy and Gavin time and the painting.  His is the one above the green heart . . . it's turned sidewise but it's a face with heart eyes and a mouth and nose.