Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Fire and Ice Festival in Marietta, OH

fire dancing and stunt team

Downtown Ice sculptures and watching movies on the big screen at the old theater . . . Tim and Lakyn even got to go on a tour of the theater.

backstage wall signed by all the old actors and actresses . . .     

Gymnastics birthday party for a neighbor .  . SUCH a cool party!!!  Lots of pictures of Gavin here . . . Andrew and Lakyn both were off with friends most of the time and I was instructed not to embarass them with pictures . . . Gavin still doesn't care.  :-)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Christmas/New Years in Cleveland

Decided to try something new this year and saved our Cleveland trip until New Years time.  Went up a few days before the big day and spent a family day in Akron, OH at a snow festival.  It was a nice trip and a fun way to change things up a little.  Here is Akron-ice skating---dont' be fooled by Andrews bad form here . . . he stayed up, it just wasn't pretty.  Ha Ha   Oh, and ignore my beautiful glasses.  An eye infection forced me in glasses for the entire trip.  

If you know my kids at all you know that this . . . was NOT a good idea.  This was Lakyn pushing Gavin around as a huge wrecking ball to knock over people in their path . . . LOL . . . didn't last long but they sure enjoyed it for those few minutes together!

 By the end they were all doing quite well.  Tim was the family photographer . . . no skating for him.

Cool murals designed for the festival.

Indoor mini golf was a cute (and warm) touch.  We also had free hot chocolate and enjoyed my favorite, MELT for dinner!

 They also had a TON of beautiful window displays through town.  It was so cold that we didn't get to see them all but this one was just amazing.  We could have stayed here and done an entire history lesson.  The entire town of Bethlehem done in minitures and true to the day . . . such intricate work and all so detailed.  Truly an artwork in itself.

Back at Tim's parents house, his mom made Lakyn a closet for her "Joanna" doll and tons of home made clothes for her--such a cute surprise.

These flying saucer things were really fun, the kids have had a great time with them.  They fly up with no remote and you just have to use your hands to keep them from crashing back to the ground.  It's above Gavins head in this picture.

 You can always count on CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!!  One of my favorite traditions at their house. 

and you can usually count on SNOW!!!  My kids favorite!

This year Tim's mom had an ugly sweater cookie decorating contest . . . very fun and the kids really took it serious . . . although the first ones were actually quite pretty and not ugly.

Well, Tim made his ugly. 

Round two; much improved ugliness!

 The final plate of ugly sweaters . . .

Andrew was determined to make it up until Midnight this year . . . . by 10:00 . . .

And last, but not least . . . my kids playing in poo . .  .LOL