Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cleaning off my phone

Last few pictures to clean off my phone . . . random order . . . random events

Tim and Andrew went to see a live magician for Tim's birthday gift from me.  They had a GREAT time.

Gavins treasures . . . this dresser top has become his showcase . . . it changes every day but its always an organized display of his favorite things.

While I work out at the YMCA the kids often enjoy some time in the kids area . . . this day I found the boys hard at work painting. 

testing out our new under water camera

Anything Andrew can do--Gavin can attempt . . . 

Mall's annual kids safety day.

Learning some "safety town" car and bike rules . . . 

 Learning CPR . . . PLEASE don't collapse in front of Gavin . . . he is quite rough in his lifesaving methods. . . .

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Columbus Zoo

Our kids had a random Friday off for teacher meetings and Tim had the same day already off work so we called our friends Chris and Lia in Columbus and asked if we could spend the night at their place and join them at the zoo and they said YES!!!  It was a beautiful day and although some of the zoo was closed for winter . . . we had a wonderful time anyway.  I just love the zoo!!  So strange, I am NOT an animal person but I do love looking at them at the zoo, probably more than the rest of my family--go figure.

This snake followed Andrew's finger like a snake charmer . . . super creepy.

New play area . . . oh, and when this many kids are climbing up a whales tale at once they fall like dominos if the first kid slips . . . just in case you wondered.  Ha Ha

My boys all happened to have on red Ohio State shirts for the day so that made them easy to pick out of a crowd.

These two girls are so sweet together . . . I only wish we lived closer, they would be best friends! 

 Another favorite of mine, the Manatee Tank

Lakyns favorites .  .  . the Elephants!!!!

My favorite picture of the day!!!!!  Four of my favorite kids!

Fun day, great friends, incredible weather . . . nothing more I could ask for!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Valentines Day

Valentines Day--My favorite!!!

As a family we always do kids make their own cakes/cupcakes . . . heart shaped pizzas.  Tim got me these beautiful pink roses this year.

The Cookie Company in the mall had a kids cookie decorating event so we learned how they decorate their cookies and got to try our hands at it . . . Gavin was having fun here . . . I promise.

Andrew and Lakyns valentines for their class . . . (I'm not very traditional when it comes to valentines . . . I prefer something tasty or useful to the little cards from the store). 

Gavins class party.

 His class went all out on their valentines boxes . . . they were amazing!  His is the treasure chest on the top by the dinosaur.

Tim got to go to Lakyns party this time so that was a special treat for both of them.  Gavin lucked out too because he got to mooch off of the crafts and snacks.  

I was in charge of Andrew's party but completely forgot to get any pictuers at all!  Oops.  They had a good time playing reverse charades and eating donuts!!

This is NOT valentines day but just so his family doesnt think I forgot his birthday .  . LOL . . . I planned a gym night for Tim's birthday and we added a couple others from our church with birthdays the same week  . . .  we had a great time playing volleyball and chatting.  Andrew is in the bottom picture passing a football with Pastor Joe

Sports Night at church . .. all of us sporting our WVU.  (Andrew had swim practice before church . . . pardon the swim trunks)  LOL