Sunday, April 30, 2017

April showers bring . . . .

April brought . . . first stitches for Andrew (a driveway basketball injury)

Gavin PeeWee Basketball . . . he doesn't quite get that holding the net shut does not prevent the shot.

Gavin just being Gavin . . . in all his crazy ways . . . the only one who still WANTS me to take his pictures. 

Family movie night going to see Boss Baby . . . . although it was opening night of the Smurfs so we got some Smurf stuff . .. . LOL (the older two were not interested in pictures)

 Lakyn and I did a ladies craft day at church making cookbooks.  Even "Joanna" was in on the crafting.


 Hiking to my old stomping grounds at Lovers Leap with the kids . . .

Lakyn school projects and show and tell .. .

Thursday, April 27, 2017


We were scheduled to have two ports of call and the first one was Cozumel.  We had arranged for a waterpark for the day pass as an excursion when we got there . . . this was my favorite day for sure.  The obstacle course in the ocean was completely new experience for any of us and turned out to be a lot of fun for me and the kids.  Tim and mom decided to just watch for this one.

Lakyn and I waving from the top.

 Hamster wheel on the right . . . . so much fun!!!!

 clear water!!!

 The boys and I took a kayak out . . . I was pretty nervous about this with both of them but they wer great and Andrew was quite the helper on the rowing . . .

 Lakyn and a mermaid . . . one of those pictures we were not supposed to take . . . "Oh, I'm so sorry"

Cruise ships coming in to port and docking

Our ship!!

Gavin was tall enough for this water slide . . . but we couldn't catch him and he couldn't wear a life jacket.  He had to swim it on his own.  He did great for the first half of the day but we had to stop him from riding as the day wore him out . . . he was just too tired to make it to the side safely.

They had a nice outdoor buffet available all day for us to eat as we were hungry.  Lots of food available and flavored waters all included in our price.

Doing some shopping on the way back to the ship.

Some videos on facebook of the inflatable  water park area that I can't post here but that was our day.  We went back to the ship just in time for our dinner in the dining room (in fact we were a couple minutes late) and we were all exhausted and happy after a day of fun.

The next day was supposed to be another port but due to high winds we couldn't safely port in the dock (and also couldn't go out on the decks) so we had to just turn around and start heading for FL .  .  . they took it slower on the way back so we didn't lose out on any time at sea . . . just a day at port.  This was not a huge big deal to us since we had not planned to spend any $$ doing another excursion anyway.

That's it.  Our cruise vacation.  I will go on another one, but it wont' be soon.  I experienced some vertigo symptoms when we got home and just the nervousness I had about the whole thing . . . I'll do it again . . . but lets wait a while.  Tim and Andrew would go again tomorrow!  Lakyn and Gavin are happy to do whatever . . . . they are still easy!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Cruise Part 2

We were not a part of a lot of the night life on the cruise with three kids but the boat really was beautiful after dark.  (see the bottom . .. two fish that day)

Formal night . . . my absolute favorite!  Getting all dressed up in our best stuff.  Lakyn loved this night too, especially since she got to dance with the wait staff.

You can dress them up but . . .  . 

That night happened to have a beautiful sunset to take pictures with . . .  too bad it was incredibly windy.

Each evening our room would have a new towel animal in it with our events for the next day list . .. it was always fun to see what was next.  This (along with Kids Camp) was probably Lakyns favorite thing.  Especially on Elephant night!  The last morning there all our towel animals had bombarded the pool deck instead of the rooms . .. . so they could get washed for the next group of passengers.

I'm sure Tim would want me to mention our amazing cruise director, Jaimee . . . I'm pretty sure he has a secret crush on this lady--like befriended her on facebook as soon as we were home.  I should be worried!!!  LOL . . . she was amazing though, I will admit.  Third picture is the 80s dance party where Jaimee was amazing but Crazy Grandma was there too, trying to dance on the bar . . . LOL

Oh and the food . . . it was really good.  Not the beautiful presentation I have seen from some cruises but it was all delicious, lots of new things to try and ice cream EVERYWHERE!!!  I am CONFIDENT that this was Gavins favorite part of the cruise.   Banana splits every night and at least once during the day he could be found with an ice cream cone.  Buffet for lunch all you can eat.  Formal breakfast and three course dinner or 5-6 course if you are Tim and Andrew trying several appetizers each night .  . . 

That's all for today . . . last up . . . Cozumel