Sunday, May 21, 2017

Field Trips/ Teeth/ Strawberries

Our family took a day trip to Charleston, WV for a baseball game and Clay Center fun day.  Unfortunately the baseball game was rained out but we did enjoy the newly remodeled Clay Center.  The theme right now is Grossology . . . the science of gross body functions (or something like that) the entire top floor exhibit is about gas, snot, poop, vomit . . . YUCK!!! But the kids obviously LOVED IT!!!!!!!  I suppose they are learning right?

The new climbing wall in honor of a friend of ours son who died suddenly at the age of four.

The "Our Town" exhibit where the kids got to try out different jobs.  Mechanic, doctor, Governor, Electrician, Farmer, Actor . . . . Andrew's favorite (chef), Gavins favorite (stage hand at the actors stage--running sound and curtain), Lakyns Favorite (mechanic) . . . . at least this time.

Lakyns class went to a pet store to learn about animals on a field trip this year again . . . she was a different kid this year not afraid of anything and willing to touch it all!  Also, because the teacher didn't have enough chaperones I went along to help but Gavin and the little girl I babysit for got to tag along too so you may see them in some of the pictures.   Gavin is so tall he blends in rather well.

I didn't get to go with him this year, sadly, but Andrews class had their serving others day and they went to the Pleasants County Memorial for the men who died while building the power plant there . . . they cleaned it up and planted flowers.

Lakyn lost her first tooth!!!  Considering the drama of this drama queen leading up to the pull the event itself was rather anticlimactic . . . thankfully!!

Then Andrew had to have this baby tooth pulled . . . the adult one has been in the back for months just waiting but the baby wasn't falling out on its own.  It was a BEAST!!!!!  He was way braver than I would have been and didn't even need laughing gas . . . he was awake and fully aware the whole time!

Not to be left out . . . Gavin got to go pick strawberries with grandpa . . . although he didn't want me to come along . . . he can't drive so I had to come . . . but I tried not to get in the way.  LOL

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spelling Bee

Andrews school held a voluntary spelling bee for the 2nd and 3rd graders again this year.  We chose to enter Andrew and just see how it went . . . and he won!!!!  We were so proud of him for doing his best and winning was an added bonus.

I love this picture . . one of my closest friends hugging him as soon as he won and the look of complete relief and genuine happiness on his face.  

By winning the school bee he was to represent the school at the county wide spelling bee.  Now that, made us (and him) very nervous!!!!!  He did great though!  He didn't win but lasted through about half of the contestants before getting confused on a word and mixing up the letters.  so proud of him though, it was an honor to be there.

Getting his certificate from the superintendent of schools in our county.

With his school teacher who came to support him.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Easter 2017

Easter seems so very long ago . . . but I never did post any pictures of it so here goes.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt . . . all my kiddos in the big kids age group this year.  :-(  My little neighborhood has all these kids!!!  It's quite a fun place to be!!!

Making Cake Easter Eggs . .  both to remember my grandmother . . . and because they are delicious!!!

Andrew was in charge of egg coloring this year .  . he mixed all the colors and vinegar.

Our community had a huge easter egg hunt and Andrew won the main prize for his age group!  It is so sad to me to see this tall young man hunting easter eggs . . . only a year or two away from being too old for it. Time slow down!!!!

Easter Baskets for the kids from us . . . always hidden in a spot the child loves to be. . . . Gavins in the playroom, Lakyn's at her new desk and Andrews beside the x-box!  

Easter Sunday Morning! 


Easter Sunday Dinner at our house with Grandma and Grandpa and the kids getting another basket.

Trying out the new kites and outside toys. . . . "Joanna doll" trying on her new two piece bathing suit.