Friday, July 14, 2017

June Part 2

Take two on our trip to Charleston Power Game was a success.  We did a quick trip to the Clay Center and then off to the ball game.  Here is Gavin climbing to the top.  He is the kid at the very top of the climbing wall, two or three stories up.

 LOVE this picture of Lakyn.

Gavin and Lakyn running the field, Lakyn white shirt behind the man and Gavin red shirt.

It was a great night for me.  I won the crazy fan contest for being crazy and got a gift certificate and then caught a foul ball (well, found it rolling on the ground, didn't technically catch it . . . benefits of being in the front row of angled seats)

Fun, Fun family day with fireworks at the end.  Perfect!  Drove home late but worth it.

Gavin was signed up to do a little mini baseball camp . . . unfortunately he only made it to this one practice because of travel and other things that came up but he was super cute.

Had an extra little foster girl for a few days so we had to show her our cool slide (thanks again G and G Seigneur) and took her to a magic show with Ronald McDonald (which she was terrified of) his magic show we go to every year and its quite good.  Very funny and I really enjoy it as much as the kids.

NO IDEA what is happening here . . . LOL

Library Events . . . 

Gavin and Lakyn swimming lessons (making me hearts, awwww)

Andrew at the Mega Sports Camp held at his school (a VBS for a couple churches locally) --baseball was his sport of choice, even learned how to slide properly!  We were very impressed by this camp and will make it a regular part of our summers from now on.

Grandma and Grandpa's pool

VBS preschool class!  Only Gavin with me this year--the last of our kids that I will teach in this class . . . snif snif.  I (along with the childrens church) lead the singing this year and I REALLY enjoyed that.  The kids did a great job helping me and it was the highlight of my week.  My Preschool partner Nicky did an AMAZING job with our classroom decorations as usual.  She is the best let me tell you.

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