Tuesday, July 11, 2017

June Part 1

Our summer started out so fast . . . lots of fun things to do and we quickly filled our calendar.  Started with a family trip to a new to us mini golf course in Marietta.  Nothing fancy but we had a good time and it was a good way to introduce Andrew to a few basic golf skills before his golf camp later this summer.

Then we found out about a one day VBS in the park event and decided to check it out.  It ended up being one of the best events I can remember us doing.   The kids would have a mini Bible session and then do an activity that went with the lesson.  Example: learned about David and Goliath-shoot sling shots at a target of Goliath.  Bow and Arrow, guns, and sling shots . . . boys VBS if there ever was one!!!!  Hot dogs, icee, chips . . . So much fun.

I let the kids play outside in the rain and of course they find the only mud pile in the yard and make face masks out of it.  GROSS!! 

Bowling with the boys and some friends from church while Lakyn is at Safety Town.

Who is this pre-teen boy I see peeking out of my baby boy's face!  Slow down time! 

Neighborhood girls with their dolls one evening.  So sweet.  All these girls live within a few houses of us . . . . and this isn't even all of them.

Lakyn attended a week of Safety Town.  It was a great week for her and since she has such a lack of these skills (no stranger danger, no safety habits . . .) this was a great way for her to be exposed to good safety rules in a class full of kids her age.  Here she is doing her performance of the safety songs for parents day and then getting her awards along with her friend from her school Owen.

Then they took us outside to show us their little mini town and the Fire and Police crews were there to surprise everyone and play with the kids. 

Smokey took advantage of the fact that Andrew said no hugs and he grabbed him and smothered him in a "bear" hug.  LOL 

I'm sure you can imagine the noise that came out of this moment!!!  SO LOUD!

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