Monday, July 17, 2017

Mexico--Getting there and the resort

When my grandmother passed away she left behind some money in her estate through some insurance money and other assets she had to her name.  When she passed away she gave everything to my dad (her only child).  He and mom decided that the best way to honor her through that money was to take all the family (all 18 of us) on a trip in her honor.  She loved to travel and loved to spoil her family so she would have loved this.  They did a lot of research and came up with an all inclusive resort in Playa Del Mar, Mexico that fit the bill for everyone.  None of us knew what to expect but I think it far exceeded everyones wildest imagination of what it could be.

Our flight left in the very early hours of the morning (like be at the airport 4 AM early . . . ) so we got a hotel in pittsburgh the night before.  Spent some time in the hotel pool wearing the kids out the night before and then early bedtime.  Two sets of boys with their brothers.

For Gavin and Lakyn this was their first plane ride so they were a little nervous but mostly excited.  The kids were all VERY well behaved for it being 4AM and there being 9 of them.  I'm quite sure the other passengers may have different things to say but I thought they were great.


Why yes, that is Gavin playing with his puke bag as a hand puppet . . . LOL

Then we landed in Cozumel and took a 1hr bus ride to our resort.  It was so nice that we were all on the same bus here.  On the return trip we were split up which wasn't near as fun.

When we got to the resort the pampering began.  We were all immediately served frozen beverages (their signature drink) and got checked in.  (don't break the glasses, don't break the glasses--that was the thought of every parent) 

The grounds were just beautiful.  Here is a map just for perspective.  Shannon and her family and my family and I were all in building 27 overlooking the jungle (in family suites with enough beds for our larger families).  My parents and the rest of the crew were in building 10 overlooking the ocean.  

The hotel was all outdoor just overlooking jungle all around.  It was so beautiful.  Here is a waterfal with the buffet restaurant overlooking it.  

TONS of interesting wildlife!!   We could see these flamingos from our room!

 The jungle walk was my favorite.  The path between our rooms and the beach was just tons of paths through the jungle.  I hiked it a couple afternoons by myself just to enjoy God's amazing creation.

 These "floating" walkways were the path between the theaters, restaurants and lobby areas.

 Our building style and our kids room . . . next to this was the adjoining parents room.

Night time was so beautiful . . . so very romantic.  With tired kids there wasn't any romantic walks through this at night but it was beautiful for the little bit we saw it on the way to our room.

Then the pool and the ocean .  . . I mean seriously . . . we were in paradise!!  (Gavin by the Mexican flag)

The view from the ocean looking back at the resort.

Pool "bed" there were not very many of these and we only got one one day but man, what a comfy way to spend a day!!! 

 The pool, well a small part of it. . . . it was WAY bigger than I could get in one picture.

 Here we can see off in the distance the cruise ships and port at Cozumel.

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